M2SYS Installation and Operation

M2SYS Installation and Operation
Software Installation
The M2SYS biometric punch application has two components: A server and client application.
Each needs to be installed and configured to work with your TimeForce II system.
M2SYS Deployment Options
The design of the M2SYS client server application provides for a wide variety of deployment
configurations. This document provides a high-level overview of the various supported
It is important to note that the configurations are the same regardless if the system is customer
hosted or SaaS. This is because the M2SYS application and ClockLink will always be installed
locally on customer servers.
Customer Use
Local PC
Single reader
M2SYS client
M2SYS server
Multiple readersConfiguration #1:
Employees don’t
change locations
M2SYS client
M2SYS server
Customer Hosted
Central PC *
If employees don’t punch in other
locations, each location can have
their own “setup.”
Centralized client & server
enables registration at a central
M2SYS client
M2SYS client
location and the employee can
M2SYS server
punch at any location with a
“local” client.
Consider Configuration #3 if you
have a very large number of
employees, or if client to central
server (database) communication
Multiple readersM2SYS client
is slow. Local server provides fast
M2SYS database
Configuration #3:
response. The database sync
M2SYS server
Employees change
allows centralized registration and
distribution of bio-templates to
local servers.
Note: This configuration requires
Qqest assistance.
* Central PC should not be a MS Server machine. See requirements below.
Multiple readersConfiguration #2:
Employees change
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M2SYS Minimum System Requirements
M2SYS Server System Requirements
Memory: 512 MB
Hard Disk: 200 MB
CPU: 1 GHz Pentium or equivalent
Operating System: Windows XP, XP Embedded, Windows 2003, Windows Vista,
Windows 7, Windows 2008
M2SYS Client System Requirements
Memory: 256 MB
Hard Disk: 50 MB
CPU: 1 GHz Pentium or equivalent
Operating System: Windows XP, XP Embedded, Windows 2003, Windows Vista,
Windows 7, Windows 2008
Design Considerations
• Software requires a Windows operating environment.
• Communication between client and server requires TCP/IP network.
• Finger Vein does not work on 64 bit
Note: The M2SYS software and devices are only compatible with TimeForce II and ClockLink
for TimeForce II.
Server Application Installation
1. To install the server software on your computer you will need the TimeForce II CD. The
installation utilities can be found in the Menu by going to Utilities -> M2SYS -> Server.
If your TimeForce II CD is not handy, you can download the files from the
MyTimeForce.com Support page.
2. Install to the default folders and follow all prompts as directed. Reboot the machine.
3. Configure the server app by clicking: Open Start -> Control Panel -> and double click on
the M2SYS BioPlugin Server.
• On the general, Database, Encryption and Advanced tabs leave them as the defaults
leave everything as default.
4. A License ID will need to be generated. On the License tab record the Installation ID
(each install ID is unique and created during the server installation). See “Figure
M2SYS-1” below.
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Figure M2SYS- 1: License ID
Note: There are different licenses for each of the different M2SYS devices. The names of
the licenses are as follows:
• Fingerprint
• Finger Vein
• Palm Vein
More than one type of device can exist on the same system, but the key must allow for
the devices in use before the software will recognize the devices.
5. Visit the M2SYS licensing web page: Log in:
• User Name: qqest
• Password: timeforce
See “Figure M2SYS-2” below.
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Figure M2SYS- 2: Licensing Web Page
6. Check the Production Server License checkbox.
7. Enter the Installation ID from the License tab of the Server application.
8. Enter your company name in the comment field and click Generate License. Enter the
license ID into the appropriate field on the license tab and click OK. The current license
details will display the number of users.
9. The stop and go icon in the task bar in the service, should now be green. See “Figure
M2SYS-3” below.
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Figure M2SYS- 3: M2SYS Service
Client Application Installation
1. To install the server software on your computer you will need the TimeForce II CD. The
installation utilities can be found in the Menu by going to Utilities -> M2SYS -> Server.
If your TimeForce II CD is not handy, you can download the files from the
MyTimeForce.com Support page.
2. Reboot the machine.
3. Configure the client app by clicking: Open -> All Programs -> M2SYSBioSnapOn
Client. After restarting the computer the Finger reader icon will be in the task bar. At the
password prompt enter "admin."
