bizhub PRO 1200/1051 - MCS Office Solutions

bizhub PRO 1200/1051 - MCS Office Solutions
bizhub PRO 1200/1051
Empowered production printing with
high‑speed, high-quality performance
The evolution of on-demand monochrome production
printing, delivering total performance: confident reliability,
efficient productivity and superb output quality.
In the production printing world, the ability to handle on-demand jobs is fast
becoming an essential for survival. With customers making increasing demands on
your small-lot capabilities, success depends on delivering a wider range of high quality
services while keeping costs, turnaround times and downtime to a minimum. To meet the
ever-growing needs of production printing for high-level reliability, efficiency and flexibility,
Konica Minolta introduces the bizhub PRO 1200/1051. Raising the bar even higher on
productivity, quality and dependability, this new line up empowers your production print
facilities to provide better value for your customers and maximise your profitability.
bizhub PRO 1200 for heavy production printing
bizhub PRO 1051 for light production printing
High-speed output
for faster turnaround
times and improved
Superior durability
for reliable handling
of heavy workloads
New design features
maximise practicality,
comfort and ease
of operation
outstanding output
quality that rivals
offset printing
A wide range of
finisher options are
available to meet
any job needs
On-demand production printing solutions
bizhub PRO 1200/1051 offers far more than printing – it creates new
possibilities for production print services to increase business by offering
greater value.
Solution 1
Cost performance
Solution 2
In-house capabilities
By providing more cost-efficient
performance and greater reliability, the
bizhub PRO is the best economical choice
Offering a broad range of paper-handling
and finishing capabilities enables more jobs
to be done in-house at lower cost
1 Total cost reduction
3 Wider range of paper weight compatibility,
up to 350 gsm
Compared alongside competing production print
machines, bizhub PRO 1200/1051 achieves remarkably
cost-efficient performance. By using a more durable
construction for greater reliability and less downtime,
running costs are significantly lowered. Even as the costeffective choice, the bizhub PRO 1200/1051 is also an
extremely high-performance machine.
2 Wide range of small-lot printing choices
Because it eliminates the need for photographic plates
or films that offset printing machines must use, the
bizhub PRO 1200/1051 is ideal for rapid handling of
multiple small-lot on-demand print jobs. Users can print
the required quantities when they’re needed, eliminating
the need to keep additional prints in stock and reducing
overall costs.
The bizhub PRO 1200/1051 can handle paper types
between 40 gsm up to 350 gsm as well as coated paper,
pre-printed paper and other types. This allows a greater
range of job types to be taken on, increasing the total
number of orders coming in.
Available finishing options enable
advanced functions to be performed
quickly and effectively
4 Saddle stitcher (SD-506)
This unit can staple together up to 50 sheets at once, for
booklets of up to 200 pages. A fore-edge cutting function
is also available for cleaner edges suitable for magazines
or manuals.
5 Perfect binder (PB-502, PB-503)
Up to 300 sheets (or a maximum total thickness of
30 mm) can be perfect bound to create professionallooking bound documents of up to 600 pages.
6 Stapler (FS-521)
Up to 100 pages can be stapled at a time, allowing
booklets to be produced quickly and efficiently. The
needle-cut function clears away the ends of the staples
for cleaner, more attractive finished documents.
7 Multi-fold unit (FD-503)
6 different folding patterns, including
centre folding, 3-folding and gate-folding,
can be assigned to individual pages
within a particular job. This unit can
also perform hole punching and
sheet insertion.
Solution 3
Variable printing
Solution 4
Environmental consideration
Taking full advantage of the flexibility of
on-demand printing, this feature delivers
results with significant added value
By adopting an ecologically sound
design, resource and energy consumption
is reduced
Variable printing* makes each output sheet uniquely
customised. Used in combination with offset printing,
this creates a powerful tool for meeting one-to-one
market needs.
10Energy Star
*Requires additional software
The bizhub PRO 1200/1051 conforms to the
guidelines of the International Energy Star
Program for reduced energy consumption
and improved efficiency.
8 Leaflet / flyer
11RoHS compliance
Information such as store names and addresses or
special sales information can be applied to leaflets and
flyers pre-printed in colour for fast distribution.
In compliance with the EU’s RoHS (Reduction of
Hazardous Substances) regulations, Konica Minolta will
eliminate the use of harmful materials, including lead,
mercury cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE
from the production of all electronic components.
