sampling tools - Nicolet CZ sro

sampling tools - Nicolet CZ sro
Thermo Scientific
Smart Accessories
sampling tools
for Thermo Scientific
Nicolet FT-IR Systems
Smart Accessories
Speed Sample Preparation and Improve the Results in your Laboratory
An Accessory For Every Need
Optimal, Reliable Performance
Thermo Scientific Smart Accessories offer an extensive line of
sampling choices for Thermo Scientific products including the
Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS10 and Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS50
FT-IR spectrometers to address a variety of sample types and
laboratory needs, from routine to advanced.
• The basic Smart Accessories™, such as the Thermo Scientific
Smart Multi-bounce HATR and the Thermo Scientific Smart
Diffuse Reflectance, are ideal for the routine measurements done
in quality control or teaching laboratories. These accessories provide
affordable tools that offer sampling speed and ease of use.
• The research Smart Accessories,
such as the Thermo Scientific
Smart ARK, Thermo Scientific
Smart iTR and Thermo Scientific
Smart SAGA, are geared toward
the research environment to
provide the highest quality
data and the greatest degree
of flexibility.
• Smart Accessories are optimized for ease of use and universal
sample compatibility.
We pioneered Smart Accessories, the only FT-IR accessories that
use permanently aligned optical systems. Permanent alignment
means there are no time consuming adjustments necessary before
you can collect spectra. With a Smart Accessory you can be confident
that everything is positioned properly, making your results more
reproducible and reliable.
All Smart Accessories are compatible
with Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS10,
Nicolet iZ10, Nicolet iS50, Nicolet 380
and Nicolet x700 series spectrometers.
Designed For Ease
The most dramatic feature of a Smart Accessory is its integration
with the software and the spectrometer, bringing an unprecedented
level of convenience and speed. When you place a Smart Accessory
in the instrument, you are instantly ready to collect spectra. There
is no need for manual or mechanical alignment of accessories and
no need to constantly adjust data collection parameter files.
Automated Experiment Set-up
Like every smart component on a Nicolet FT-IR spectrometer,
Smart Accessories are recognized by the system as soon as they
are installed. When a Smart Accessory is placed in the spectrometer,
an Experiment file containing the software and hardware parameters
for that measurement is automatically loaded. The FT-IR system
will set everything for
you, so you are free to
concentrate on your work.
Confidence Through Diagnostics
Once the experiment parameters are set, the system will run
diagnostic tests to validate the performance of your spectrometer,
giving you maximum confidence in your results. These tests save
time and improve results by identifying common user errors such
as improperly cleaning a previous sample from a transmission cell.
They also proactively help in addressing problems to maximize
Automatic Purge
Smart Accessories are constructed around a central-sealed optics
tube. If your bench is purged, the accessory will automatically be
purged when it is inserted. Because the purged volume of a Smart
Accessory is small, purge is achieved quickly. Over time, the small
purge volume will also show less
fluctuation than the relatively
large volumes of a full-sized
sample compartment –
your results are much
more reproducible.
In addition, the design
eliminates the need for adjustable
purge seals or separate purge connectors.
Traditional accessories either do not have purge seals or require
adjustments to seal the accessory.
Expertise When You Need It
Multimedia on-line tutorials for our Thermo Scientific OMNIC
software help you choose the right accessory for your application,
show you how to use and care for your accessory, and demonstrate
how to prepare a sample. OMNIC™ software can monitor your spectra
as you collect them using spectral quality checks to look for common
sampling mistakes, then prompt you with situation specific tips and
tutorials that can sharpen your skills and improve your results.
How does it work?
An Overview of Basic FT-IR Sampling Techniques
Attenuated Total Refection (ATR)
An attenuated total reflection accessory operates by measuring the
changes that occur in a totally internally reflected infrared beam
when the beam comes into contact with a sample. An infrared beam
is directed onto an optically dense crystal with a high refractive
index at a certain angle
greater than the critical
incident angle. The resulting
internal reflectance creates
an evanescent wave that
Beam path for a multi-bounce ATR
extends beyond the surface
of the crystal into the
sample held in contact with
the crystal. In regions of
the infrared spectrum
Beam path for a single-bounce ATR
where the sample absorbs
energy, the evanescent wave will be attenuated. The altered
(attenuated) energy from each evanescent wave is passed back to
the IR beam, which then exits the opposite end of the crystal and is
directed at the detector in the IR spectrometer. The detector records
the attenuated IR beam as an interferogram signal, which can then
be used to generate an infrared spectrum.
The transmission technique does not require a separate accessory.
The user simply places a sample within the sample compartment
of an infrared spectrometer. The infrared beam passes through the
sample and the energy that comes through the sample is measured
to generate a spectrum. However,
sample preparation
is often necessary
to ensure a thin
uniform sample.
Diffuse Reflectance (DR)
When an infrared beam is focused onto a particulate material, the
incident beam can react with the particle in one of several ways.
The radiation can be reflected off the top surface of a single particle
or multiple particles without penetrating the particle, a process
called specular reflectance. Diffuse reflectance results from the
penetration of the incident radiation into one or more sample
particles and subsequent
scatter from the sample matrix.
A diffuse reflectance
accessory operates by
directing the infrared energy
into a sample cup filled with
the neat solid powder or a
mixture of the sample and an
infrared transparent matrix
(such as KBr). The infrared
radiation then interacts with The IR beam interacting with a sample in
a diffuse reflectance experiment
the particles causing the light
to “diffuse” or scatter as it moves throughout the sample. The
output mirror collects the diffusely scattered energy, which is
directed to the detector in the spectrometer. The detector records
the altered IR beam as an interferogram signal, which can then be
used to generate a spectrum. Typically, a background is collected
with the diffuse reflectance accessory in place and the cup filled
with just the IR transparent matrix. Excellent quantitative data can
be collected with proper sample preparation.
Conceptual diagram of a beam path
Specular Reflectance/Reflection-Absorption
Specular reflectance is a surface measurement technique that
works on the principle of reflective efficiencies. This principle
states that every sample has a refractive index that varies with
the frequency of light to which it is exposed. Instead of examining
the energy that passes through the sample, specular reflectance
measures the energy that is reflected off the surface of a sample.
