May 2017 Newsletter now available.

May 2017 Newsletter now available.
May 2017
The Committee:
President –
David Nichols
0417 547 040
Vice President –
Tony Martinico
0418 526 688
Secretary –
David Hipperson
Treasurer –
Alister Nicholson
0448 567990
Registrar –
Tony Martinico
0418 526 688
Public Officer –
David Hipperson
Editor/Webmaster –
Tim De Haan
0409 809 473
Dennis Travassaros with his new Super Fantasista
pattern plane. More details inside.
Next Meeting The Next General Meeting will be on the Monday 29th May 2017
8.00 PM Venue - Red Earth Centre in Mooroolbark.
Newsletter now on our website at:-
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Presidents report - David Nichols
May 2017
Hi All,
Our last club meeting was attended by
the usual faithful members who like to
support their club and take the
opportunity to have their say. Their input
is always appreciated and the social
aspect is good as well. To that end I
would dearly love to see more of you
there and welcome any suggestions that
will help. Unfortunately free beer is not
available, but we do have free coffee, tea
and biscuits, plus the ever popular show
and tell, and good company.
At our last meeting congratulations were
in order for some of our members who have been flying in various events. Jon and Daniel
Gouge attended a fun fly event at Echuca as representatives of the VMAA. Daniel won Best
sports scale aerobatic flyer and blew some of the old blokes away with his skill in the
somewhat adverse wind conditions. Jon also walked away with a prize for pilots choice.
Daniel Wheeler deserves great credit for his recent success in
aerobatic competitions. He entered the APA masters national
event held in Sydney at the Charles Kingsford Smith club.
There are four classes and he entered at the entry level,
known as Sportsman. This he won, which is a fair achievement
in itself, he also gained enough promotional points to take him
to the next level, which is Advanced.
He then entered a VPA competition at the Nepean club on the
Penninsula and gained a first place in that as well. His dad, Bill
reckons it is due to the initial instruction he received when he
was younger, but I am not so sure that Daniel will agree
because HE is the one who has come home with the chocys.
Very well done Daniel, it is good to have such a good flyer in
our midst. Also Dennis Travassorus will be going to Argentina later in the year to represent
Australia in the world championship aerobatic/pattern contest. We of course wish him well
and hope he does well too.
A big thanks, no actually a huge thanks again to Neil Griffiths for his mowing efforts since the
club mower was stolen. He has been out there keeping the grass cut ever since, which has
been of great benefit to the club, and enabled us to keep operational while we re-group and
fix up the shed. We offered to pay him but he did not want this, so we have at least given him
© YVA 2016
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some vouchers to Andrews Scale models. I do however have another cunning plan up my
sleeve as a way of reward and will present this idea at the next meeting.
The shed is almost ready for use again and has also been heavily fortified thanks to Mick
Lynch, Graham Jenner and John Willis. Roger Eggleton and Neil Griffiths have had a big tidy in
the shed, and done a tip run for us which is good indeed.
The Insurance claim for the mower is still on the go. There has been a delay because one of
the additional required documents was not in the required format. This has been attended to
now and hopefully all will be well soon. Once complete we will have a look at getting a
replacement mower.
We will be running the Haydn Hampson/Frank Curzon memorial trophy event sometime
around October. Tony Martinico has volunteered to organise the event so once a date is set
we will put the word out.
Also at the next meeting I will put out the feelers about holding another fun day with perhaps
less emphasis on competition. In the past these days have been successful but the same
people tended to turn up, just as much as those who did not. It is possible that those who did
not attend felt they were not in with a chance, so did not bother. I would like to restructure it
so that anybody of any standard can come out and have FUN. It goes without saying that all
suggestions will be considered.
The pressure washer is still for sale. I have taken it back to my place, pumped up the tyres,
fitted a half inch inlet to it, run it, tested it and can confidently say that it still goes very well.
Tenders soon please! It has to go.
We will shortly be sending out club fee renewal notices as we would like everybody paid up
before 30th June. The club fees remain the same except for juniors, which have been reduced.
The inside information available to us is that the VMAA and MAAA fees are unlikely to change.
So that is good news for us. You may pay at the next meeting if you wish but your form must
be ledgible.
ALSO, one more thing. If you invite a visitor to the field and they have a heavy model or Jet,
please make sure you sight the permit and their MAAA card before they fly. This is most
important as it is a requirement and for many good reasons. The visitor book must of course
be signed as well.
The next club meeting will be on :
Monday 29th May
The Red Earth centre. Brice Av
Moroolbark at 8.00pm
Please do attend, we would love to see YOU there.
Plan the fly and fly the plan
David Nichols, GDT and Bar
YVA President
0417 547 040.
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Super Fantasista
Dennis Travassaros
Down at the field l saw Dennis with his new pattern model
and asked if he would share some of the specs and info
regarding it which he kindly did.
