Mossy Oak Toddler Quad

Mossy Oak Toddler Quad
The owner’s manual contains assembly, use and maintenance
Keep the packaging away from children and dispose of all
packaging before use. Note: For best performance use on
Always use with adult supervision.
Age: 18mos + 3years
Weight: Maximum, 44 lbs (20 KG)
Max Speed: 2 MPH
6 volt
1 Safety
The owner’s manual contains assembly, use and maintenance
result in a roll away or loss of control, which may cause serious
instructions. The vehicle must be assembled by an adult who has
injury or death.
read and understands the instructions in this manual. Keep the pack• Using the vehicle near streets, motor vehicles, drop-offs such as:
aging away from children and dispose of all packaging before use.
steps, water (swimming pools) or other bodies of water, sloped
Note: For best performance use on flat, hard surfaces.
surfaces, hills, wet areas, flammable vapors, in alleys, at night or in
the dark could result in an unexpected accident. Always use the
The following safety hazards may result in serious injury or death to
vehicle in a safe, secure environment with continuous adult
the user of the vehicle:
• This product contains small parts that are for adult assembly only.
Keep small children away when assembling. Remove and dispose • Using the vehicle in unsafe conditions such as snow, rain, loose
of all protective material and poly bags before assembly. Be sure
dirt, mud, sand or fine gravel may result in unexpected action such
to remove all packaging materials and parts from underneath the
as tip over and skidding, and damage to the electrical system and
vehicle body.
• Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and • Using the vehicle in an unsafe manner. Examples include but are
lead compounds (acids) chemicals known to the state of California
not limited to:
to cause cancer, reproductive harm, and are toxic and corrosive.
a. Pulling the vehicle with another vehicle or similar device
Never open the battery.
b. Allowing more than one rider
c. Pushing the user from the back
• Body parts such as hands, legs, hair and clothing can get caught in
d. Traveling at an unsafe speed
moving parts. Never place a body part near a moving part or wear
loose clothing while using the vehicle. Always wear shoes when
Always use common sense and safe practices when using the vehicle.
using the vehicle.
• This toy does not have brakes or any braking capability. Do not
leave a child unattended while using this toy or allow use of this
toy in any location that requires braking capability, as this could
This product contains or emits chemicals known to the state
of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive
The following safety hazards may result in serious injury or death
to the user of the vehicle:
• Use of a battery or charger other than the supplied 6V
rechargeable battery and charger may cause a fire or
explosion. Only use the supplied 6V rechargeable
battery and charger with the vehicle.
• Using the 6V rechargeable battery and charger for any
other product may result in overheating, fire or
explosion. Never use the 6V rechargeable battery and
charger with another product.
• Explosive gases are created during charging. Charge the
battery in a well ventilated area. Do not charge the
battery near heat or flammable materials.
• Contact between the positive and negative terminals
may result in fire or explosion. Avoid direct contact
between the terminals. Picking up the battery by the
wires or charger can cause damage to the battery and
may result in a fire. Always pick up the battery by it’s
case or handles.
• Contact or exposure to battery leakage (lead acid) may
cause serious injury. If contact or exposure occurs
immediately call your physician. If the chemical is on the
skin or in the eyes, flush with cool water for 15 minutes.
If the chemical was swallowed, immediately give the
person water or milk. Do not give water or milk if the
patient is vomiting or has a decreased level of alertness.
Do not induce vomiting.
• Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain
lead and lead compounds (acid), chemicals known to the
State of California to cause cancer, reproductive harm
and are toxic and corrosive. Never open the battery.
• Tampering or modifying the electric circuit system may
cause a shock, fire or explosion and permanently
damage the system. Exposed wiring, circuitry in the
charger may cause electric shock. Always keep the
charger housing closed.
• Liquids on the battery may cause fire or electric shock.
Always keep all liquids away from the battery and keep
the battery dry.
Age 18 months + 3years
Max Weight 44 lbs (20 Kgs)
Before using the vehicle the child should understand the vehicle
controls and safety issues. They must also demonstrate the
capability to handle the vehicle and operate
its controls. It is the responsibility of the adult to educate the child
and supervise the vehicles use. Read the following safety warnings
to any child using the vehicle before riding.
by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's
authority to operate the equipment.
NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with
the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the
FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable
radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in
• Always sit in the seat when using the vehicle.
• Keep your hands, hair and clothes away from moving parts.
• Always wear shoes when using the vehicle.
• Children under 18 months of age cannot use the vehicle.
• Only drive on level ground.
• Do not go near swimming pools or other bodies of water,
• Do not drive the vehicle on streets or near cars.
to correct the interference by one or more of the following
• Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
from that to which the receiver is connected.
• Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician
for help.
2 Parts
• Park the vehicle indoors or cover it with a tarp to protect it
from wet weather.
fading may occur. Store in shade or cover with tarp.
• Do not wash the vehicle with a hose.
• Do not wash the vehicle with soap and water.
• Only an adult who has read and understands the safety warnings
damage has occurred.
in hours
4 Use
in hours
5 Maintenance
The battery will eventually lose the ability to hold a charge.
Depending on the amount of use, and varying conditions, the battery
should operate for one to three years. Follow these steps to replace
and dispose the battery.
Important! Recycle the dead battery responsibly. The battery
contains lead acid (electrolyte) and must be disposed of properly and
legally. It is illegal in most areas to incinerate lead acid batteries or
dispose of them in landfills. Take it to a federal or state-approved
lead acid battery recycler, such as an authorized service center or
your local automotive battery retailer. Do not throw the battery
away with your regular household trash!
The vehicle should be checked for damage, missing or badly worn
parts before use.
• Check the tightness of the fasteners before each use.
• Check the tightness of the wheels.
• Ensure the battery is securely in place before use
• Occasionally use lightweight oil to lubricate moving parts such as
wheels and steering linkage. Do not use oil on plastic or nylon
parts. No lubrication is required.
• Store the vehicle indoors or cover it with a tarp to protect it from
the wet weather. Keep it away from sources of heat, such as
stoves and heaters.
• Clean the vehicle with a soft, dry cloth. To restore shine to plastic
parts, use a non-wax furniture polish. Do not use car wax,
abrasive cleaners or wash the vehicle with soap and water. Water
will damage the motor, electrical system and battery.
• Pacific-Cycle recommends that you take the vehicle to an
authorized service center for periodic maintenance and service.
Call Pacific-Cycle Consumer Relations at 877-741-6154 for an
authorized service center.
6 Service
Do not return this product to the place of purchase. If your vehicle
needs service, repairs or replacement parts, call:
Pacific-Cycle Consumer Relations
Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (CST) Monday - Friday
Phone: 877-741-6154
For service and repairs you will be directed to an authorized service
center. To order parts have the model and serial number, found
underneath the seat on the battery cover.
The following is a list of available replacement parts:
• Wheels
• Hardware bag for wheel assembly
• Steering assembly
• 6-volt battery
• Battery Charger
7 Warranty
Your electric vehicle is warrantied by Pacific Cycle for 90 days from
the date of original purchase against defects in materials or
workmanship. This warranty covers normal use and the coverage is
not extended if the unit was damaged by unreasonable
use,neglect,accident,abuse/misuse, improper service or other
causes not arising out of defects in material workmanship. This
warranty does not cover any liability claims for breach of warranty.
Please save your original receipt from the original purchase in case
of any warranty claims. Save your box in the event the toy has to be
returned. Should you need service or assistance with your vehicle
during the warranty period.
In U.S.A.
© 2016 Pacific-Cycle Inc.
4902 Hammersly Rd.
Madison, WI 53711
Styles and colors may vary.
Made in China
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