By examining the frequency bands in which the rate of change in
the refractive index is high, users can make assumptions regarding
the absorbency of the sample. The specular reflectance technique
provides excellent quantitative and qualitative data. ReflectionAbsorption works on the same principle, but due to sample
properties, some of the energy that passes through the surface
layer is absorbed into the
bulk of the sample and
then reflects off of a
substrate below the
surface layer. A
combination of specular
reflectance and reflectionabsorption can occur
Diagram of Reflection-Absorption
when criteria for both
techniques are met. If a qualitative comparison of specular
reflectance to transmission spectra is desired, users can apply
the Kramers-Kronig correction to the data to remove the effects
of dispersion.
Smart ARK
le T
Samples marked with “왖” are well suited for the indicated Smart Accessory.
s on
ble S
ic Liq
s Liq
th P
n St
How to Choose the Right Accessory
Research and analytical test laboratory environment
High energy throughput/high level quantitative and
qualitative analyses
Mu lti-Bou n c e HAT R
12 reflection ZnSe crystal
왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖
Over 20 interchangeable crystal plate options
(to change angle of incidence and material without
optical realignment)
Smart Multi-Bounce HATR
10 reflection ZnSe crystal; optional Ge crystal, and
Si crystal
왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖
Smart iTR™
Rugged, versatile accessory that stands up to highly
corrosive, caustic, intractable or abrasive samples
Single-reflection Diamond or ZnSe ATR crystal; optional
germanium, silicon, or 45° specular sampling
Smart Orbit™
Rugged, versatile accessory that stands up to highly
corrosive, caustic, intractable or abrasive samples
Real Type IIa Single-reflection Diamond ATR crystal
Optimal germanium, silicon, or 45° specular sampling
Smart Golden Gate™
Sing le Bo u n c e HAT R
왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖
Small crystal area (2mm) in flat and trough formats
Single reflection with 4 crystal configurations: ZnSe,
DuraSamplIR™ and
왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖
Industrial strength ATR with diamond crystal with up to
80 lbs of force available to achieve good sample-to-crystal
contact of even the hardest sample
Single reflection type IIa diamond crystal
Smart Performer™
왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖
왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖
1, 3 and 9 reflection diamond element options, heating
and hastelloy (for corrosive samples) options available
Video – enhanced diamond ATR with integrated camera
design allowing magnification of sample up to 100X
왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖
1 and 3 reflection diamond element options
Smart OMNI-Sampler ™
Resilient crystal allows for measuring of acids and
bases from pH 1 to 14
Capable of measuring a spot on a sample of 2 mm
diameter or less
Single reflection Germanium crystal
왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖
Sp e c u la r Re fle cta nc e
Smart SAGA
All gold reflecting optics; unique internal dual masking
easily set with a calibrated thumb wheel; germanium
polarizer allowing monolayer sensitivity
le T
s on
ble S
ic Liq
s Liq
th P
n St
Samples marked with “왖” are well suited for the indicated Smart Accessory.
왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖
Smart Diffuse Reflectance pg.16
Convenient sample slides with storage space in the
accessory cover
Includes Si-Carb™ sampling tool, for analyzing solid materials
such as paint chips
Smart NIR Integrating Sphere pg.17
왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖
Optimal solution for near-infrared diffuse reflectance of
powders and many solid samples
Includes dedicated room temperature InGaAs detector
Optional sample spinner to average variations in your sample
왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖
Near-infrared spectral range
Analyze directly from plastic bags, plastic, and glass bottles
Maximizes diffusely scattered radiation while minimizing
specular reflected radiation
Tra nsmission
Smart Transmission
왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖
Enclosed design provides excellent purge and is chemically
resistant, protecting the spectrometer from contamination
and spillage
Sample positions to accommodate KBr Pellet holders,
Precision Pathlength liquid cells, film holders and gas cells
왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖 왖
Smart ARK
For Research Grade, Multiple-Reflection ATR Analysis
The Thermo Scientific Smart ARK is a stable, rugged, high energy
throughput HATR. The Smart ARK™ is the ideal choice for both
research and analytical test laboratories.
It is well suited for high level accurate
quantitative and qualitative analyses
because sample preparation is not
necessary. The Smart ARK’s high
performance is a result of high optical
collection efficiency and unique patented
crystal design. This crystal design allows
the user to change crystal angles and
materials without optical realignment.
The multi-reflection crystal design is
extremely well-suited for analyzing
lower concentration samples and where
high sensitivity is necessary. It is good
for samples that require consistent,
precise analysis or when different
pathlengths are required to analyze a
sampling system.
Smart ARK is available with the widest variety of crystal plates in
different materials and angles including 30, 40, 50, 55, 60, and 70
degrees (dependent on material). There is a crystal material for
almost any pH sample and a suitable crystal angle that results in a
pathlength from 0.6 to 45 micrometers.
The following table shows the angle of incidence (q), number of
reflections, the refractive index of the crystal (R.I.), the calculated
depth of penetration (dp), the calculated effective pathlength (EPL)
in micrometers for three common materials (other materials available
upon request). The experimental sampling depth is 2 to 3 times the
calculated depth of penetration.
ZNSE (R.I. = 2.4)
Critical Angle
GE (R.I. = 4)
AMTIR (R.I. = 2.5)
Example Applications
• Liquids
• Solids
• Semi-solids
• Powders
• Quantitative and qualitative measurements
Unique Features
To facilitate changing crystal angles or material (and subsequently
the depth of penetration into a sample or effective pathlength) our
patented crystal design ensures high energy throughput without the
need for mechanical or manual optical alignment of the accessory.
It is extremely easy to change crystal plates and angles; there is no
need to worry about moving mirrors and mechanical parts failing.
The crystal design ensures reproducibility and reliability with every
measurement, which is especially critical when transferring analytical
methods between laboratories with multiple spectrometers. The
Both trough and flat plate style crystal plates are available to
suit the specific sample analysis. The trough plate version is optimized
for use with liquids, pastes, and gels. The flat plate version is
optimized for use with solid films. All crystal plates are Teflon® coated
to improve chemical resistivity and prevent discoloration of the plate
surface. The pressure device has been optimized to reduce breakage
of the crystals that can be caused by too much or uneven pressure.