The aircraft is made by BJ Park and designed by Akiba Y in
Japan and consists of a composite fuselage with balsa/ply
sheeted wings and stabiliser. Has a wingspan of 1.87m
fuselage length is 2m weighing 4.95Kg. Motor is an OS belt
drive mk2 gear setup and a Futaba 80 Amp ESC speed
controller turning a Falcon 19.5 x 13 three bladed carbon
fibre prop and spinner. Reciever is a Futaba Sbus. Power is supplied by two 5s 5400 Lipo’s in
series making a 10s 5400mAh pack.
A couple of things that stood out as unusual with this model. The first is the nose thruster
mounted under the nose of the aircraft which deflects air and is mixed with the rudder
Second is the flying stabiliser meaning it has not got a separate elevator but the stabiliser is
one big moving elevator. I did not asked Dennis about the benefits of these devices but l am
sure if you talk to Dennis or the pattern flyers they will have an in-depth explanation.
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On that note YVA club has some of the most knowledgeable and experienced flyers in
Melbourne and we have a great knowledge base to share with others. From world competing
pattern flyers like Dennis to the scale flying and building of David Law and Noel Whitehead,
gliders, helicopters and indoor flying we have it all. If there is anything you would like to know
more about areomodelling the newsletter is another source that you can share information
with other club members. Whether it’s a question or something you have found helpful that
you want to share with us, l would be more than happy to put it into the newsletter.
Thanks you Dennis for sharing this wonderful presented model with us.
© YVA 2016
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Monty Tyrell Scale Rally P&DARCS
Tim De Haan
Several members from YVA
attended the Monty Tyrell Scale
rally at the start of April which
was great to see. Condition
where reasonable and there was
a good amount of planes flying
on the day but as usual
competitors filled the pits with
chatter on all things scale.
Left: Mike Farnan
from Model
Engines B26
Liberator did not fly
as we were using
runway which is a
bit shorter and
Above: Greg Lepp’s Bristol and Noel Findlay from Ballarat Beautiful Fox Moth.
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Left: El Presidente (David Nichols)
Chipmunk and below the last
Known photo of Hanabal. RIP
Left: David Anderson’s Focker
Below: My Ercoupe by seagull
models on takeoff.
Above: David White’s topflite spitfire.
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Twins and More
I took a few photo’s from the twins and more event at NFG below. Event had 30+ pilots and 60
aircraft. Numbers were down as it clashed with a couple of event, Formula 1 being one of
them. Weather was excellent and it was a great day for all who attended.
© YVA 2016
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Twin Cities Autumn Scale Rally
Left: Mario Schembri with his scratch
built Miles Hawk Speed and Seagul
Decathlon ARF.
Below: A great variety of aircraft with
over 80 planes over the weekend on
display. Facilities are fantastic.
Left: Ross Bathie’s Pawnee
not finished yet but an
impressive aircraft with a
360cc twin up front.
© YVA 2016
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Right: David Whites
Spacewalker and topflite
Spitfire both built from kits.
My Great Planes Waco and
below my Ercoupe Seagull
Left: Twin Cities president
Graeme Frauenfelder
Grumman Panther F9F2,
106" wingspan and length.
Powered by a Jetcat 160
Turbine, 16Kg thrust. Model
weighs 19Kg. Built from a
laser cut kit scaled up from
a plan 47% as that was the
biggest he could fit in his car. Finished in f/g cloth and epoxy, painted in 2 pack topcoat. Flew
extremely well with a very short takeoff roll required. A very nice aircraft.
Some impressive large scale biplanes and WW1 Bombers not to mention the weather,brilliant.
© YVA 2016
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Facilities at TCMAC are
fantastic and the
hospitality welcoming.
The concrete runway is
excellent especially for
the jets and EDF’s with
small wheels. Dave
Chivers had a few EDF
jets including A10 and
the Starfighter below
which flies more like a
There were also two Hanger 9 super
decathlons 3.5 metre wingspan
ARF’s there, one of which was
Dave’s and they flew some
aerobatics and sync which was
great to watch. We were all waiting
for that to close for comfort
moment but it never happened as
both pilots are very talented and after several demonstrations both planes were intact.
I can highly
recommend going to
this event and will
return next year
where l am sure it will
be even bigger and
Some Clips to watch: David White’s Spacewalker Inverted flyby and Ross Bathie’s Pawnee. (33% Spacewalker) (33% Pawnee)
© YVA 2016
click on link to watch on youtube.
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VMAA trophy
Unfortunately we did not get a team together this year for the trophy so hopefully we can aim
for next year to bring it home. There were 6 teams this year and P&DARCS won it again
winning 4 of the 10 event and coming second in another two giving them a clear win by three
points. I only attended on the Sunday to help out and as l am also a member at the Northern
Flying Group was asked to fly for them in the Limbo coming third which l was pretty happy
with. Greg Lepp also helped out with the numbers and flew in the Helicopter event coming
first. David White flew in fun scale getting a close fourth. The highest scoring six events for
each club is then added to give a final score.
