Electromagnetic Field Measurement System Product Brochure

Electromagnetic Field Measurement System Product Brochure
Product Brochure
Electromagnetic Field
Measurement System
EMF Option 0444
700 MHz to 3000 MHz (for MS2711E)
700 MHz to 4000 MHz (for MS2712E, MT8212E)
700 MHz to 6000 MHz (for MS2713E, MT8213E)
9 GHz to 43 GHz (for MS2720T)
Since 1895
Electromagnetic Field Measurement System
Anritsu’s ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) Measurement System is designed to measure radiation compliance
with various national standards for personal safety set by governmental regulatory authorities. Many countries
have mandated EMF safety testing in areas where cellular or other high power transmission antennas are
located. The EMF option is primarily targeted to both cellular operators and government regulators. Additionally,
contractors and small service companies perform building inspections and field surveys to monitor radiation
exposure intensities in areas situated near transmission antennas.
Anritsu’s EMF Measurement System is designed to be easy to use, while providing the user with numerous
automated features which will enable them to do their job quickly and more efficiently. Electromagnetic
field measurements (EMF, Option 0444) are available on the following Anritsu Spectrum Master™ and Cell Master™
products: MS2711E, MS2712E, MS2713E, MS2720T, MT8212E and MT8213E. Firmware version 1.56 or
later is required for the MS2711E/12E/13E and MT8212E/13E. For the MS2720T, firmware version 1.12
or later is required.
EMF Option (0444) provides the capability to measure electromagnetic field radiation when used in conjunction
with an Anritsu isotropic antenna. Automated measurements can be taken using user-definable time intervals.
EMF System Key Features and Benefits
• Limit lines that are user-settable at various power levels across the spectrum
• Limits can be saved for recall at a later time
• Axis dwell time is user-settable (time that each axis [ X, Y, and Z ] measures radiation before switching
to next axis)
• Pass/Fail indicators on screen for immediate feedback on test results
• Automatic save feature for easy storage of measurement results to internal memory (auto-logging)
or USB stick
• Results provided for maximum, minimum, average of all measurements conducted
• Clear display of measurement status, measurement time, number of measurements taken, and
most other user settings
• Measurement time is user-configurable
• Pre-amp standard for measurements of low-level signals (optional for MS2711E)
Available field strength units include the following:
Spectrum Analyzer Mode: dBm/m2, dBmV/m, dBuV/m, V/m, W/m2, dBW/m2, A/m, dBA/m, W/cm2
LTE and TD-LTE Mode: dBm/m2, V/m, W/m2
W-CDMA Mode: dBm/m2, V/m, W/m2, % of Limit (V/m), % of Limit (W/m2)
For wideband radiation measurements, the EMF option operates in Spectrum Analyzer mode. Total radiation
from all sources can be measured over the frequency band desired. The EMF option will also conduct
radiation measurements of demodulated signals in specific frequency bands. In this way, measurements
can be extrapolated assuming a fully-loaded traffic channel in order to present a worst-case analysis.
Option 0444 will work with demodulated signals of the following types:
If the user desires to measure EMF with a demodulated signal, the appropriate demodulation option also
will need to be purchased. Additionally, Option 9 (demodulation) will need to be purchased if not offered as
standard with the Spectrum Analyzer being used.
Customers with Spectrum Analyzers purchased previously may upgrade their units with the EMF Option 0444.
If EMF demodulation measurements are required, the appropriate demodulation option will also need to be
purchased and installed.
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Electromagnetic Field Measurement System
Isotropic Antenna
In order to conduct EMF measurements, an Anritsu isotropic antenna is required. Anritsu offers the
2000-1791-R isotropic antenna for use with this system. The 2000-1791-R operates over a frequency range of
0.7 GHz to 6 GHz. This antenna is a tri-axis E-Field sensor with an integrated RF switch device, microcontroller,
and memory. Each of the three sensors is situated orthogonally inside the antenna housing to transmit
and receive a spherical radiation pattern. In this way, all radiation at the antenna’s geographical position is
measured, regardless of direction of arrival.
Isotropic Antenna 0.7 GHz to 6 GHz
The RF switch, microcontroller, and memory inside the antenna are controlled by firmware in the Spectrum
Analyzer via a USB cable. The microcontroller operates the RF switch, controlling which probe is active. Once
all three probes are switched, a composite RMS calculation is made. The memory inside the antenna is used
to store parameters associated with that particular antenna. This includes serial number, date of calibration,
antenna frequency range, and calibration factors.
Each isotropic antenna is individually calibrated over its entire frequency range. The antenna factors are stored
in the antenna’s memory and automatically downloaded into the Spectrum Analyzer once the antenna USB
cable is inserted.
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Electromagnetic Field Measurement System
EMF Measurements on Demodulated Signals
Users may purchase the EMF option in order to make radiation power measurements in Spectrum Analyzer mode.