Crystal Material: Zinc Selenide (standard),
Germanium (optional), Silicon (optional),
Zinc Sulfide (optional), AMTIR (optional)
Angle of Incidence: 45 degree (standard), optional 30, 40, 50, 55, 60,
70-depending on material
Number of Reflections: 12 (standard) see chart above for
additional information
Pathlength: Approximately 12 micrometers
Sample Volume (trough): 1.0 milliliters
Heated Option: Allows thermal studies from ambient to 100 °C
Ordering Information
Part Number
Smart ARK Trough Plate Kit
Smart ARK Flat Plate Kit
XX = 99 for Nicolet ™ iS10, Nicolet iS50, Nicolet x700, and Nicolet Nexus™
XX = 97 for Nicolet 380 and Avatar ™
Spectra of vegetable oil using 40° (top), 45° (middle) and 60° (bottom) ZnSe
crystals on the Smart ARK
Smart Multi-Bounce HATR
For Multiple-Reflection ATR Analysis
The Thermo Scientific Smart Multi-Bounce HATR crystal has a
pathlength of 10 micrometers, while the smallest pathlength of a
typical transmission cell is 15 micrometers. This short pathlength
makes the Smart Multi-Bounce HATR suitable for samples that
absorb strongly and yields better results than transmission. In
addition, the Smart Multi-Bounce HATR is well suited for providing
information about the surface properties of a material.
Example Applications
• Aqueous solutions
• Solvents
• Flexible films
• Gels
• Soft powders
Unique Features
The horizontal sampling surface is ideally suited for obtaining highquality infrared spectra – without the need for sample preparation.
There are convenient storage spaces within the cover of the accessory
which accommodate the accessory’s sampling tools, such as a
powder press and volatile liquid cover.
The Smart Multi-Bounce HATR uses crystals mounted in plates
that are pinned in place on the accessory. This allows you to change
plates by simply lifting one off and placing another on. All of the
Smart Multi-Bounce plates are Teflon coated to improve chemical
resistivity and prevent discoloration. Once measurements have
been made, the crystal may be wiped clean or if necessary the
whole plate can be simply lifted off and removed for rapid cleaning.
Plate and Crystal Choices
Multi-Bounce HATR Flat Plate Kit
The flat plate kit is useful for analyzing films and coatings on flat
samples. Flat plates are configured with
the crystal ‘flush’ with the surface of the
plate. The pressure device included with
the flat plate kit ensures reproducible
pressure and uniform optical contact
between the sample and crystal.
Smart Multi-Bounce HATR
Combination Plate Kit
The combination plate kit is ideal when
a variety of liquid and solid samples are
analyzed. This kit includes both trough
and flat plates, and the following
sampling tools:
• Volatile liquid cover
• Powder press
• Pressure device
Crystal Materials
The standard crystal material is zinc selenide (ZnSe), with a 45 degree
angle of incidence. This material is well suited for almost all routine
sampling. Zinc selenide is fairly hard, and is utilized for neutral
pH solutions.
The optional Germanium crystal has a high refractive index
with a shallow depth of penetration into the sample, making it well
suited for measuring samples with a high refractive index, such as
carbon-filled polymers. Although germanium has a limited spectral
range, it offers good chemical resistivity to both acids and bases.
Multi-Bounce HATR Trough Plate Kit
The trough plate kit is useful for analyzing liquids, powders, pastes,
and gels. The ATR crystal is recessed and mounted into a trough
shaped, leak-proof sampling plate. The ATR crystal sample plate
restricts catastrophic liquid spills from damaging the accessory in
any way. Also included is a volatile liquid cover that eliminates
solvent evaporation and a powder press to ensure good contact
between powdered samples and the crystal.
Crystal Material: Zinc Selenide, standard; (4000 – 650 cm-1)
Germanium, optional; (4000 – 800 cm-1)
Silicon, optional; (4000 – 1500 cm-1)
Number of Reflections: 10
Crystal Angle: 45°
Pathlength: Approximately 10 micrometers
Sample Volume (trough): 0.5 milliliters
Ordering Information
Part Number
Smart Multi-Bounce for Solids
Smart Multi-Bounce for Liquids
Smart Multi-Bounce Combination Kit I
(for Liquids & Solids)
XX = 99 for Nicolet iS10, Nicolet iS50, Nicolet x700, and Nicolet Nexus
XX = 97 for Nicolet 380 and Avatar
Xylene mixture with 45° ZnSe trough with Smart Multi-Bounce HATR
Smart iTR
For Multi-purpose ATR Sampling
The Thermo Scientific Smart iTR is an ultra-high-performance,
versatile Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) sampling accessory.
Primarily designed for use with a single
bounce diamond crystal, the Smart iTR™
also offers other options for full
configurability. Each of the ATR crystals
is designed for maximum infrared
throughput and spectroscopic performance.
ATR is the technique of choice
for infrared and the Smart iTR is the
accessory of choice for Thermo Scientific
spectrometers. It provides exceptional
sensitivity and IR throughput. ATR crystals
come in a variety of configurations
suitable for every need. Solid materials
can be pressed onto the ATR crystal
using a high pressure tower to provide
consistent results. Single bounce ATR works for many strongly
absorbing materials like polymers, chemicals, etc.
Example Applications
• Most solids
• Liquids ranging from pH 1 to 14
• Acidic or alkaline materials
• Fibers
• Hard or oddly shaped samples
• Abrasive, caustic or corrosive materials
• Large or small samples
• Paint chips
Ten replicated PET spectra collected from different locations on the same sample
using a Nicolet iS10 spectrometer with the Smart iTR
Unique Features
The Smart iTR is a versatile ATR for analysis of solids, liquids,
pastes and gels. It is available with different crystal materials for
different sampling needs. Single reflection ATR provides general
purpose use, while an optional three reflection ATR can be used to
optimize analysis of minor components. Crystal plates are pinned in
place and easily switched with no alignment required. ATR crystal
plates are backed with a ZnSe focusing optic for optimal performance.
An optional specular plate gives extra flexibility when analyzing
coatings on reflective materials.
The black top plate is over seven inches wide at the front, and
more than five inches from front to back, providing excellent space
for most samples. The plate is Teflon™ coated and lifts clear easily,
making clean-up very simple. Precision machining and an unreactivegasket provide a tight interface between the top plate and the
crystal housing, so spills are not a problem. A quick-release mounting
of the crystals provides rapid and reproducible crystal insertion and
removal for cleaning or swapping.
