ID3000 intelligent fire alarm panel
fire alarm
• certified to EN54 parts
2 and 4
The NOTIFIER ID3000 intelligent fire
alarm panel offers a technically
sophisticated range of facilities and
functions whilst remaining easy to
install, program and operate. Modern
styling and a variety of aesthetic
options are sure to win over facility
owners and architects. It has been 3rd
party certified to the current EN54
standards part 2 and 4.
• expandable from 2 to 8
loop capacity
• up to 198 devices per loop
(99 sensor and 99 modules)
• 255 fire zones per panel
• modular design
• supports NOTIFIER’S
advanced detection
such as:
• OptiPlex
• 9 levels of sensitivity
• “Autolearn” facility
• network option
• ID2net (Peer to Peer)
• Master/Slave
• programmable from the
panel keypad or PC
• 240 x 64 pixel graphic
LCD display
• degraded mode of
• variety of mounting
• flexible time programming
Advanced design and manufacturing
techniques coupled with NOTIFIER’s 50
plus years of experience at the forefront
of the fire industry, ensure that the
ID3000 sets new standards in many areas
such as product functionality, flexibility,
user friendliness and reliability; in short
everything you expect from the world
leaders in modern life safety systems.
A full range of intelligent sensors,
advanced detection products, input and
output devices, repeaters, mimic
drivers, printers and other peripherals
complement the ID3000 to bring you the
most complete and versatile fire alarm
system in the market place.
The ID3000 panels can be networked
together either as a true peer to peer
network or in a Master / Slave network,
extending the total capacity of the
system to fit the largest applications.
The ID3000 is designed in a modular
fashion to allow for a wide range of
applications, facilitating installation and
servicing whilst making the ID3000 very
easy to tailor to the requirements of
the application. The large LCD graphic
provides easy to read and understand
messages complying with the EN54
standard for primary user interfaces.
The NOTIFIER ID3000 intelligent fire
alarm panel is ideally suited for large
facilities such as shopping malls, schools,
office buildings, hospitals, hotels,
factories and large warehouses. With its
expansion capability the ID3000 provides
control of 2 to 8 loops with each loop
having a capacity of 198 devices (99
sensors and 99 modules). The modular
design of the ID3000 allows the user
to tailor the panel to their exact
application requirements. Three sizes of
power supplies are available (2.5A, 4.5A
and 7A) to cater for the needs of small,
medium and large systems. Internal and
external printer options, a variety of
mounting options and the optional loop
and communication expansion modules
all provide a high degree of flexibility
during initial design with a ready-made
expansion path for the future.
The 240 x 64 pixel graphic LCD
combined with simple menu driven user
interface bring full system monitoring
and control functions at the fingertips
of the system operator. The graphic LCD
The NOTIFIER ID3000 is a fully on-site
programmable intelligent fire alarm
panel. It can be programmed either
from the panel keypad, or from a
personal computer using the off-line
configuration tool.
An “Auto-Learn” facility allows the user
to install and commission a standard
system with the minimum of effort. A
“virtual” keyboard on the LCD will allow
the user to enter any text message or
description from the panel.
fully meets the mandatory requirements
of EN54 for primary indications,
however, if desired, zone status
indicator LED’s can also be added for
up to 255 zones per panel to give the
user additional status indicators.
If a more complex “Cause & Effect”
matrix is required the ID3000 may be
programmed to meet individual site
requirements by means of the powerful
The ID3000 provides redundant processing exceeding the requirements of
stringent EN54 requirements. In addition
to a system microprocessor, each ELIB
(Enhanced Loop Interface Board) is
“Control By Event” (CBE) rules. Using
CBE rules, site specific requirements such
as plant shutdown, fire door control,
smoke control, phased evacuation,
point/zone isolation, point to output
controls and many others can be
independently controlled by a separate
powerful microprocessor. In the event of
a system failure the ELIBs continue to
fully supply fire cover. Under the EN54
rules, detection point limit with the ELIB
is 1584 point max per panel.
programmed with relative ease. Devices
can be grouped into a total of 255 zones
per panel for control and monitoring
purposes. Furthermore, the CBE rules
can be initiated and combined through
flexible time programs.
The ID3000 can be programmed to
compensate for the differences in the
use of the areas where the smoke
sensors are utilised. A total of 9
different sensitivity levels can be
assigned to individual smoke sensors
thereby allowing the system designer to
closely match the sensor’s response to
the environment in which the device is
located. Using time programs, different
sensitivity settings can be selected at
different times of the day. For example,
to avoid false alarms, smoke sensor
sensitivity can be lowered during the
day when a meeting room is likely to be
used by smokers and set back to a high
sensitivity during the night time when
the premises are unoccupied.
