Fireplace CHIMO, Instruction Manual / Safety Instructions Instruction

Fireplace CHIMO, Instruction Manual / Safety Instructions Instruction
Fireplace CHIMO, Instruction Manual / Safety Instructions
Instruction manual:
- Please read these instructions carefully before the first use of the fireplace and keep the safety
instructions for future reference.
- To operate the fireplace we recommend only the use of blomus bio-ethanol (item code 31034).
- Please check the content of the box.
- ATTENTION: Please check with your insurance company and landlord or local authorities for details
and regulations before using the fireplace.
Included in delivery (see illustration 1-3):
Fireplace body (A)
Burner reservoir (B) with sliding cover and safety compartment
Grill (C)
Glass (D / only with fireplace no. 65185)
Mounting bar unit (E)
2 screws (6 x 60) (F)
2 washers (G)
2 wall plugs (S8) (H)
Controller Tool (I)
Funnel (J)
Measuring jug (K)
Liquid fuel (L) (blomus 31034 Bio-Alcohol (ethanol), 1 Litre / 33,8 fl oz)
Instruction manual and safety instructions
Safety instructions:
- Always keep the room where the fireplace is operated ventilated. While burning the fire
uses oxygen out of the air.
- When ventilated, the minimum room size per opreated fireplace 65174 and / or 65185 must
not be under 44m³ / 1550 cuf (equalling 20 m² / 215 sqf room size with a ceiling of 2,20 m
/ 7,2 ft). For each operated fireplace 65184 the minimum room size should be at least 80 m³
/ 2825 cuf (equalling 36,4 m² / 392 sqf with 2,20 m / 7,2 ft ceiling).
- When burning bio-ethanol water-vapour and carbon dioxide are produced.
- The following chart shows data resulting out of tests at TÜV Süd (Munich, Germany) for fireplaces
65174 65185:
Min. Room volume (m³/cuf) Air change (1/h)
218 / 7700
Air change rate with windows closed
73 / 2580
With standard ventilation/slightly open windows
44 / 1550
Complete change of air within 1 hour
/open windows
- The following chart shows data resulting out of tests at TÜV Süd (Munich, Germany) for fireplace
Min. Room volume (m³/cuf) Air change (1/h)
399 / 14090
Air change rate with windows closed
133 / 4697
With standard ventilation/slightly open windows
80 / 2825
Complete change of air within 1 hour
/open windows
Fireplace CHIMO, Instruction Manual / Safety Instructions
- The following chart shows estimates air change rates according to 1):
Air change (1/h)
0 - 0,5
Windows, doors closed
0,3 - 1,5
5 - 10
Windows uncovered, slightly open
Windows halfway open
Recknagel, Sprenger, Schrameck: Heizung + Klimatechnik
- Never use the burner without the safety compartment.
- It is not recommended to use more than one fireplace at a time in one room.
- Never leave an open fire unattended at any time !
- CAUTION: Item gets hot while in operation. Do not touch the fireplace while burning. Please allow
at least 15 minutes to cool down before touching the product after flame is extinguished.
- Never pour fuel into an open flame or into the burner reservoir unless it has cooled down for at
least 15 minutes after use.
- The fireplace is not suitable for heating purposes.
- Do not store more than 5 litres / 1,3 gallons of flammable liquids in your apartment.
- Keep fuel containers closed tightly.
- Keep fuel away from children and animals.
- Fuel must not be exposed to direct heat such as direct sunshine or central heating.
- The burning reservoir must not be exposed to direct heat such as direct sunshine or central
- Do not place any flammable material within 1 Meter / 40 inches around the fireplace. A safety
distance of at least 2 meters / 80 inches should be kept from any window or curtain. Product
should not be used with a mantle and shelving should be minimum of 1 Meter / 40 inches from
the fireplace.
- CAUTION: Do not smoke while handling the fuel.
- Avoid draught in the room where the fireplace is operated.
- Make sure to keep a safety distance of 0,5 m / 20 inch from the burning fireplace.
- Children and pets must be kept clear from the burning fireplace!
- The fireplace must only be installed on a solid wall of non flammable material.
- Please remove all packaging and information material before assembly.
- We recommend a minimum distance of 60 cm / 23,6 inch between the floor and the opening
of the burner reservoir (illustration 4).
- Mount the mounting bar unit (E) to the wall using the 2 screws (F), 2 washers (G) and wall plugs
(H) supplied (illustration 5). On a wooden wall please mount the bar to wall studs. The supplied
mounting hardware suits walls out of stone, brick and concrete. For all other walls (i.e. wooden),
different mounting hardware should be used. Seek advice of your local hardware store if you are
unsure which mounting hardware suits your wall.