Solution 5
To ensure customer data is kept safe,
bizhub PRO 1200/1051 offers an array
of robust security features
12Advanced security mode provides enhanced
protection of data
– Strengthened password
9 Direct mail
Postcards pre-printed in colour can have individual recipient
data, such as names and addresses, added to them.
– User authentication
– Secure print
– HDD lock
– Management mode
13Data protection and removal
After a job is completed, all data in HDD storage and
active memory, whether compressed or not, is overwritten
with random data before being used for the next job.
14Security log
This function produces a record of all past security
activities for later review. Date and time of operations,
type of operation, and the information accessed are
all recorded, making it possible to detect unauthorised
access attempts during later analysis.
High productivity & high reliability
The advanced paper handling capability of bizhub PRO 1200/1051 provides
an invaluable productivity edge for any production printing needs
Quick response and high-speed output
1 Higher printing speeds
The bizhub PRO 1200 is capable of producing single or
double-sided output at a rate of 120 ipm* (A4 horizontal),
with a warm-up time of under 8 minutes and a first-copy
output time of only 2.8 seconds. To further reduce downtime,
paper and toner can be replaced while the bizhub PRO
1200/1051 is in operation, without needing to stop.
*The bizhub PRO 1051 prints at 105 ipm (A4, horizontal), with FCOT
of 3.0 seconds
5 All trays handle A3 wide size
The built-in print controller uses a Linux operating system
for robust, reliable performance. This allows accelerated
data processing and variable printing, for maximum
productivity. This system also boasts multi-OS compatibility,
allowing easy integration with pre-existing networks.
All trays on the bizhub PRO 1200/1051 can handle A3
Wide sheets of up to 324 mm x 463 mm maximum size,
with a printable area of 314 mm x 463 mm. Sheets as
small as postcard size may also be handled within the
main body (when the optional postcard kit is attached
to the main body tray).
3 Large capacity toner bottle
This reduces the number of times the toner needs
to be replaced.
Maximum paper size: 324 mm
2 Faster data processing
Maximum paper size: 463 mm
Maximum printing size:
314 mm x 463 mm
6 Compatible with sheets up to 350 gsm
High-productivity paper handling for
a range of needs
The main body’s paper trays handle weights of 40 to
244 gsm, while the optional Paper feed Unit handles
40 to 350 gsm at 100% printing speed. Double sided
printing is possible for paper up to 244 gsm, as well as
for postcards*.
*When the optional postcard kit is attached to the main body tray.
4 Improved paper compatibility
With the improved paper feed and transfer processes,
a greater range of paper types can now be used,
including types which previously had been difficult to
handle, such as coated and pre-printed paper. This allows
users to accept a greater range of job types and offer
customers more output choices.
Paper handling
with paper weight
up to
With optional
Paper Feed Unit
for 40-216 gsm
paper weights
Smooth, efficient paper handling
7 Maximum storage of 14,000 sheets
With two 1,500-sheet standard paper trays and the
optional PF-702 and PF-703 Paper Feed Unit connected
in tandem, the bizhub PRO 1200/1051 has a maximum
capacity of 14,000* sheets. Because paper trays can be
refilled without interrupting output, large-volume jobs can
be processed efficiently.
8 Easy-access tray grip
All paper trays feature a universal design construction.
The easy-to-grip handles allow more convenient opening
for all users.
9 5,000-sheet stacking capability
with convenient dolly
The optional LS-505 Stacker with dolly can handle up
to 5,000 sheets*. Using two stackers in tandem, up to
10,000 sheets are always at the ready. After paper is
delivered from the stacker, it can be carried to the next
process as-is with the dolly. This paper delivery capacity
significantly improves work efficiency.
Reliable design prevents paper mis-feeding
and printing errors before they happen
10Air-suction paper feed mechanism
The optional PF-703 Paper Feed Unit utilises an airsuction paper feed unit that blows air from the sides and
front. The paper then adheres to the conveyance belt by
air suction. This reduces slipping caused by powder on
the sheets, and ensures greater stability for high-speed
output. The suction strength is automatically adjusted
depending on paper type for optimised handling.
11Multi-sheet detection sensor
Attached to the paper feed unit in the main body, the
ADF, the optional FD-503 Multi-fold Punch Unit and
the optional FA-501 PI-PFU Unit are multi-sheet paper
detection sensors that keep extra paper from being mixed
in with printed materials. This ultrasound sensor detects
sheets fed from all trays. When an extra sheet is found,
printing is automatically suspended to prevent printing
errors and speed troubleshooting.