System security and integrity is an
important aspect of the ID3000. The
cover of the ID3000 cannot be removed
without a special tool and an optional
tamper switch can be installed to
protect against unauthorised cover
removal. Furthermore, two levels of
Password protection makes it virtually
impossible for unauthorised people to
access the panel and its manual controls
and change system configuration.
Alternatively the key-switch can be
used to enable/disable level 2 access.
All configuration data is retained in
non-volatile memory and is, therefore,
protected against complete failure of
the power supply.
detection, message integrity, priority
messaging, supervision, confirmed
delivery messaging, high speed
transfer and diagnostics.
exist. Digital based communications offers
added levels of noise immunity even in
the harshest, noisiest environments.
“True” peer to peer performance is
provided in many ways. Because of the
ultra high speed of the ID2net, the network
appears to be invisible. A very large
network has the feel of one single fire
panel. Complex CBE (Control by Event)
configured and integral to each attached
fire panel, can travel across the network
at speeds so high they allow multiple
decisions by multiple panels in the blink of
an eye. This opens tremendous possibilities
in varied real world applications never
before thought possible. In the event of
multiple network faults, as with an open
or short circuit between nodes, “mini
networks” are established and continue
to function as normal. For example, in the
case of an open circuit between buildings
and on the connecting ring in the other
direction, the panels inside each building
continue to communicate with one
another and any CBE between them
operates as intended.
The ID net enables the use of up to 100
nodes, with up to 32 networked ID3000
eight loop fire alarm panels. This provides
an astounding system capacity of 50,688
addressable points, (25,344 smoke
detectors, 25,344 input and/or output
modules and/or loop powered sounders),
8160 network zones, and up to 170 km of
network cabling. Furthermore, the ID2net
supports fibre optics; simply connect the
NOTIFIER fibre optic card to the network
gateway module and a mixture of wire
cable and fibre optic cable can be applied
if desired.
The ID2net (Intelligent Digital Delivery
Network) from NOTIFIER is truly a
quantum leap in fire networking
technology. It has been developed to
exceed international requirements and to
set new industry standards in the areas of
speed, reliability, robustness and flexibility.
ID2net the network of tomorrow, today.
The ID2net functions without burdening
the attached fire panel and peripherals.
In fact, since the attached fire panels
are removed from all networking
responsibilities, they perform faster and
are 100% fully dedicated to advanced
alarm detection and alarm processing.
Each network gateway module on the
ID2net has an on-board powerful
microprocessor responsible for the
network integrity, including fault
Detection and recovery mechanisms
from open and short circuits, as well
as earth faults, are totally reliable and
exceed the EN-54. Each communication
path between nodes are electrically
isolated, so that no ground loop problems
Up to 1.7km*
Up to 1.7km*
Loop 1
Loop 1
Up to 8 loops,
Up to 1,584
Loop 1
Up to 8 loops,
Up to 1,584
Up to 8 loops,
Up to 1,584
Up to 3km
Fibre-optic cable
Up to 32 panels or 100 nodes
Copper conductor or Fibre-optic cables
Up to 8 loops,
Up to 1,584
Up to 8 loops,
Up to 1,584
Up to 8 loops,
Up to 1,584
Loop 1
Loop 1
Up to 1.7km*
Up to 3km*
The ID3000 Master/Slave network is an
RS485 serial data link and can support
up to 32 network stations. Up to a
maximum of 8 stations can be ID3000
panels with the rest being repeater
ID3000 Series Panel
and mimic driver stations. The network
supports general control functions
such as Reset, Silence, Mute, Evacuate
and more specific functions such as
Point/Zone Isolate, Walk Test, Zone
Event Broadcast and Control by Event
(CBE) across the network. Full system
monitoring and control is easily
achieved from the Master control panel.
The ID3000 Master/Slave network
remains compatible with NOTIFIER’s
ID1000 and ID2000 intelligent control
panels. However, as the ID1000 and
ID2000 do not support all of the
functionality offered by the ID3000,
the network will be limited within the
ID1000 and/or the ID2000 functionality.
ID3000 Series
Extended Panel
ID3000 Series Double
Extended Panel
Repeater Panel
Call Point
VIEW Sensor
VIEW Sensor
Control Relay Output
Heal Sensor
Duct Sensor
Optical Sensor
Beam Detector
(Loop Powered)
HARSH Sensor
Sounder Control Unit
Short Circuit
Isolation Module
Call Point
Detector Interface
Loop Powered
Sounder Base
and Sensor
Beam Detector
(Externally Powered)
Loop Powered
Sounder Base
and sensor
Conventional Detectors
Door Holder
(Externally Powered)
A wide variety of mounting options is
available with the ID3000. The basic
back-box options (standard, single
extended and double extended) with
matching bezels lend themselves to
surface mounting and flush mounting
alike. A full range of 19-inch rack
mounting assemblies address the needs
of more industrial type installations.