The Smart iTR’s high pressure clamp comes with interchangeable
tips for hard, soft and pellet shaped samples. The clamp is calibrated
to deliver over 10,000 psi of pressure when applied to the single
reflection crystal plates.
The Smart iTR accessory is compatible with the Thermo
Scientific Nicolet iS10, Nicolet iS50, Nicolet 6700, Nicolet 8700 FT-IR
spectrometers and the Nicolet iZ™10 auxiliary module.
Choice of ATR Crystal Materials
The Smart iTR accessory can be ordered with three common
ATR crystals fixed in stainless steel as standard: diamond, ZnSe
and germanium. Each crystal performs strongly under specific
The diamond crystal is excellent for the analysis of hard,
abrasive, reactive, caustic or corrosive materials, since it is
inert and robust. It is also a multi-purpose ATR with a depth of
penetration of over 2 microns at 1000 cm-1 and is used with a wide
variety of samples. Its disadvantage is the intrinsic absorbtion from
approximately 2300 to 1800 cm-1.
The ZnSe crystal offers similarly outstanding throughput and a
depth of penetration similar to diamond. It can be used for a wide
variety of samples, but over time it can be etched by acids and
scratched by hard samples. ZnSe is soft and not as chemically inert
as the other crystals, but provides an excellent performing, lower
cost option for general analyses.
A five-year warranty is provided with the diamond ATR crystal.
Both the diamond and ZnSe configurations can be validated.
Germanium is also hard and inert (although not as robust
as diamond). Germanium provides a much shallower depth of
penetration, making it ideal for highly absorbing or scattering
samples such as carbon-black containing rubbers. The exclusive
germanium crystal used in the Smart iTR provides huge performance
through the mid-IR range, with upwards of 50% transmittance.
Germanium has a limited range, but offers good chemical
resistivity to both acids and bases.
An additional ATR crystal that can be added to any of the
accessories is silicon. Silicon is a very hard ATR crystal with a high
refractive index. This makes it useful for strong absorbers or abrasive samples. Silicon withstands thermal shock, so it is suitable for
temperature studies. Silicon is typically absorbing below 1500 cm-1,
but the composite design results in a much broader range.
Diamond ATR Crystal: Diamond is one of the most rugged optical
materials available.
• Low wavenumber cutoff 650 cm-1 (due to ZnSe lens)
• Depth of penetration 2.03 micrometers at 1000 cm-1
• Refractive index 2.4
• Useful pH range 1–14
• Incident angle 42
ZnSe ATR Crystal: ZnSe is the most common ATR crystal. It has limited
uses with strong acids, alkalis. The surface can be scratched by hard
materials, which will eventually reduce sensitivity. Complexing agents
(EDTA and ammonium) will also attack the crystal surface.
• Low wavenumber cutoff 650 cm-1
• Depth of penetration 2.03 micrometers at 1000 cm-1
• Refractive index 2.4
• Useful pH range 5– 9
• Incident angle 42
Germanium ATR Crystal: Ge is a hard ATR crystal with a high refractive
index. This makes it useful for strong absorbers or samples with a high
refractive index. The novel germanium design provides enormous
through-put over an extended range.
• Low wavenumber cutoff 700 cm-1
• Depth of penetration 0.67 micrometers at 1000 cm-1
• Refractive index 4.0
• Useful pH range 1– 14
• Incident angle 42
Silicon ATR Crystal: Si is a very hard ATR crystal with a high refractive index.
• Low wavenumber cutoff 700 cm-1
• Depth of penetration 0.84 micrometers at 1000 cm-1
• Refractive index 3.4
• Useful pH range 1– 12
• Incident angle 42
Active Sample Area: The ATR active sample area is 1.5 mm for the single
bounce ATR and 6 mm for the 3 bounce ATR.
Specular Plate: Spectral range dependent on spectrometer. Incident angle
is 45 degrees.
Ordering Information
Part Number
Smart iTR with Diamond Plate
Smart iTR with ZnSe Plate
Smart iTR with Diamond and Ge Plate
Smart iTR with ZnSe and Ge Plate
Check configuration guide or contact Thermo Fisher Scientific representative for
additional options.
Smart Orbit
For single-reflection, diamond ATR analysis
The Thermo Scientific Smart Orbit is a high-performance diamond
single bounce ATR accessory. Diamond ATR is ideal for analysis of
hard, abrasive, reactive, caustic or corrosive materials because it is both inert
and extremely strong. Diamond also has
a wide spectral range and good depth of
penetration, which makes it a great
choice for more common samples. The
Smart Orbit™ accessory offers additional
sampling flexibility by providing optional
germanium and silicon crystal plates and
a 45 degree specular reflectance option.
A flow cell can be added to facilitate the
introduction of liquid samples to the ATR
crystal element.
Four different sample tips are
included with the adjustable Pressure
Tower: one short and one long pointed
tip to apply high pressure to solid samples; a concave tip – for spherical solid
samples; and a Teflon coated tip for powders and delicate samples
such as combinatorial beads. The Lightning Viewer™ provides an
8X magnified view of the sample, ideal for ensuring sample placement upon the ATR crystal.
The Smart Orbit accessory is the perfect solution for
pharmaceutical labs that want to abandon KBr pellet preparation
without compromising full spectral-range sample information. The
germanium crystal provides exceptional results when measuring
black rubbers below 500 cm-1.