4. Select the Settings option at the top of the scan display window. This will bring up a
window allowing you to configure the interface with TimeForce II.
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a. The general tab will need to have the location of the reader. If installed locally it
would have "Localhost" and 1200 as the port
b. The notification tab is used to configure how the user receives sounds or
messages on the screen. The default setting will work fine.
c. The Startup tab is used to configure how the module is loaded when the computer
is started. The Launch application portion is not used.
d. The logging tab will allow you to change the path of the log file. It is
recommended to leave it at the default location and settings.
e. The security tab allows you to reset your existing password or to turn the admin
password on or off. It is recommended to reset the default password (admin) to a
new value and to require a login to access any of the setup screens.
f. The interface tab is to be ignored at this time
g. The Web Site Settings tab will need to have the URL to TimeForce2. Your IT or
TimeForce implementer can provide this URL.
• This will also contain the user name and password of the company you are
logging into. See “Figure M2SYS-4” below.
Figure M2SYS- 4: Web Site Settings
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• The Advanced Web Settings page will need to contain the Company Code for
your company. See “Figure M2SYS-5” below.
Figure M2SYS- 5: Advanced Web Settings
5. After making your settings changes select Apply then OK. This will close the settings
6. Plug the M2SYS finger reader into the computer with the USB cable attached to the
IMPORTANT NOTE: To complete the M2SYS installation, the ClockLink communication
utility needs to be installed on the same PC as the M2SYS client application. Please refer to the
Appendix for ClockLink installation and troubleshoot instructions.
Registering Employees
Before an employee can use the biometric reader to punch, they must be “registered”. This
process captures the employee’s biometric information that will be used to identify the employee
when they punch. It is recommended that employees register at least two fingers. This allows
them to use either finger in case one finger is too dirty to be read reliably or is covered by a
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To Add a New Employee
1. From the main Biometric Scans screen (You will see a Fingerprint Image with the
Biometric Admin and Settings at the top) Select Biometric Admin. See “Figure
M2SYS-6” below.
Figure M2SYS- 6: Biometric Admin
2. The software will retrieve a list of employees from the TimeForce 2 database.
3. Select Register New Biometric Data. See “Figure M2SYS-7” below.
Figure M2SYS- 7: Register New Biometric Data
4. Highlight one employee and select Register New Biometric Data, Select the finger that
you will be using and click on the "click here to capture fingerprint".
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• The software will guide you through the process instructing you when to put your
finger on the reader.
• Once you have scanned the finger or palm three times, you must click on the
“Register” button to complete the enrollment.
Below are some examples of the enrollment screens, depending on the type of enrollment being
Finger Enrollment
You are prompted to select the finger that you would like to scan. See “Figure M2SYS-8.”
Figure M2SYS- 8: Fingerprint Enrollment
Once the finger has been scanned, the print is displayed and you are prompted to click on the
“Register” icon. See “Figure M2SYS-9.”
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Figure M2SYS- 9: Finger Enrollment
Palm Vein Enrollment
You are prompted to place your hand on the scanner and capture the image three times. See
“Figure M2SYS-10.”
Figure M2SYS- 10: Palm Vein Enrollment
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Once the scan has completed, you are prompted to click on the “Register” icon. See “Figure
Figure M2SYS- 11: Palm Vein Enrollment
To Update an Employee (Register a new finger)
1. Select an employee from the list and click Update Existing Biometric Data.
2. Follow the directions on the screen and scan the finger again to update.
3. Verify that the finger updates without error
Delete an Existing Employee
1. Select the employee from the list and click Delete Existing Biometric Data.
2. The finger template will be removed for that employee.
1. The M2SYS client application must be running.
2. To punch the employee simply positions their finger on the reader. The software will
respond if a message indicating either a good or bad read.
3. The employee does not need to take any other action. A message will appear in the
System Tray (the lower right-hand corner of the screen, by the time) notifying you of a
successful punch entry. See “Figure M2SYS-12.”
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Figure M2SYS- 12: Successful Punch Entry
ClockLink Installation & Troubleshooting
The latest version of ClockLink can be downloaded from www.mytimeforce.com. Click on the
“Support” button at the top of the screen, and then on the “Downloads/Update” link on the righthand side.