Left: P&DARCS receiving the trophy
Below: Me with Limbo 3rd place
It was a heap of fun and the Northern Flying
Group did a great job in hosting the event. Rob
Macdonald vice president of NFG kept the fun
and banter going and it was great to see Mark
Sills president of NFG there after a 6 week stay
in hospital from the trailer fire incident.
Next year’s trophy event looks like being on the 21st and 22nd April 2018 so have a look at the
events and rules listed on the VMAA website and start getting ready for it now and get YVA
back on the podium.
© YVA 2016
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Dates to note!
Check VMAA website for more details.
29th May
Club Meeting
30th May
Model Engines Final Auction Night
10th-11th June
Vic Scale Trophy (VFSAA)
Red Earth Centre (Mooroolbark)
Noble Park (see flyer)
Echuca Moama Model Areo Club
25th June
IMAC come and try training day
26th June
Club Meeting
Darraweit Guim (NFG)
Red Earth Centre (Mooroolbark)
Get Your Wings
If you are interested in doing your silver or gold wings please speak
to David Nichols or Jon Goudge and they will be more than happy
to assist you or put you in contact with a relevant instructor. There
are several instructors in the club so finding one that will be
available to run through the requirements should not be too hard.
There are also wings for gliders and helicopter.
© YVA 2016
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Another one bites the dust
Sad to see that Model Engines (World Hobbies) will be closing their
business in the coming months after 37 years of service to the aero
modelling community. We wish Mike Farnan and his workers the
best for the future. Thank you for your support of the many events
over the years in supplying prizes and displays for us to enjoy. Your
support to the areomodelling community will be missed.
The following brands will be available in the future through OMP (modelflight) OS engines,
Hitec, Multiplex, Castle Creations, Seagull and Pheonix. Many of the other products that they
supply will also find new distributors in the weeks ahead.
Model Engines are having one final
"Club Night"
which will be open to the public and will incorporate a
"Warehouse Moving Super Sale"
There will be an Auction of all Display Stock including Aircraft,
Radios, Buggies and Accessories and well as anything else
Mike can get his hands on.
The Super Sale date is:
Tuesday 30th May
Doors Open:
7pm until late
Unit 1, 158-168 Browns Road,
Noble Park, 3174
We look forward to seeing everyone on the night!
© YVA 2016
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With how this report reads there might be a potential to run safety courses within model
aircraft clubs like our’s potentially giving us more members and finances to grow our clubs.
We have already got systems inplace with permits and flying standards so the potential is
there. Watch this space and let’s see what transpires.
© YVA 2016
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Down at the field
Left: David Law’s gaint scale
Below: David White’s Great
Planes Super Sportster fitted with
a DLE 40 twin.
Below: I think this is Dennis
Travassaros hotliner glider.
Above: David Law Mig turbine jet
Left: David White and Barry
Woodman with a E-flite
Apprentice, one of the nicest and
easiest planes to train on IMO.
Below: My Ercoupe ARF
Noel Whitehead’s CT4
© YVA 2016
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Yarra Valley Aeromodellers
Are affiliated with:
Victorian Model Aeronautical Association
Model Aeronautical Association of Australia
Mary Hipwell Accounting Services – Lilydale
Tel: 9737 6495
The YVA Committee would like to acknowledge the generous and ongoing support of
15 Maroondah Hwy Croydon VIC 3136
Tel: 03 9870 0044
Scale Model Kits, ARFs, RC Radio Equipment. Spares, Balsa and Building Supplies.
If he hasn’t got it, he will make every effort to get it in.
If you have any articles, information adverts you would like to
publish in newsletter and share with others please forward to:
Tim De Haan
© YVA 2016
Mobile: 0409 809 473
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Club Fees due next month but can be paid at next meeting. Reminders will
go out shortly and VMAA and MAAA fees have not changed $114. YVA
club fee is the same from last year except juniors has dropped. $70 senior,
Pensioners $50 and Kids under 18 at 30 June $20. One of joining fee $50.
2016/2017 current members are encouraged if possible to pay direct bank
deposit to limit the amount of manual bank and cash transactions. Please
ensure to put your full name in the description field so we know who the
payment is for. Bank Details are:
Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633000
Acc: 143327617
Club Meetings
March Meeting.
David Nichols displayed his QB 40 and matching floats.
David Hipperson showed the fuselage frame of his 1937 PB-2 old timer.
© YVA 2016
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Club Meeting Minutes
The meeting minute will now be available through the website and not published
in the newsletter. There is a new tab on the website “MEMBERS AREA” which is
password protected and can be accessed simply by clicking on the Members area
tab, type the current gate access pin number listed on your current membership
card giving you access. To log out simply hit the logout button. A hard copy of the
minutes will also be available at the club meetings.
Look forward to seeing you at the club meeting Monday 29th May Red Earth
Centre Mooroolbark.
© YVA 2016
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