Unique Features
• All reflective optics provides access to wide spectral range from
Near-IR to Far-IR
• Rugged, industrial-grade diamond mounted in stainless steel for
chemical and shock resistance
• Pinned-in-place crystal plates are easily removed for cleaning
• Extra large sampling area
• Variety of crystal materials and specular option
Pressure Tower Features
• Two pressure devices – Pressure Tower with two pressure
settings, and the Lightning Viewer
• Pressure Tower includes 4 tips: short point, long point, concave,
and flat
• Both devices have slip-clutch mechanism with audible click for
repeatable pressure
• Lightning Viewer has 8X magnification of sample
Crystal Material: Type IIa Diamond tungsten carbide mounted in
stainless steel
Active Sample Area: 1.5 mm
Spectral Range: 10000 to below 200 cm-1 (diamond)
Depth of Penetration: 2.03 micrometers at 1000 cm-1
Refractive Index: 2.4
Useful pH Range: 1 – 14
Sample Plate Options: Germanium, Silicon, 45° Specular Reflection
Pressure Device Options: Adjustable slip-clutch pressure tower or the
Lightning Viewer
Ordering Information
Example Applications
• Pharmaceuticals
• Black polymers
• Large or small samples
• Hard or oddly shaped samples
• Fibers
• Abrasive, caustic or corrosive materials
• Acidic or alkaline materials
• Packaging materials
The Smart Orbit accessory provides spectral results from a variety of samples
such as small fibers, hard polymers, and more
Part Number
Smart Orbit for Nicolet Avatar
Smart Orbit for Nicolet Nexus, Nicolet x700 Series,
Nicolet iS10, Nicolet iS50
Smart Orbit with Lightning Viewer for Nicolet Avatar
Smart Orbit with Lightning Viewer for Nicolet Nexus,
Nicolet x700 Series, Nicolet iS10, Nicolet iS50
Si plate
Ge plate
Specular plate
Flow cell
Pressure Tower
Lightning Viewer
Smart Golden Gate
For single-reflection, diamond ATR analysis
The Thermo Scientific Smart Golden Gate Single Reflection
Diamond ATR accessory analyzes sample types from hard solids to
corrosive liquids. This versatile infrared sampling instrument is
fast, sensitive, and robust. Excellent sensitivity is achieved using
high pressure contact against a Type IIa diamond, selected for its
unparalleled sensitivity as a single-reflection ATR element together
with its unique physical and chemical stability. The accessory can
be used to analyze a range of samples from single particles and
fibers to corrosive liquids, and the large working area sample platform is ideal for macro sampling. The diamond is high temperature
bonded into its tungsten carbide mount giving performance and
strength to withstand the high pressures required for maximum
optical contact with hard samples.
Because of the robust design of the Smart Golden Gate™
accessory and the ability to apply very high pressures to the
sample, this accessory can be used for almost any sample type
in any research or QA environment. Little or no sample preparation
is needed, the only requirement is that the sample is in optical
contact with the diamond. With up to 80 pounds* available to
achieve this, good spectra can be run from even the hardest rocks
and powders. Special anvils are available to hold polymer pellets,
to seal in and run air/moisture sensitive samples, and to analyze
coatings on wires. The Smart Golden Gate accessory is particularly
suitable for samples which may polymerize or set on the crystal
since they can be cleaned off with a knife or abrasive pads without
causing any damage to the unit.
The demountable top plate is a valuable accessory for the
preparation of toxic compounds (such as anti-cancer drugs). The
sample can be prepared in a glove box, sealed, and then measured
with higher protection to the operator than when using other
sampling methods.
* Applied load across the diamond surface.
Example Applications
• Polymer pellets
• Intractable or opaque solids
• Single fibers
• Corrosive liquids
• Geochemical samples
• Powders
• Coated wires
• Air sensitive samples
• Hazardous materials/toxic compounds
Unique Features
• 45° single reflection Type IIa diamond
• Brazed tungsten carbide diamond
• Fully enclosed beam condensing
lens system
• Sapphire anvil for high pressure
• Reproducible pressure control to
80 pounds
• Thermal, cryogenic, and super critical fluid options available
• Fully enclosed sample anvil available for dangerous or sensitive
Crystal Material: Type IIa diamond
Spectral Wavelength Range: 5000 to 650 cm-1 ZnSe optics, 5000 to
400 cm-1 KRS-5 optics
Ordering Information
Part Number
Smart Golden Gate – ZnSe/Diamond
Smart Golden Gate – KRS-5/Diamond
Xylene mixture with 45° ZnSe trough with Smart Multi-Bounce HATR
Smart Performer
For single-reflection ATR analysis
The Thermo Scientific Smart Performer single-reflection ATR accessory was designed with the everyday user in mind. Its economical
price and sampling flexibility make it a
superior choice. The wide selection of
crystal choices available (ZnSe, Ge, Si,
and AMTIR) permits analysis of all types
of samples ranging in size, shape,
texture, and pH. The small spot size of
2 mm makes sample positioning and
experimental analysis easy.
The Smart Performer™ accessory
has a unique design that makes
changing from one crystal to another
quick and hassle free. In addition, a
specially designed trough plate protects
the accessory optics from coming in
contact with the sample. This feature
makes the Smart Performer accessory a good choice for liquid
analysis, particularly samples with high viscosity or that can harm
optical components.
(AT 45° & 1000 CM-1)
20000 – 650
5500 – 675
8900 – 1500
11000 – 725
Chart 1
Example Applications
• Single polymer beads
• Polymer films
• Black polymers
• Pastes and gels
• Liquids
• Powders
• Fibers
• Solids
General use
Good for most samples. Strong absorbing samples,
such as dark polymers
Resistant to basic solutions
Resistant to acidic solutions
Unique Features
• Crystal materials: Znse, Ge, Si, AMTIR
• Quick crystal change
• Special trough plate for liquids
• Swiveling slip clutch pressure tower
• Optional Metered manual Pressure Device
• Optional swiveling Lightning Viewer
Sampling Area: 2 mm
Spectral Range: 20000 to 650 cm-1 (ZnSe)
Depth of Penetration:
2.03 micrometers at 1000 cm-1 (ZnSe)
Refractive Index: 2.4 (ZnSe)
Useful pH: 5 – 9 (ZnSe)
Quality spectra are easily collected from materials without destructive or tedious
sample preparation
Chart 2
Ordering Information
Part Number
Smart Performer with flat ZnSe crystals
Smart Performer with flat Ge crystals
Smart Performer with flat Si crystals
Smart Performer with flat AMTIR crystals
Smart Performer with trough ZnSe crystals
Smart Performer with trough Ge crystals
Smart Performer with trough Si crystals
Smart Performer with trough AMTIR crystals
XX = 97 for Nicolet Avatar, XX = 99 for Nicolet Nexus, XX = 98 for Nicolet iS10,
Nicolet iS™50 and Nicolet x700 Series
Part Number
Micrometric Pressure Device
Swivel Pressure Tower
Swivel Lightning Viewer
Flow Cell Kit
Replacement Crystals
Part Number
ZnSe Flat Plate for Performer
ZnSe Trough Plate for Performer
Ge Flat Plate for Performer
Ge Trough Plate for Performer
Si Flat Plate for Performer
Si Trough for Performer
AMTIR Flat Plate for Performer
AMTIR Trough Plate for Performer
Smart DuraSamplIR and Smart DuraScope
For single-reflection, diamond ATR analysis
The Thermo Scientific Smart DuraSamplIR HATR accessory has all
the advantages of traditional ATR sampling with the added benefit
of a laminate-diamond crystal. It uses Horizontal Attenuated Total
Reflectance (HATR) technology to greatly simplify sample preparation.
