Operation Manual - r2 watchwinder nl

Operation Manual - r2 watchwinder nl
The app controlled watch winder
Operation Manual
Table of Contents
- Chapter 1: Main Machine
Page 2 Accessories in the packaging box
Page 3 Appearance of R2
Page 4 Installing the battery and external power supply
Page 5 Operation and introduction to the main machine
Page 7 How to put the watch
Page 8 Setup of the watch holder
Page 9 Putting in the watch holder
- Chapter 2: App
Page 10 Installation and registration of app
Page 11 Connection
Page 12 Introduction to app
Page 15 Introduction to state interface
Page 16 Introduction to the bottom menu bar
- Chapter3: FAQs and Precautions
Page 17 FAQs
Page 18 Maintenance and precautions
Page 19 TPD specification
Accessories in the packaging box
Package of
Main machine
Quick Guide
Note: The plug of the transformer may be different from that shown by the figure depending on the region.
Appearance of
7 Safety Key
2 LED Light (inside the door)
1 Indicator
4 On/Off key
3 Power plug
5 Charging
output end
6 Charging
receiving end
Operation and introduction to the main machine
Power indictor
- Red (flashing):
In the initial state, R2 has no setting, such as starting for the first time / reset
- Red (lit up):
When the battery level is reduced to below 20%
- Green (flashing ):
A mobile device app is being connected or an identity is being recognized;
- Green (flashing quickly):
An app is sending data to R2
LED light
- When the door is opened, the LED light will be lit up for 30 seconds and then go out;
- When the door is closed, the LED light will be lit up for 30 seconds and then go out;
- After the door is closed, the app can be used to control whether the LED light is lit up or goes out.
Power socket - Connected to the external power supply and the original power transformer
On/Off key
- Press it once to turn on the machine
(if there is no setting, the machine will enter the factory setting;
if there is any setting, the machine will directly enter the operation mode)
- Press it again to turn off the machine
- Press and hold the On/Off key for 5 seconds to restore the factory setting.
output end
- When an R2 is connected on the top of another R2,
the folded R2 are charged simultaneously
(up to 5 R2 can be connected simultaneously)
receiving end
- It operates and charges the battery after receiving
the power provided from the bottom R2.
Safety key
- The charging receiving end operates only
when the safety key is in contact with the R2 below.
- Before the safety key is in contact with the R2,
the charging receiving end will not generate current.
Installing the battery and external power supply
- Connect the transformer to the back of the watch winder to charge the battery.
- The R2 watch winder should be placed safely and kept away from direct sunshine,
heat sources, impact or moist space.
- In order to avoid dangers, unplug the power supply before installing
or removing the lithium-ion battery.
Bottom View
How to put the watch
To put the watch in the holder
- Press the watch holder to the minimum. Mount the watch in the direction shown
in the figure below and press the holder again. The holder will extend to tighten and fix the watch belt.
Setup of the watch holder
The watch holder replacement is used to match with watches of different sizes
- Whether the plastic cap on the back of the holder should be removed
depends on the size of your watch chain.
Big watch
The back of
the pad is
Small watch
Putting in the watch holder
-Putting in the watch holder, insert along the anti-magnetic turn-disk slot,
until it is hooked up firmly (please refer to the figure below) .
-Taking out the watch holder, do as per figure below by using your thumb
and forefinger to press the watch holder to take out accordingly.
Press softly
Press softly
Installation and registration of app
- To install the mobile device control app
1. Turn on "APP STORE" for Apple devices or “PLAY
STORE” for Android devices;
2. Input “SPIN-R” in the Search field and click Search;
3. Locate the app SPIN-R and install it.
To start the Blue tooth device of the mobile device
1. In the Setup of the mobile device, enable the
Blue tooth device.
Login (Email)
(Check that the version of the Blue tooth of your device is 4.0
or above)
Change Password?
For got Password?
Sig n Up
To register an R2 account
1. Turn on the downloaded app “SPIN-R”;
2. Click “Sign Up“;
3. Input your email address in the first field;
4. Input your password in the second field;
5. Input your password again in the third field to confirm
the password is correct;
6. Please carefully read the agreement and agree our
7. Click "Sign Up" and the registration will be successful.
Note: When the registration is successful, the app will log
in automatically.
Re-enter Password
Privacy Policy that you accept & agree to be bound
Sign up
Select the serial number of the R2 product
Sel ec t Wat c h W i n d er d ev i c e
- The receiving range depends on Bluetooth 4.0 and the impact by the onsite environment.
- The serial number is stuck to the bottom of the battery box or the side of the packaging box.
Introduction to app
To control your R2 with a mobile device
1. Click "Connect your winder" to enter the "Select Watch Winder Device" interface;
2. The app will search your R2 and show the serial no on screen.
Click Connect to enter the following interface : SPIN-R provides four selection modes
for you to set the automatic winding of your watch
Most of the collection of mechanical watch brand and model of the demand
in the database Chain of revolutions and direction of rotation,
allowing users to more easily set the chain on the watch.
If you do not fit the model in the database,
you can enter your own proper number of revolutions and direction of rotation.
Every set watches models will be saved in order to extract the replacement watch.
Provides a quick setup, for the majority of mechanical watches use.
Introduction to app
Choose from our preset setting Select a watch from the menu
-Select the brand of your watch
This allows you to select the brand of your watch from the menu.
-Select the model of your watch
This allows you to select the model of your watch from the menu.
