University of Washington Training University of Washington Training

University of Washington Training University of Washington Training
University of Washington
VTC Training
Room(s) Main Components
NEC XGA 2,000 lumen Projector
2 NEC 50” plasmas
VCR, DVD/CD player
Polycom Video Conferencing system, w/camera
Fully distributed sound system
AMX Touch Control System
Equipment Rack
Document Camera
Understanding your Touch Panel
Panel in Standby…tap to begin
Operation Mode
Select Video Conferencing Mode for Plasma Displays
Starting the System
Protects from accidental “taps” on panel
Touch Panel Response…
Only takes a few seconds to turn on system….
Videoconferencing (VTC) Overview
People = camera view
Content = sources
Record VTC meeting
Controls to dial and receive calls
Push for Plasmas
Turns Plasmas
on or off
VTC - Conferencing Volume
Push to adjust
conferencing volume
to 2 speakers above
Push to Raise,
Lower and Mute
(Sources: Laptops,
S-Video, DVD and
VTC - People
Push People to view
local camera image
Camera Control
- Zoom in/out
- up,down,left,right
VTC Record
- Press to record
- Press again to stop
VTC - Place/Receive calls
To access the VTC
phone directory, press
Then use the arrow
controls and enter
button, to navigate
through VTC menu
To place a call, enter
number on keypad
and press CALL
To receive a call,
press ANSWER
once the system
begins ringing
Global mute of all local mics
VTC - Content
Push Content to view
and send any source
to far end
Push any source to
send to far end.
NOTE: You must
before switching
between laptop and
any svideo source.
VTC - Mic Levels
Push to adjust
microphone levels
Independently adjust
and mute each
Press to Exit
VTC - Content Control
The DVD and VCR
controls will appear
once pressed
Press to Exit
Using the Document Camera
• Set up the camera on the
table at an S-Video or VGA
laptop input
• Raise camera and light to
vertical position and tip
camera in upright position
• Power on at base
• Place item or paper on base
• Use focus and zoom buttons
on camera
Using the Document Camera
• It is very important for a smooth presentation that a Visualizer is
extremely easy to use. A speaker does not want to deal with a lot of
confusing and unnecessary functions during his presentation. That is
why there are only 5 buttons on the unit itself. Anyone can work with it
without instructions.
Focus and Zoom Control
Power and Light control
Using the Document Camera
Slides can be picked up in exceptional
quality without an external bottom light by
just putting them into the slide drawer on
the camera head of the VZ-8plus.
The VZ-8plus is supplied with a remote control. In
addition to the features described above, the
remote control also offers:
- Auto focus on/off
- Manual iris
- 3 user programmable Presets
- Laser Pointer
VTC - Help Menu
Need Help?
Push VTC Help
Menu for access to
the help page
Push back to control
to exit Help Menu
Video Conferencing Tips
• Use touch panel as much as possible for controlling
• Remember – volume for VTC speakers is
• Zoom in and out as necessary
• Advanced features through the MENU button
When You’re Done….
Push Shutdown to
Shut off the entire
Rack and Projector Power Down
• Making Local Calls
– 9, Area Code + Phone Number
• Making Long Distance Calls
– 77, 1 + Area Code + Phone Number, Uwatts Number
• Making International Calls
– 77, 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number,
Uwatts Number
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