In addition, the strength and chemical resistance of the diamond
sensing element enables a high pressure device to be used, assuring
intimate contact between the sample and the ATR element.
The Smart DuraScope™ accessory has all of the features of the
Smart DuraSamplIR™ plus DuraVision™, a system to simultaneously
image and analyze your sample. DuraVision takes advantage of
the diamond’s clarity and transparency. The Smart DuraScope
accessory is a good choice for small samples.
Example Applications
• Liquids ranging in pH from 1 to 14
• Rigid, intractable materials
• Abrasive powders
• Painted metal panels
• Fibers
• Inclusions and contaminants down to 200 microns
(DuraScope only)
Unique Features
• 1, 3, or 9-bounce crystal options
• Hastelloy plate available for extra chemical resistivity
• DuraScope video capability option
• DuraScope magnification up to 100X
Crystal Material: Diamond or Silicon
Spectral Range: Standard to 650 cm-1; Optional to 230 cm-1
Sampling Area: 1 reflection: 500 micrometers
3 reflection: 1.5 millimeters
9 reflection: 3 millimeters (DuraSamplIR only)
Depth of Penetration: 2 µm at 1000 cm-1
Useful pH Range: 1 – 14
Sample Volume: 1 reflection: 1 microliters
3 reflection: 2 microliters
9 reflection: 5 microliters (DuraSamplIR only)
Ordering Information
Part Number
Smart DuraSamplIR, 1 bounce
Smart DuraSamplIR, 3 bounce
Smart DuraSamplIR, 9 bounce
Smart DuraScope, 1 bounce
Smart DuraScope, 3 bounce
Smart OMNI-Sampler
For Single-Reflection ATR Analysis
The Thermo Scientific Smart OMNI-Sampler is an excellent choice
when you need to make fast and simple measurements but face a
wide range of different sample types –
solids or liquids. It is a universal single
reflection HATR sampling accessory that
fulfills almost all application needs. In
addition to routine solids and liquids, the
Smart OMNI-Sampler™ will facilitate the
analysis of difficult samples, such as dark
carbon-filled samples, single polymer
beads, hard rigid polymers, and coatings
on glass substrates. For tough to analyze
samples, the Smart OMNI-Sampler is a
cost effective alternative to diamond
sampling accessories. It is as easy to
use as “position, click, and scan”.
The Smart OMNI-Sampler utilizes a
spherical ATR crystal as the sampling
surface. This crystal design in combination with the tilt back pressure tower
provides “point-to-point” contact between the sample and crystal
when analyzing solid samples. This point-to-point contact is useful
for analyzing hard, rigid, unyielding, and difficult-to-analyze samples.
It is ideal for making quantitative measurements because the tilt
back pressure tower operates with a slip-clutch mechanism to
ensure that the correct pressure is applied every time, independent
of the sample’s size or shape. Operation could not be any easier –
simply position the sample on the crystal and turn the knob. When
the correct pressure is applied, an audible click lets you know that
you are ready to make your measurements. The tilt back pressure
tower also tilts back at a 45° angle for easy access to crystal for
cleaning and sample positioning.
The optional Lightning Viewer allows precise positioning of very
small samples on the germanium surface. The Lightning Viewer
features a sapphire surface and allows application of the same
“turn and click” slip clutch pressure as the standard pressure device.
Example Applications
• Single polymer beads
• Single filaments
• Formed, rigid polymers
• Paint chips
• Printed circuit board
• Paper/contaminants
• Carbon-filled materials (o-rings)
• Liquid, including aqueous solutions, corrosive, and caustics
Rigid polymers may be measured without sample preparation using the Smart
Unique Features
The Smart OMNI-Sampler integrates several unique features to
make sample measurements simple and error-free. The spherical
crystal design produces a nominal 2x reduction in the beam diameter.
This provides enhanced sensitivity, the ability to run smaller samples,
and the ability to exert more pressure on the sample, ensuring
optimal contact. The pressure device tip is 2 mm, essentially defining
the practical sample size.
The Smart OMNI-Sampler utilizes an extremely rugged
germanium ATR crystal that has a spectral range of 4000 – 675 cm-1.
The germanium crystal gives a shallow depth of penetration that is
ideal for highly absorbing carbon filled samples, and thin surface
analyses. Compared to other ATR accessories with flat sampling
surfaces, the spectral quality is greatly enhanced due to the pointto-point contact between the crystal and the tilt back pressure
tower pressure device. The crystal material and shape makes the
Smart OMNI-Sampler a good general purpose IR accessory.
The liquid holder extends the usefulness of the Smart OMNISampler. It can be attached easily, requiring no modifications to
the accessory. The “swimming pool” design is optimized for small
volumes and ease of cleaning.
Crystal Material: Germanium; spectral data down to 675 cm-1
Sampling Area: 2 millimeters diameter
Crystal Angle: 45° (single reflection)
Depth of Penetration: Approximately 0.67 micrometers at 2000 cm-1
Useful pH Range: 1 – 14
Sample Volume: 1.86 milliliters
Pressure Device: Tilt back pressure tower or Lightning Viewer, both with
fail-safe mechanism to prevent crystal damage
Ordering Information
Part Number
Smart OMNI-Sampler
Smart OMNI-Sampler with Lightning Viewer
XX = 99 for Nicolet iS10, Nicolet iS50, Nicolet x700, and Nicolet Nexus
XX = 97 for Nicolet 380 and Avatar
Smart SAGA
For Research Performance Grazing Angle Reflectance Studies
The Thermo Scientific Smart SAGA (Specular Apertured Grazing
Angle) is ideal for grazing incidence analysis of sub-micron films on
metallic substrates. Grazing angle reflectance is the technique of
choice for analyzing thin coatings or deposits because the high
angle of incidence increases pathlength of the infrared beam
through the material of interest, significantly enhancing sensitivity.