As with all other ID series intelligent
fire alarm panels from NOTIFIER, the
ID3000 comes in the Black/Grey
NOTIFIER colour as standard. A light
grey cover and bezel option with a high
quality velvety finish and a stainless
steel cover and bezel option with clean
bright looks are also available for more
architecturally challenging sites.
In areas where visibility is important or
where local codes require the full range
of back-boxes, covers and bezels are
also available in red.
The modular 19-inch rack mounting
range combines the industrial versatility
of 19-inch rack mounting with the
aesthetically pleasing looks of the ID
series panels. A combination of 3U and
6U size mounting assemblies is available
for the various modules.
repeater and
mimic driver
The IDR Series repeaters and mimic
drivers complement the ID Series
intelligent fire alarm panels. By placing
repeaters and/or graphical mimic
display panels at strategic points in the
facility – such as nurse stations, floor
landings, gatehouse or control rooms –
valuable time can be saved when
identifying the location of a fire and/or
evacuating the building. The repeaters
also provide additional system control
and monitoring positions for the system
run diagnostics tests on the repeater.
For security, a key switch on the front of
the repeater enables function keys.
The mimic is a highly versatile product
that allows tremendous flexibility in
configuring large numbers of system
status LED’s, relays and programmable
digital inputs. Up to 31 mimics can be
attached to the ID3000 via an RS485
communication link. Utilising the
maximum capabilities of a full array
of 31 mimics, 15872 LED’s or relay driven
outputs, 1736 high current outputs
and 248 digital inputs are available.
Each mimic consists of a microprocessor
based mimic control board and up to 8
flexible driver boards. Each driver board
provides 64 LED or low current relay
drivers, 8 high current driven outputs
and 8 programmable digital inputs
typically used for Mute, Lamp Test,
Enable, Reset, Silence or other.
Termination boards are also available
The IDR6A Active Repeater Panel
combines a compact design with a 240
x 64 pixel graphics LCD, system control
buttons in surface or flush mounting
options. The large LCD replicates the
display on the ID3000 panel and utilises
the same simple menu driven user
interface as the ID3000 panel. The
control buttons and navigation keys
on the repeater provide the operator
with the ability to navigate through
menu options and event displays.
Furthermore it allows the user to
remotely reset the system, acknowledge
events, silence sounders, resound
sounders, initiate evacuation and to
to simplify wiring of LED’s relays and
other devices to each driver board
display and
control system
The ID3000 plug-in provides the user
complete control over all points in the
system and includes: Acknowledge, Silence,
Resound, Reset, Disable Zone, Enable
Zone, Disable Device, Enable Device,
Test Zone, Terminate Test & Evacuate.
The UniNet-ID™ will also allow a
combination of these functions to be
added together in a ‘Macro’. This will
allow the systems provider to customise
the workstation to provide functions
such as disable multiple plant shut
The ID3000 is fully compatible with the
UniNet-ID™ graphics system. This will
allow up to two hundred ID3000 systems
to be connected to a single UniNet-ID™
server. Up to 10 servers may also be
networked together using standard
TCP/IP providing a single system
gateway to a large ID3000 system.
UniNet-ID™ is the next generation
in advanced technology to monitor
and control fire and other facility
information over a LonWorks™ network.
The LonWorks™ network supports a
variety of network topologies and media
(wire, fiber-optic, etc.) and is an industry
standard open architecture.
The UniNet-ID™ Workstation Software
is the operator interface to the UniNetID™ System. The workstation features
standardised plug-in applications,
allowing continued expansion of
workstation and network functions.
These applications can add new features
to the software, implement features
specific to certain devices, or even add
situation and facility specific features.
downs from a single push button.
All functions may be disabled at
various levels of security access.
The workstation uses Microsoft®
Windows® 98, providing an easy to use
and learn graphical user interface. The
operator is presented with a consistent
look and operation for all monitored
equipment. The workstation features
customisable screens and allows a wide
variety of configuration options for any
NOTIFIER international offices
Charles Avenue
T: +44 (0) 1444 230 300
Burgess Hill
F: +44 (0) 1444 230 888
W. Sussex
RH15 9UF
local distributor
available only from your NOTIFIER Engineered System Distributor
Ref: 436(1004).
Every care has been taken in the preparation of this data sheet but no liability can be accepted for the use of the information therein. Design features may be changed or amended without prior notice.
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