Air separation
Air lifting
Transmission sensor
12Air-assist paper feed mechanism
The air-assist paper feed mechanism prevents coated
paper from sticking while being fed. Air is sent to stacks
of coated paper to facilitate paper handling and maintain
stable feeding. The feature is included in all main unit
trays, as well as the optional paper feed units.
Air suction
Detects space
Reception sensor
Image Quality
High image quality
bizhub PRO 1200/1051 delivers monochrome output quality that rivals offset
printing, producing consistent quality throughout high-volume jobs
1 Real 1,200 dpi resolution
Documents can be copied at a high-quality resolution of
up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, resulting in sharp, crisp lettering
and fine lines even at small font sizes, as well as smooth
gradations and sharp details for images and photos.
Additional smoothing processes during printing further
enhance the appearance of your output.
New Polymerised
Smaller uniform
particles for better
print quality
2 New Simitri HD Toner
Konica Minolta’s new Simitri HD toner uses smaller, more
consistently shaped particles, providing finer, straighter
lines and more even halftones with fewer variations in
density. Because it uses oil-less fixer, even solid blacks
are produced with a natural looking gloss and reduced
glare. The end result is beautiful image quality to rival that
of offset printers.
New Polymerised
Superior image stability ensures accurate,
high-quality reproduction
Developing roller
3 Improved D-Max
To achieve a greater image density, a new developer
is being used and the developer settings have been
improved. The electric charge between the drum and the
developer sleeve has been strengthened, improving the
developing quality. By raising the maximum image density
(D-max) density fluctuations during large-scale printing
have been minimised.
4 New TCR and IDC sensors
The bizhub PRO 1200/1051 uses Image Density Control
(IDC) sensor together with the newly developed Toner
Carrier Ratio (TCR) sensor to better regulate image
density. The TCR sensor controls toner density, while the
IDC sensor controls the rotation speed of the developer
sleeve. Compared to previous models, which only used
the IDC sensor, this new arrangement achieves better
prevention of toner spills and more consistent output
quality. This means that wide variations in density will be
reproduced consistently, even over long print runs.
This spacing has been optimised
for a stronger electric field and
improved developing quality
Advanced reproduction of fine text lines
5 Belt transfer system
The bizhub PRO 1200/1051 uses a belt transfer system
that improves the quality of paper feeding and images
being transferred. Using an electric charge, the gap
between the paper and the belt is eliminated. The
pressure of the belt ensures that toner is fixed without
unevenness for higher consistency.
Transfer roller
The belt pressure
eliminates gaps
against the drum
6 LPH (LED Print Head) writing system
The new LPH system employs an LED print head
with a beam diameter of only 30 microns, half the size
of previous models, making resolutions of 1,200 dpi
possible. This enables finer text quality and improved
image gradations.
LED unit
Rod lens array
Rich, lifelike gradations and halftone image
High-quality double-sided printing
7 Tone Curve Utility
Using image shift and independent magnification
adjustment, high-quality registration between front and
back sides is possible. To eliminate small gaps between
the two sides, minute adjustments to horizontal and
vertical printing positions are automatically made.
The Tone Curve Utility is a standard part of the print
controller. This allows image brightness and contrast to be
adjusted to prevent blow-out of white or collapse of blacks.
No other software is required, making adjustments simple
and fast.
10Front and back registration
Advanced image position precision
CIE Color ON
8 CIE Colour Space
In cases where colour data is being used, CIE Colour
Space conversion enables the most accurate reproduction
in monochrome. This mode produces much richer
shadows, detailed highlights and smooth gradations.
*This reduces output speed 10-20%
9 Screen settings
New pre-setting screens (2 types in 3 patterns each)
and dot screens were developed for 1,200 dpi output,
optimised for images, text or mixed data.
11Paper skew sensor
The paper skew sensor prevents gaps in output that
can occur when a sheet of paper becomes momentarily
stuck or warped. When the amount of bend in the sheet
exceeds a pre-determined limit, printing automatically
stops to prevent later output from being affected.