The support page will require a current login password to access the downloads page. This
information can be provided to you by our TimeForce support group at 800-697-7010. Once you
have logged into the site, you will be asked to fill out some information, then click on the
“Proceed to Downloads” button. Select the “TimeForce II” software option to access the
download for ClockLink for TimeForce II (which is about half way down the screen). Rightclick on the “Download” link, choose “Save Target As” and specify a location which can be
easily found, such as the Desktop.
Once downloaded, run the program from the location you downloaded it. Click the Next button
to begin the installation. Click the Finish button when prompted.
Initial Setup
With ClockLink successfully installed, run the software by clicking on Start, All Programs,
TimeForce, Clocklink. If you've never successfully logged into ClockLink before, the Login
screen will appear. The first field in the TimeForce Server field, which is asking for the location
of the TimeForce web server which hosts the ASP pages. This is used for sending punches. On a
default installation, this would be “http://localhost.” In a hosted solution, it would be
“www.gotimeforce.com.” In any other case, it would be:
The following screen allows you to set up a connection to TimeForce II with Clock Link. See
“Figure M2SYS-13” below.
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Figure M2SYS- 13: Setting up a connection with ClockLink
Error 1-4: Invalid Login (3)
The user that you program into the ClockLink utility must be a TimeForce administrator to work
correctly. If the Username, Password, and Company Code is wrong, you will receive the
message: Error 1-4: Invalid Login (3) Company Code: CompanyCodeOfYourCompany.
This can also be caused if the SQL credentials are not correct in the Timeforce.ini.
See “Figure M2SYS-14” below.
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Figure M2SYS- 14: Invalid Login
Error 1-4: Invalid User Rights (3)
If the user isn't an administrator of TimeForce you receive an error informing you that the user
does not have valid rights to login to ClockLink.
See “Figure M2SYS-15” below.
Figure M2SYS- 15: Invalid User Rights
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Creating Clock Profile in TimeForce II
The next step is to create a clock profile in TimeForce II so that ClockLink can upload the
punches from the M2SYS clock to TimeForce II.
Click on “Clocks” tab
Click on “Edit/View” button.
Click on “Add” button.
Select “IQ1000.”
Set “Clock Description” to “Clock 1.”
Turn off “DHCP” and assign clock static IP address “”
Click on the “Create” button.
See “Figure M2SYS-16” below.
Figure M2SYS- 16: Create Clock Profile
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Now that you have created a clock profile in TimeForce II, go back to ClockLink and login. You
should now see a clock on the left hand side of the screen. See “Figure M2SYS-17.”
Figure M2SYS- 17: ClockLink Time Clock
Create Download Script in ClockLink
1. Log into Clocklink and bring up the clock list. You should see the clock that you just
built in TimeForce II if you click on the plus sign to the left of the clock.
2. Click on the “Create Schedules” button.
3. Click on the “New” button.
4. Set the title to “M2 SYS Download.”
5. Check “Download Punches.”
6. Set “Execution Times” to “2:00:00 am.”
7. Enable the “Repeat” option and set it to 2 minutes, for 1400 minutes.
8. Click on the “OK” button to save the script.
See “Figure M2SYS-18.”
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Figure M2SYS- 18: ClockLink Schedules
Disable Data Execution Prevention (DEP) on ClockLink
Program Files
Once you finish creating the ClockLink script to download the punches into TimeForce II, you
will need to add the following ClockLink program files into the Windows DEP list so that
Windows does not stop the program from loading and running.
As the instructions to get to this part of Windows vary depending on the Windows version, we
have screenshots of just the window where you add the programs to exclude.
1. Click on the “Add” button in this window.
2. Go to the directory where you installed ClockLink for TimeForce II. This is normally
located in “C:\Program Files\Qqest Software Systems\TimeForceII\Clocklink\”
Note: If you are running a 64 bit system (x64), these files will be in the “Program
Files” directory, not the “Program Files (x86)” directory.
See “Figure M2SYS-19” below.
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Figure M2SYS- 19: Data Execution Prevention
3. Add each of the following executable files to the DEP list one at a time.
4. Click on the “Apply” button when finished.
5. You may see a message that you need to reboot. Please reboot now.
6. Once the computer reboots, execute the ClockLink program via the Start Menu or the
desktop shortcut and make sure that you can see the clock that you added earlier.
If you have any questions, please contact our Technical Support Department at 800697-7010, 6am through 6pm, MST.
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