These are power measurements for either narrowband or wideband field strength measurements across the frequency
range of the Spectrum Analyzer and isotropic antenna being used. Additionally, EMF testing can be conducted on
demodulated signals in various cellular channels. This includes the LTE, TD-LTE, and W-CDMA standards.
To measure demodulated W-CDMA signals, Option 0035 is required for the MS2712E/13E and MT8212E/13E
platforms. For MS2720T, Option 0081 is required for W-CDMA. Option 0009 is also required for the MS2712E/13E
and MS2720T platforms for W-CDMA demodulation capability. The field strength of the pilot channel (P-CPICH)
is measured for all such signals present. Results are then displayed for each individual scrambling code as well as
for total power levels for all measurements combined. Additionally, the analog signal strength across the channel
is measured and displayed for comparison. In order to present a “worst case” result, extrapolation factors can be
automatically calculated and displayed where a fully loaded traffic channel is assumed.
Sample Display of W-CDMA EMF Measurement
For LTE and TD-LTE, Options 0546 and 0556 respectively are required for the MS2712E/13E and MT8212E/13E
platforms. Option 0083 is required for either LTE or TD-LTE on the MS2720T platform. Option 0009 is also
required for the MS2712E/13E and MS2720T platforms for LTE or TD-LTE demodulation capability. Primary
Synchronization Signals (P-SS), Secondary Synchronization Signals (S-SS), and Reference Signals (RS) are
measured and displayed based on each Cell ID received. In addition, the total radiation field resulting from all cell
site signals combined is calculated and displayed. The analog signal strength across the channel is also measured
and displayed for comparison. In order to present a “worst case” result, extrapolation factors can be automatically
calculated and displayed where a fully loaded traffic channel is assumed. See the picture below for a sample
display of an LTE EMF measurement. The display for the TD-LTE EMF measurement is identical.
Sample Display of EMF LTE Measurement
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Electromagnetic Field Measurement System Specifications
Isotropic Antenna Specifications
The 2000-1791-R isotropic antenna is a tri-axis E-Field sensor with an integrated RF switch.
The RF switch is controlled by the analyzer via a USB port.
Each antenna is individually calibrated and comes with a calibration certificate and supporting test data.
Electrical Characteristics
E-Field sensor
Sensor Type
Three Axis sensor with scanned axes
Frequency Range
700 MHz to 6 GHz
Typical 3D Isotropy
≤ ± 2 dB (0.7 GHz to 2 GHz)
≤ ± 2.5 dB (2 GHz to 3.6 GHz)
≤ ± 3.5 dB (3.6 GHz to 6 GHz)
Dynamic Range
0.2 mV/m to 200 V/m (typical) with 1 kHz RBW
Maximum Field Strength
500 V/m (destruction limit)
Switching Time
< 10 μs
RF Connector
N-Connector Male, 50 Ω
Supply and Control
Antenna Factors (typical)
VSWR (typical)
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Electromagnetic Field Measurement System
Mechanical Characteristics (2000-1791-R)
Radome Material
Body: B-39047 “Light Grey”
Handle: B-39042 “Dark Grey”
450 g
Climatic compliancy
Operating: 7K3 (IEC 60721-3)
Mechanical compliancy
Operating: 7M3 (IEC 60721-3)
Temperature Range (operating)
-25 °C, +70 °C
100 % at +40 °C for up to 96 hours
Maximum Length
Maximum Width
320 mm ± 5 mm (with connector)
87 mm ± 1 mm
318 mm
Ø 87 mm
N-Connector Male, 50 Ω
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Electromagnetic Field Option 0444 System Ordering Information
Required Instrument Options and Accessories
Part Number
EMF Option 0444 for MS2711E
EMF Option 0444 for MS2712E
EMF Option 0444 for MS2713E
EMF Option 0444 for MS2720T
EMF Option 0444 for MT8212E
EMF Option 0444 for MT8213E
Isotropic Antenna, 700 MHz to 6000 MHz. N Connector (male), 50 Ω
Related Instrument Options
Spectrum Master MS2713E
with 2000-1791-R Isotropic Antenna
Part Number
20 MHz Bandwidth Demodulation for MS2712E
20 MHz Bandwidth Demodulation for MS2713E
20 MHz Bandwidth Demodulation for MS2720T
TD-LTE OTA Measurements for MS2712E*
TD-LTE OTA Measurements for MS2713E*
TD-LTE OTA Measurements for MS2720T*
TD-LTE OTA Measurements for MT8212E
TD-LTE OTA Measurements for MT8213E
*requires Option 0009, 20 MHz Bandwidth Demodulation
Spectrum Master MS2720T
with 2000-1791-R Isotropic Antenna
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Cell Master MT8213E
with 2000-1791-R Isotropic Antenna
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