1,200 dpi
Pre-setting screens
Dot screen
600 dpi
Photo mode Reproduces low-resolution images with smooth gradations
120 lpi
86 lpi
Photo/text mode Suitable for photos and text
170 lpi
106 lpi
Text mode Reproduces fine text lines clearly
212 lpi
141 lpi
Reduces the possibility of more patterns during overlay printing
In-line Finishing
In-line finishing & easy operation
High-quality finishing capabilities allow a greater range of customer services
to be offered, increasing profitability
Versatile in-line finishing capabilities
1 Multi-fold Punch Unit FD-503
6 folding styles available
The FD-503 Multi-fold Punch Unit provides an array of
functions, including gate-fold, letter fold in/out, doubleparallel/Z-fold, sheet insertion and hole-punching. Two
and three-hole punching can be made along the side or
top of each page on the left side of the page.
Two holes
Corner stapling
Corner stapling
2-point stapling
(vertical side)
2-point stapling
4 Saddle Stitch Unit SD-506
Staple up to 50 sheets for 200-page booklets
The SD-506 Saddle Stitch Unit allows users to staple
up to 50 sheets together, creating booklets of up to 200
pages. Saddle stitching also reduces paper displacement.
Three holes
2 PI-PFU Unit
Allows high-capacity sheet insertion
5 Multi-hole Punch Unit GP-501
The PI-PFU Unit can hold up to 5,000 sheets* for
insertion, and paper weights up to 350 gsm. This reduces
the number of times the paper supply needs to be refilled
when printing large orders.
Inline hole punch unit for ring binding
*80 gsm
Users can adjust the unit to produce holes specifically
to fit 7 different styles of ring binder.
6 Perfect Binder Unit PB-502/PB-503
Bind together up to 600 pages
Insertion sheets
The PB-502/PB-503 Perfect Binder Units allow users to
bind up to 300 sheets, for up to 600-page books (30 mm
thick or less). The system allows fast and simple in-line
cutting, gluing and binding, letting users offer improved
services to their customers.
Cover sheets
3 Staple Finisher FS-521
Staple up to 100 sheets at once
By attaching the FS-521 Staple Finisher, up to 100 sheets
can be stapled automatically, either by corner stapling or
two point stapling. The staple cutting and in-line clinch
feature produce clean, attractive results even on small
jobs. An improved stack alignment function ensures that
sheets are never skewed or uneven.
Finished documents from the PB-503 Perfect Binder Unit are
automatically stacked on this cart for safe and convenient
transport. Featuring smooth rolling wheels and sturdy
construction, it improves workplace efficiency and safety.
Network printer function (standard)
Model name
Type of originals
Maximum document size
Copy size
Paper size
image area
bizhub PRO 1200/1051
1200 dpi x 1200 dpi
768 MB (RAM) + 160 GB (HDD) (HDD: 40 GB raw, 120 GB Box storage)
256 levels
Sheet, book, 3D objects
A3 Wide
A3 Wide, A3, B4, A4/A4R, B5/B5R, A5, postcard (182 x 139 mm – 324 x 463 mm)
Top edge: less than 3.0 mm, Bottom edge: less than 2.0 mm
Right/left edge: less than 2.0 mm
1st copy output time
Warm-up time
Continuous copy speed
Magnification Fixed Direct
ratio Enlargement
User set ratio
independent zoom
Paper supply
Paper weight
1200: 2.8 sec., 1051: 3.0 sec. (with A4 platen, straight delivery)
Less than 480 sec. at room temperature (20C) and the rated voltage
1200: 120 sheets/min, 1051: 105 sheets/min
1:1 ± 0.5% or less
3 types can be set
25% to 400%, adjustable in 1% increments
Double-sided copying
Power consumption
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Embedded type
Pentium M 2.0 GHz, Memory Access Speed 533 MHz
2 GB (standard)
1200: 120 ppm, 1051: 105 ppm
1200 x 1200 dpi
PCL 5e/XL/TIFF Direct Print
PostScript3 (PS 3017)/PDF Direct Print (PDF ver. 1.6)
Windows2000/XP/2003Server, Windows Vista, WindowsXP/2003Server x64, Windows
Vista x64