-Take a picture of your watch
Select a picture of your watch from the mobile phone or
take a picture with the mobile phone.
Press “SAVE” to save your setting.
Custom setting Personal setting
-Enter the brand of your watch
This allows you to select the brand of your watch from the menu.
-Enter the model of your watch
Select the model of your watch.
-Take a picture of your watch
Select a picture of your watch from the mobile phone or
take a picture with the mobile phone.
Press “SAVE” to save your setting.
Introduction to app
Choose from my watch collection
- This allows you to select the setting of your watch from the saved settings.
Quick Start
- Automatic mode (the setting can’t be adjusted)
The number of turns per day is 900 turns
After turning to the left and to the right for 3 minutes and 35 seconds respectively,
it stops for 52 minutes and 50 seconds. Such operation is circular.
Introduction to state interface
The brand and model of your watch
Turns per day (TPD) of the watch winder
The icon indicates turning left or right
In which, the Custom Setting mode allows you to change the TPD and
direction to your preferences. For other three modes, we have selected
the most suitable parameters for you and such parameters can’t be changed.
The switch of the LED light allows you to turn on or off the
LED light
Battery consumption
Four bars of the battery icon indicate that the battery is full
One bar of the battery icon indicates that the battery needs to be charged
When the external power supply is plugged in,
the battery icon will display one bar to three bars circulative.
Start / Stop the watch winder running
Introduction to the bottom menu bar
- Return to the selection screen of your R2 device.
- Watch chain management on existing devices.
- Slide the corresponding model to the left to select an item to delete.
- Add an R2 device.
- Manage the current model and setting of the watch.
- Slide the corresponding model to the left to select an item to delete.
- Browse the SPIN-R products
-Instruction manual
-Terms and conditions
-Privacy Policy
-Change Password
-Logout Click Logout and the current SPIN-R account will exit
Most problems of R2 can be solved quickly by referring to the suggestions set forth in this section.
If you need other tips and troubleshooting information, please contact us (enquiry@spin.com).
(Picture a)
If R2 does not react, check:
- Whether the battery capacity is enough or connect the external power supply.
Want to reset all settings of R2?
You can reset all settings of R2 to the factory setting.
- Press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds, and the factory setting of R2
will be restored.
Fail to login?
1. Please check whether the network connection of the device is correct
2. whether the login name and password are correct
- When the login fails/ the mobile device loses network connectivity,
the following messages will appear:(Picture a)
1. Under the Login (Email) field, click “Forgot password”.
2. The system will ask you to input your email address once.
3. The system will send a link to your registered email address.
4. Follow the guide of the link to reset your password.
The battery can’t be charged?
The system has been set to start the charging function only when the battery capacity is reduced to 80%.
- Check that the power supply is correctly connected.
- Ensure that the original transformer is being used.
Maintenance and precautions
Store R2 at an appropriate temperature. Use it at 20°~40°C (32°~104°F).
Keep the appearance of R2 clean. Wipe it with a soft cloth. Do not use any cleaning solvent.
Keep any metallic contact of the machine away from moist.
Do not turn the dial yourself.
The weight of the watch put in R2 shall not exceed 500 g.
Do not unscrew the screws of the machine or open it to attempt to repair it.
Ensure that the original battery and transformer are used.
The bottom of the placement must not be in contact with conductive objects or water.
When you request for repair or claim for compensation during the warranty period,
please use the original package to avoid damage during transportation.
TPD specification
TPD specification
TPD Turn clockwise
5:16 min
5:40 min
6:00 min
6:24 min
6:46 min
7:10 min
7:32 min
7:54 min
8:18 min
8:40 min
9:02 min
9:26 min
9:48 min
10:10 min
10:32 min
10:56 min
11:20 min
11:42 min
12:26 min
12:48 min
13:12 min
13:36 min
13:56 min
14:20 min
Turn counterclockwise
Turn clockwise and counterclockwise
5:16 min
5:40 min
6:00 min
6:24 min
6:46 min
7:10 min
7:32 min
7:54 min
8:18 min
8:40 min
9:02 min
9:26 min
9:48 min
10:10 min
10:32 min
10:56 min
11:20 min
11:42 min
12:26 min
12:48 min
13:12 min
13:36 min
13:56 min
14:20 min
2:38 min/2:38 min
2:50 min/2:50 min
3:00 min/3:00 min
3:12 min/3:12 min
3:23 min/3:23 min
3:35 min/3:35 min
3:46 min/3:46 min
3:57 min/3:57 min
4:09 min/4:09 min
4:20 min/4:20 min
4:31 min/4:31 min
4:43 min/4:43 min
4:54 min/4:54 min
5:05 min/5:05 min
5:16 min/5:16 min
5:28 min/5:28 min
5:40 min/5:40 min
5:51 min/5:51 min
6:13 min/6:13 min
6:24 min/6:24 min
6:36 min/6:36 min
6:48 min/6:48 min
6:58 min/6:58 min
7:10 min/7:10 min
* This test is based on the data of a watch below 400G when the transformer is being used.
* The data slightly vary depending on the weight of the watch.
Rest time
54:43 min
54:20 min
53:57 min
53:35 min
53:12 min
52:50 min
52:27 min
52:05 min
51:42 min
51:19 min
50:56 min
50:34 min
50:11 min
49:48 min
49:25 min
49:03 min
49:40 min
48:18 min
47:33 min
47:10 min
46:48 min
46:24 min
46:02 min
45:40 min
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