This accessory samples an average angle of 80 degrees from the
normal. Analysis of films from 10 Angstroms to 0.5 microns is possible. A permanently mounted polarizer minimizes the ‘S’ polarized
light which does not contribute to spectral data at the surface,
increasing sensitivity and sampling speed. Samples are analyzed
conveniently by placing them on a horizontal sampling surface and
masked using a unique sliding aperture assembly.
This is an extremely easy accessory to use for grazing angle
studies, yet it delivers superior performance and great sample area
discrimination. Simply lay the sample flat on the horizontal sampling
surface, position it using the laser-engraved grid if desired, turn
the wheel to set the aperture size, and scan. Monolayer sensitivity
is achievable due to the high angle of incidence and selective
Example Applications
• Ultra-thin coatings
• Adsorbed species on metal substrates
• Lubricants
• Surface contaminants
• Residues
• Molecular monolayers
Unique Features
In addition to the all of the advantages of the Thermo Scientific
Smart Accessories, the Smart
SAGA™ features a unique internal
sliding aperture assembly to quickly
provide sampling areas of different
sizes. The aperture is set by simply
rotating a calibrated thumb wheel
on the front of the assembly. It
defines the infrared beam area
both before and after reaching the
sample surface, using a revolutionary double-pass beam path. The
design eliminates the need to “soot”
apertures to reduce unwanted
reflections, and allows accurate
sample definition localized studies. The integrated polarizer allows
the best possible sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio.
The sample stage features a laser-engraved linear measurement
grid that allows reproducible sample positioning for localized studies
of larger samples. These markings provide spatial information
about where data was collected on a sample that can be recorded
for future reference.
• 80 degree fixed angle of incidence
• All gold reflecting optics
• Unique internal aperture sliding assembly providing four
different shapes and sizes of sample definition.
• Integrated polarizer to eliminate the ‘S’ polarized light and
enhance the “P” polarized light component. The integrated
design also protects the polarizer from contamination
• A laser engraved grid on the sampling plate to facilitate
reproducible sample positioning and masking when performing
quantitative analysis
Angle of Incidence: Average 80° fixed
Sampling Area: Two circular active areas: 5mm, and 8mm; one oval active
area of 16mm x 8mm, and open beam
Optics: Gold reflective
Sample Positioning: Laser-engraved measurement grid on sample stage
Polarizer: Germanium
Cadmium arachidate monolayer on a gold substrate analyzed with a Smart SAGA
Ordering Information
Part Number
Smart SAGA
XX = 99 for Nicolet iS10, Nicolet iS50, Nicolet x700, and Nicolet Nexus
XX = 97 for Nicolet 380 and Avatar
Smart Diffuse Reflectance
For Mid-infrared Diffuse Analysis
The Thermo Scientific Smart Diffuse Reflectance accessory is highly
effective at maximizing diffusely scattered radiation while minimizing
specular reflected radiation which is a
source of spectral interference. Samples
can be analyzed as is, with a slight
amount of grinding or by grinding and
mixing with potassium bromide (KBr). A
wide variety of samples can be analyzed
Example Applications
• Hard and soft powders
• Organic and inorganic materials
• Paint chips
• Inflexible sample that can be abraded
with silicon carbide paper
Unique Features
The Smart Diffuse Reflectance accessory comes complete with two
sample slides. One holder has two integral sample cups within it.
Typically, one of the positions is loaded with the sample and the
other is loaded with a reference material, such as KBr. The integral
sample cups eliminate the need to worry about easily lost small
parts, and are easy to load without the inconvenience of handling
small sample cups. If KBr is needed to dilute a sample for analysis,
the convenient KBr Powder Packets can be used. Each of the KBr
Powder Packets contains a convenient, pre-measured quantity of
dry KBr for dispersing a sample.
Ninhydrin 1% in KBr collected using the Smart Diffuse Reflectance
The second holder is intended for use with the Si-Carb
measuring system and has an integral gold mirror that can be
used as a background reference. A blank Si-Carb disk can also be
used as a background reference. This sample slide also has a slot
that holds the Si-Carb disk. The Si-Carb kit includes the adhesivebacked silicon carbide paper that is used to abrade the surface to
be analyzed, plus a handle and sample plate to hold the paper.
This technique transfers a small amount of sample to the disk.
An infrared spectrum is obtained of the material clinging to the
surface of the silicon carbide disk.
Sample Cup Volume: 0.25 gram
Dual Sample Slide Holders: Si-Carb holder
and powder sampler holder
KBr Packets: 0.5 gram packets (25)
Silicon Carbide Disks: 320 grit Si-Carb disks (100);
400 grit Si-Carb disks (100)
Ordering Information
Part Number
Smart Diffuse Reflectance
XX = 99 for Nicolet iS10, Nicolet iS50, Nicolet x700, and Nicolet Nexus
XX = 97 for Nicolet 380 and Avatar
Smart NIR Integrating Sphere
For Near-infrared Diffuse Reflectance
The Thermo Scientific Smart NIR integrating sphere provides the
best method of analysis of diffuse reflection. This leads to easier
sample handling and increased throughput. The integrating sphere
enhances the near-infrared capabilities of Thermo Scientific Nicolet
FT-IR spectrometers.
The diameters of the sphere, detector, and sample window
size have been carefully optimized to make collection even more
efficient. The scattered nearinfrared energy is collected with
greater than 95% efficiency.
Example Applications
• Solids
• Powders
• Samples in either glass or plastic containers
• Quantitative and qualitative analysis
Detector: Dedicated room temperature
InGaAs detector
Range: 10000 to 4000 cm-1
Integrating Sphere: Greater than
95% collective efficiency; diffuse
reflective gold surface
Sampling Window: Sapphire window
with chemical resistant and
leak-proof seal
Sampling Surface: Cast aluminum
Reference: Internal computer
controlled diffuse reflectance flag
for problem free backgrounds
Sample Spinners: Two sizes of spinners for heterogenous samples with
low OH quartz
Unique Features
The Smart NIR integrating sphere has significant advantages over
traditional techniques when it comes to measuring powders and
solids. The testing is non-destructive and requires minimal sample
preparation. Spectral data is collected through glass and other
packaging without touching the material, protecting your samples
from contamination and protecting you from exposure to potentially
hazardous materials. Sampling throughput is increased because
you can simply place the sample on top and begin the experiment.
