Optional Heated Humidifier
DeVilbiss Heated Humidifier (cradle and chamber)................................................................................................................................................DV5HH
Electric shock hazard – Do not attempt to open or remove the enclosure; there are no user-serviceable components
inside. If service is required, contact your home care provider for instructions on obtaining service of your device.
Opening or attempting to service your device will void the warranty.
If the operation of the device appears to deviate from normal operation or begins to produce unusual sounds,
discontinue use and contact your home care provider for assistance.
If the device has been dropped, verify functionality of the device. If the device does not function or the enclosure is
damaged, discontinue use and contact your provider.
If the device does not appear to be functioning properly refer to the Troubleshooting section for instructions.
Pressure Accuracy–The SleepCube is designed to provide accurate pressure performance from the factory without additional calibration. No
routine service is required for a period of 2 years of use, provided the device is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions. After 2
years the device should be inspected.
NOTE–Some countries require periodic servicing and calibration of this kind of medical device. Contact your home care provider for further information.
Standard Air-Inlet Filter–Check the filter every 10 days and clean it if necessary. Replace the filter every 6 months or sooner if it is damaged.
The standard filter is designed to filter particles larger than 3.0 microns in size. The SleepCube MUST have the standard filter in place during
Optional Fine Particle Filter–Check the filter every 10 days, and replace it if it is dirty or damaged; otherwise replace the filter every 30 days.
The optional fine particle filter is designed to filter particles as small as 0.3 microns in size and larger.
Filter Maintenance–Refer to Cleaning for instructions.
To avoid electric shock, always unplug the power cord from the wall outlet power source before cleaning.
CAUTION–Never rinse or place the device in water. Never allow liquids to get into or around any of the ports, switches or air filter; doing so will result in
product damage. If this occurs, do not use the device. Contact your home care provider for service.
Device Cabinet
1.Unplug the SleepCube from the power source. Wipe the enclosure with a clean, damp cloth every few days to keep the enclosure dust free.
2. Allow the device to dry completely before plugging it into a power source.
Air-Inlet Filter (Standard)
1.The air-inlet filter should be checked every 10 days and cleaned as necessary. The filter is located in the rear of the device.
CAUTION–Proper filter function is important for the operation of the device and to protect the device from damage.
2. To clean, remove the dark outer foam filter from the frame.
3.Wash the filter in a solution of warm water and dishwashing detergent, and rinse with water. Allow the filter to dry completely. If the filter
(part #DV51D-602) is damaged, contact your home care provider for a replacement.
4. Ensure the filter is completely dry before installation and use.
Fine Particle Filter (Optional)
1.If you have an optional fine particle filter (part #DV51D-603), inspect this filter and replace it if it shows signs of dirt or damage. Do not wash.
2.Install the fine particle filter behind the standard filter.
NOTE–If the fine particle filter is not installed first according to the directions, the life of the filter will be reduced requiring more frequent replacement.
The air supply tubing should be cleaned daily. Remove the tubing from the device and mask. Use a mild detergent and water to clean the inside of
the tubing. Rinse the tubing and allow to air dry.
Mask and Headgear
Clean the mask and headgear according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Electric Shock Hazard - Do not remove the device cabinet; there are no user-serviceable internal components. The
cabinet should only be removed by a qualified DeVilbiss provider.
If you are having trouble with the operation of your DeVilbiss SleepCube, please refer to the table below for a list of problems with possible causes
and remedies. If you are unable to resolve the problem by following the instructions, contact your home care provider for assistance.
Probable Cause
Nothing shows on the
1.Device is not plugged in or the power cord
is not fully inserted.
1a.Verify that power cord is firmly connected to the SleepCube
and the power outlet.
1b. If you are using a DC power source make sure the cable
connections are secure. Verify that your battery is charged.
2.Locate a suitable functioning power source.
The SleepCube does not
start when breathing into
the mask.
1.The Auto-ON feature has been disabled.
2.There is no power to the device.
2. There is no outlet power.
3.Breath is not deep enough for the Auto-ON
feature to detect.
4.You are using a full face mask that has an
anti-asphyxia valve.
5.The air supply port plug is missing or not
fully inserted.
6.The humidifier chamber is not fully engaged
into the cradle or is missing.
1.Use the ON/OFF button to start and stop the device.
2.Verify that the power cord is firmly connected to the device
and the power outlet.
3.Breathe deeply in and out to start the SleepCube.
4.Auto-ON may not work because your exhaled breath escapes
through the open valve. Use the ON/OFF button to start and
stop the device.
5.Make sure the air supply port plug is fully inserted into the unit.
6.Slide the humidifier chamber fully into the slot. Verify the
latching lever snaps into place.
The airflow has stopped
unexpected during use.
1. The Auto-OFF feature has detected large
airflow because of loosely fitting mask.
2. During use your mouth opens and you begin
to mouth breathe.
1. Ensure you have a good mask fit; adjust the mask and headgear
as needed.
2. Contact your home care provider for a chin strap or different
mask which will help prevent mouth breathing.
If problem is not resolved with above remedies, disable Auto-OFF
feature in Advanced Menu options.
The display shows a
device fault.
An error has occurred in the device and
requires servicing.
Contact your home care provider for service.
Symptoms of OSA have
1. Air filter may be occluded.
1.Clean or replace the air filter and relocate device away from
drapes and other dusty surfaces.
2. Contact your physician.
2.Sleep apnea condition has changed.
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