The Premier 4 represents an evolution in
mid-range commercial laminators, because
it includes so many features not available on
other laminators at any price. There are no
options for a Premier 4 because there are no
essential features left to be added.
Whether it's judged by appearance, by
ease of use, by reliability, by the finished
lamination, or by overall capabilities, the
Premier 4 represents quality and versatility.
Commercial users must have that quality
to help them satisfy their customers. The
Premier 4 was made for copy shops, print
shops, business service centers, laminating
services, school supply stores, sign/banner
shops, in-house graphics departments, 24inch color inkjet owners, and other commercial users with similar needs.
Your new laminator has several standard
features that set it apart from other models.
• Variable speed. Operates at any speed
up to 10 feet per minute. Thicker films are
generally applied better at mid-range to
lower speeds, while 1.5 mil film should be
applied at mid-range to higher speeds.
• Digital LCD temperature display.
Makes it easy to set and maintain the
correct temperature. The indicator light
inside the heat switch comes on as the
machine warms up; at set temperature the
indicator light turns off.
• Simple controls. Conveniently placed
switches provide a compact, reliable
control pad. Icons and international
symbols are used for controls and safety
• Slitters. Experts know the value of
slitters for laminating a quantity of samesize sheets. The slitters remove the side
scrap from both sides of each sheet as it
goes through the laminator. This greatly
reduces the amount of time required for
• Swing-away heat shoes. This helpful
feature makes it much easier to clean the
laminating rollers. The Premier 4 is the
only machine in its class to have swingaway heating.
• Easy threading. Threading can be the
most difficult aspect of using a laminator,
so the Premier 4 has built-in threading
aids. The top idler is guarded from the top
heat shoe for safety and easy threading.
The bottom idler is attached to the feed
tray. Once the upper and lower webs of
film have been run through the machine,
bottom idler threading is automatic when
the operator puts the feed tray on the
• Forced air cooling. Allows laminating
with thicker films. Without a cooling
system, thicker films will warp or ripple
because they are still too hot when they
come out the back of the laminator. The
Premier 4 has a more effective cooling
system than any other machine in its
class. There are four fans in a 25-inch
• Ease of cleaning. The silicone rubber
rollers and the teflon-coated heat shoes of
the laminator should be cleaned regularly.
The heat shoes on the Premier 4 swing
away in seconds, making it far easier to
clean the laminating rollers.
• Attached safety shield. The polycarbonate shield is clear so operators can see
their work. It does not conduct heat,
protecting them from hot areas. It's fixed
to the machine and placed so they'll
naturally put it in the guard position
before laminating.
• Lamination pressure. The rubber rollers
are spring-loaded and preset to ensure
correct and even lamination pressure.
The pressure is easy to adjust if required
when performing routine maintenance.
• Supply roll tension controls. Supply
roll tension is easy to adjust by simply
tightening or loosening the tension control
knobs on the supply roll mandrels.
• Ease of maintenance. The Premier 4 is
made to last. However, some items on a
laminator do wear out. Even the highquality silicone rubber used in the rollers
loses flexibility over time. Extensive use
may wear out the rollers or an operator
may cut a roller by accident. Rollers and
other key parts can be changed quickly
without disassembling the frame.
• Reverse. Can be invaluable at times to
help avoid problems or remove misfed
• Right and left adjustable feed guides.
• 100% Made in the U.S.A. One-year
Laminating width:
Up to 25"
32L 11H 16D
Shipping Dimensions:
37L 17H 18D
Weight/shipping wt.:
80 / 88 lbs.
0-10 FPM
110 V
220 V optional
1560 watts
15 amps
Max. film gauge
Max. laminating thickness
Max. film roll diameter
Max. film capacity
with 1.5 mil
with 3 mil
Laminating roll diameter
Film core size
10 mil
5 1/2"
1000 feet
500 feet
1 1/4"
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Roll feed tray. When laminating a very
long item such as a banner, it is just about
impossible to feed it in perfectly straight by
hand. By rolling it up on an empty
laminating film roll core and putting that
core on the roll feed assembly, laminating
the longest item becomes relatively easy.
The roll feed tray is especially helpful for the
owners of poster printers, plotters, banner
makers, and other digital output devices.
Footage counter. Device can be reset to
measure film usage in feet. Also available in
a metric version.
Dust cover. Helps keep the machine clean
while not in use, making an inexpensive
contribution to good preventive
With a Premier 4
You can preserve and protect:
Flash Cards
POP Displays
Instructional Mat'l
Safety Warnings
Luggage Tags
Promotional Items
Dry Erase Charts
Teaching Aids
Art Work
Name Tags
Price Lists
Sales Aids
Book Jackets
Place Mats
News Clippings
Public Notices
ID Cards/Badges
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