The top surface also allows unobstructed access to the sampling
window for large samples.
Integrating spheres are incredibly efficient collectors of
diffusely reflected energy. Near-infrared energy enters the integrating
sphere, the energy then strikes the computer-controlled internal
gold reference, and is diffusely reflected. The reflected light is
collected by the sphere and directed onto the dedicated InGaAs
detector. When it is time for sample collection, the gold reference
moves out of the path, the near-infrared energy passes through the
sapphire window onto the sample, and energy that is diffusely
reflected by the sample is analyzed.
Ordering Information
Part Number
Smart Accessory Module
Sample Spinner with 4.78 cm low OH Quartz
with Powder Sampling Cup Window
Large Sample Spinner with 12 cm low OH Quartz
with Powder Sampling Cup Window
Gold NIR Diffuse Reflection Standard (99.9% Reflective)
Spectralon™ Reference (99% Reflective)
Polystyrene Reference Sample
Analysis of multivitamin powder shown in OMNIC software
For near-infrared diffuse analysis
The Thermo Scientific Smart NIR UpDRIFT is an innovative toploading diffuse reflectance accessory for the Nicolet near-infrared
spectrometers. The UpDRIFT™ utilizes
CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrator),
a unique optical focusing system that
virtually eliminates the specular reflected
component, which can distort spectral
results. The UpDRIFT is designed for
fast, easy analyses of solids and
powders using the standard diffuse
reflectance technique. Samples can be
analyzed directly from plastic bags and
most plastic and glass bottles, ranging in
size from microvials to 6-inch diameter
bulk sample carboys. This accessory
can be used to either quantitatively or
qualitatively measure a variety of sample morphologies.
Example Applications
• Solids
• Powders
• Samples in either glass or plastic containers
• Quantitative and qualitative analysis
Rigid polymers may be measured without sample preparation using the Smart
Unique Features
• Noninvasive sampling in the near-infrared spectral region
• Sample can be analyzed in its container
• Rugged sapphire window sampling surface
• Three sampling modes: solids and bottles can be positioned
upright, bottles can be positioned horizontally or powders can be
analyzed directly on sample stage
• Accommodates variety of bottle sizes
• Spectralon reference material included
Spectral Range: 10000 to 4200 cm-1
Optics: Polished Aluminum Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC)
Sample Surface Window Material: Sapphire
Sampling Area: 6 mm
Reference Material: Spectralon in Holder
Maximum Bottle Size: 6-inch diameter
Ordering Information
Part Number
Smart Near-IR UpDRIFT
XX = 97 for Nicolet Avatar, XX = 99 for Nicolet Nexus, XX = 98 for Nicolet iS10,
Nicolet iS50, and Nicolet x700 Series.
Part Number
Spectralon assembly
Smart Transmission
For Transmission Analysis
The Thermo Scientific Smart Transmission is ideal when you need
to make fast and accurate measurements of liquids, solids, or
gases that are mounted in cells or cell holders and mounts. The
Smart Transmission optimizes the ease and speed with which basic
transmission measurements are made. The accessory features one
step, snap-in-place installation and automatically seals the sample
compartment with its Quick-Purge feature. This capability drastically
reduces the length of time between sample analyses and is
extremely advantageous when analyzing a large number of samples
in succession. Purging the sample environment during infrared
analysis eliminates atmospheric water vapor and carbon dioxide that
can obscure peaks of interest and complicated spectral subtractions.
Typically, purging the main instrument sample compartment without
a Smart Accessory can take up to five times longer to reach
environmental equilibrium than with the Smart Transmission accessory.
The accessory has an enclosed design which is chemically resistant
and will protect the instrument from contamination and spillage.
reach environmental equilibrium, while with the standard sample
compartment holder it can take up to 11 minutes. The Quick-Purge
feature eliminates atmospheric water
vapor and carbon dioxide that can
obscure peaks of interest and complicate
spectral subtractions. Once a cell has
been placed in the sample card/cell
holder tray, a plastic insert can be
installed to complete the purge features.
The Smart Transmission accessory
has sample positions that accommodate
most KBr Pellet holders, Precision
Pathlength liquid cells, infrared cards,
film holders, gas cells and many other
transmission tools. Each position is for
optimizing the IR beam focus through
different cells.
Example Applications
• Liquids, solids, or gases that are mounted in cells or cell holders
and mounts
• Corrosive and caustic samples
Time to Reach Environmental
Equilibrium: Two minutes or less
Purge Volume: Approximately 24 cubic inches
Sample Positions: From left to right for optimizing the beam focus
through transmission cards and cells
Maximum Cell Size: 100 millimeters
Unique Features
The Smart Transmission integrates several optimized features to
make transmission measurements easier and even more precise.
The sturdy construction of the enclosed system protects the user
and spectrometer from chemical and environmental damage.
When using corrosive or caustic materials, the Smart Transmission
accessory protects the spectrometer from potential accidental spillage.
To obtain faster results and higher quality spectral information,
the Smart Transmission accessory should be used to enhance
transmission infrared analyses. The Quick-Purge feature dramatically
decreases the time necessary between samples. With the Smart
Transmission accessory it takes two minutes or less to
Ordering Information
Part Number
Smart Transmission
XX = 99 for Nicolet iS10, Nicolet iS50, Nicolet x700, and Nicolet Nexus
XX = 97 for Nicolet 380 and Avatar
25 micrometer polyethylene film collected using the Smart OMNI-Transmission
The key to success in today’s fast paced
labs is having the correct accessory with
the best suited spectrometer. Thermo
Scientific Smart systems automate setup,
testing, and operation. This makes
sample preparation easy and ensures
complete, reliable sampling performance.
Installing a Smart Accessory turns a
Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS10 or
Nicolet iS50 spectrometer into a
versatile analysis tool, enabling you
to acquire high-quality spectra every
time with complete confidence.
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