Windows2000/XP/2003Server, Windows Vista, WindowsXP/2003Server x64, Windows
Vista x64, Mac OSX 10.3, Mac OSX 10.4 (PPC/Intel),
Mac OSX 10.5 (PPC/Intel)
European Font (Agfa Micro Type: 80 types, Symbolset: 36 types)
European Font Adobe: 136 types
Ethernet (1000Base-T, 100Base-TX, 10Base-T), USB 2.0
System Options
25% to 400%, adjustable in 1% increments
PF-702 Paper Feed Unit
1,500 pages x 2 (80 gsm)
Plain/recycled paper: 60-90 gsm
Thick paper: 91-300 gsm (244-300 gsm can only be fed from PF-702 middle tray)
Thin paper: 40-49 gsm (there are restrictions on papers types that may be used)
1-9999 sheets
Stackless ADU standard
Paper size: Max: 324 mm x 463 mm; Min: 100 mm x 140 mm
Paper weight 40-244 gsm
230V, 25A (50 Hz)
Max. 5, 25A
(Main unit + PF-703 / PF-703 + RU-506 + FA-501 + FD-503 + SD-506 + FS-521)
990 x 780 x 1,190 mm (with DF/excluding operation panel)
990 x 780 x 1,020 mm (without DF/excluding operation panel)
PF-703 Paper Feed Unit
FS-521 Staple Finisher
SD-506 Saddle Stitch Unit
FD-503 Multi-fold Punch Unit
LS-505 Large Capacity Unit
Scanner Function (standard for bizhub PRO 1200/1051)
Max. original size
Scanner file format
Scanner resolution
Network protocol
Operating system
375 kg
Printer languages
PB-502/503 Perfect Binder Unit
105 opm
A3 (297 x 420 mm)
200 x 200d pi/300 x 300 dpi/400 x 400 dpi/600 x 600 dpi
GP-501 Multi-hole Punch Unit
Ethernet (1000Base-T, 100Base-TX, 10Base-T)
3 x 2,000 sheet paper feed unit, A5-A3+, 50-244 gsm (all trays),
50-300 gsm (middle tray), all trays universal
2 x 1,850 + 1,300 sheet paper feed
Finisher with 2 trays, max. 3,000 sheets main tray,
200 sheets sub tray, A5-A3+, 50-244 gsm (50-300 gsm sub tray),
100 sheet/multi-position stapling, staple cut function
Saddle stitcher with fold and trim functions A4-A3; stitching/trimming 50 sheets,
50-244 gsm; center fold: 50-200 gsm; 3-fold: 50-90 gsm, max. 5 sheet folding; exit tray:
max. 200 sheets, 50-300 gsm
2 x 500 sheet multi-fold post inserter, punch unit; main tray: A5-A3+, 50-244 gsm, max.
2,500 sheets; sub tray: A5-A3+, 50-300 gsm, 200 sheets; 2/4 hole punch, A5-A3,
60-200 gsm; booklet/letter (in/out)/Z-fold, double-parallel and gate-fold, A4-A3,
50-130 gsm (50-90 gsm double-parallel and gate-fold); max. 30 sheets folding, post
inserter for A5-A3+, 50-300 gsm; 2 trays x 500 sheets
2 x 1,850 + 1,300 sheet inserter
5,000 sheet stacker (main tray), 200 sheet (sub tray), A5-A3+,
50-244 gsm (50-300 gsm sub tray)
Perfect binder - bound pages: A5-A4 (max. 307 mm x 221 mm), 64-91 gsm (PB-502),
64-105 gsm (PB-503), max. approx. 300 sheets/600 pages (30 mm thick or less)/min.
approx 10 sheets; cover sheet: max. 307 mm x 472 mm, 82-161 gsm (PB-502),
82-216 gsm (PB-503), 1000 sheets (82 gsm)
Multi hole punch unit for ring book binder, 75-216 gsm, 279 mm x 216 mm/
297 mm x 210 mm
Multi hole punch unit for ring book binder, 75-216 gsm, 279 mm x 216 mm/
297 mm x 210 mm
System Overview
Saddle Stitch
Large Capacity
Multi-fold Punch
Relay Unit*
Paper Feed Unit
Multi-hole Punch
Staple Finisher
Perfect Binder Unit
Perfect Binder Unit
bizhub PRO 1200/1051
Paper Feed Unit
* Required in certain configurations
Western Australia
50 Belgravia Street
Belmont WA 6104
(08) 9479 6600
Product appearance, configuration and/or specifications are subject to change without notice.
1. bizhub and PageScope are registered trademarks of KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 2. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
3. Adobe and PostScript are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems, Inc. 4. All other brand and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective
companies. 5. As an ENERGY STAR Partner, KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for
energy efficiency. 6. ENERGY STAR is a registered trademark in the U.S.
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