- Attach the fireplace body (A) onto the mounting bar unit (E) (illustration 6).
- Insert the glass (D) into the intended slot. (illustration 7). (Fireplace 65185 only !).
- Install the safety compartment together with the burner reservoir (B) into the burning chamber
of the fireplace body (A) (illustration 8).
- The opening of the burner reservoir must face to the front.
- Fit the grill (C) onto the burner (illustration 9).
Starting up:
- Open the cover of the burner reservoir (B) completely using the controller tool (I) (illustration 10).
Fireplace CHIMO, Instruction Manual / Safety Instructions
- Fill the burner (B) with the fuel (L) up to the level marker (see illustration 10) using the measuring
jug (K) and the funnel (J). (maximum filling for item 65174 and 65185: 0,9 ltr / 30 fl oz, for
65184: 1,4 ltr / 47,3 fl oz).
- Spilled alcohol must be removed with an absorbant tissue and cleaned with water to prevent
ignition outside the burner reservoir.
- CAUTION: Spilled alcohol may lead to matt stains on parquet flooring.
- ATTENTION: The fuel should be stored at room temperature to facilitate its ignition.
- CAUTION: Fuel must be kept in safe distance (min. 1 m / 40 inch) to the fireplace.
- Do not place fuel in front of the fireplace.
- Dip the prongs of the controller tool (I) into the filled reservoir and light the moistened prongs
with a sticklighter. Keep a safe distance to the reservoir.
- Transfer the burning controller tool (I) to the ethanol reservoir. Use caution and keep the length
of the tool as a safety distance.
- In case the flame does not ignite, please repeat the ignition process until the flame burns steadily.
- Fuel will burn low at first. Please allow 15 minutes to reach the optimum temperature and flame
height.The flame then can be adjusted by opening or closing the sliding cover on the reservoir with
the controller tool (see illustration 10).
- Adjust the flame to prevent it from hitting the upper end of the burning chamber (10-15 cm /
4-5 inch distance).
- CAUTION: Never pour fuel into the burning flame!
- CAUTION: Allow the burner to cool down for at least 15 minutes before refilling. Do not pour
fuel into the hot burner!
- To refill, follow instructions above.
- CAUTION: Never extinguish the flame with water!
- Let the fuel burn out completely if possible. This prevents alcohol odours left in the reservoir and
deflagration when reigniting.
- If you wish to extinguish the flame before the fuel has completely burned out, please use the
controller tool to fully close the opening of the reservoir and wait until the flame is extinguished.
Wait approximately 30 minutes until the burner has reached room temperature. Only then dispose
of the remaining fuel.
- In case the flame is not extinguished immediately, please close the cover and wait app. 10-15
minutes to allow the flame to cool down. Repeat the above instruction until the flame is fully
Maintenance / Care instructions:
- The burner must be cleaned regularly. Use warm water and washing-up liquid.
- Marks can be best removed with a soft cloth and a mixture of lukewarm water and a small amount
of cleaning liquid (ph-neutral). We recommend to clean the stainless steel item regularly to prevent
- To seal the surface we recommend our blomus stainless steel maintenance spray. This creates
a dirt-deflecting protective film and works preventing against scaling.
- CAUTION! Never use chemicals like white spirits, turpentine or fuel. Do not use Steel-wool or
scrubbing sponges either. The surface can be scratched by these. The manufacturer can not be
held responsible for any damages resulting out of false use and / or cleaning of the product.
Fireplace CHIMO, Content
Fireplace Body A
Burner B
Grill C
Glass D (Fireplace 65185 only)
Illustration 1
Mounting Hardware
Mounting Bar Unit E
Screws F
Washers G
Wall Plugs H
Illustration 2
Fireplace CHIMO, Content
Controller Tool I
Funnel J
Measuring Jug K
Fuel L
Illustration 3
Fireplace CHIMO, Assembly
Mounting Height
Illustration 4
Mounting of Hardware
Illustration 5
Fireplace CHIMO, Assembly
Installation of Fireplace Body
Illustration 6
Installation of the Glass (Fireplace 65185 only)
Illustration 7
Fireplace CHIMO, Assembly / Starting up
Installation of the Burner
Installation of the Grill
Illustration 8
Illustration 9
Controller Tool
Opening of Burner
Sliding Lid
Safety Compartment
Level Marker
Illustration 10
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