Print. Your way

Print. Your way
Mobile Print Solutions
Print. Your way
Fuji Xerox Printers brings you a diverse
range of mobile solutions in the latest
range of printers.
at home and at work. The way we use and access the internet has changed
dramatically over the last 20 years. We are well and truely in the mobile age living
in an always on, need it now era.
Connecting wirelessly and working on
the go doesn’t stop when it comes to
Print when and where
you want
Wireless printing means you can print
from an electronic device without
physically having to connect a wire
to the printer. They are easy to share,
so several people can connect at one
time; and with no wires, the printer
can live just about anywhere you wish.
Many of the printers now launched
by Fuji Xerox Printers include mobile
solutions as a standard feature. These
solutions include;
Fuji Xerox Apps
Enables users to print directly from
iOS or Android devices.
Whether it’s an iOS or Android device,
the Fuji Xerox Apps put mobile
printing and scanning convenience at
stored photo albums, web pages or
shoot and print on the go from your
iOS or Android device.
Print and Scan Utility
Free App Download
In iOS, Airprint-enabled applications
can print to an AirPrint-enabled printer
and you don’t need to install a driver or
If you’re on the lookout for a new
printer, you may be interested in
some of the following products from
the Fuji Xerox wireless range:
1. Choose print,
Black and White A4 Printers
2. Select an AirPrint-enabled printer,
• DocuPrint P455 d
3. Print. It’s that simple.
A4 Colour Printers
> AirPrint Basics – learn more
• DocuPrint CP215 w
• DocuPrint CP405 d
Google Cloud Print
In the world of Google Cloud Print, you
can print anything, from any device, to
any cloud-connected printer.
When you print through Google Cloud
printer over the web. Because it’s the
web, Google Cloud Print works whether
you’re in the same room as your printer,
or on another continent. It also doesn’t
matter whether you’re on a phone,
a traditional desktop, or anything in
between (like a tablet).
> Google Cloud Print.
How it works – learn more
A4 Multifunction Colour Printers
• DocuPrint CM215 fw
• DocuPrint CM405 d
A4 Multifunction Black and White
• DocuPrint M215 fw
• DocuPrint M355 df
• DocuPrint M455 df
A3 Multifunction Colour Printer
• DocuCentre SC2020
Learn More
> Download for iOS
> Download for Android
> Download User Guide
View our Mobile infographic to
discover what Mobile print is all
Print Utility
Free App Download
> Click here – Watch now
> Download for iOS
> Download for Android
> Download User Guide
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1300 793 769
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