SunRise MicroFiche Scanner

SunRise MicroFiche Scanner
SunRise MicroFiche Scanner
Apollo HS
“Scanning the World’s microfilm”
∙ Durable Proven design
∙ LED uniform backlight
∙ Dual monitor support
∙ Nikon Lens ultra-sharp focus
∙ Optical and Digital Zoom
∙ Built-in i7 PC - Windows 7
∙ USB3, SATA3, ultra-fast SSD
∙ Live and Virtual Scan included
∙ Upgrade your older scanner to Apollo
∙ 120 Fiche 48x COM fiche/hour
MicroFiche Scanner Specifications
A SunRise Fiche scanner system consists of the Apollo Base Unit and Fiche Module
Processor 6th gen Intel i7
Memory 4 GB
Hard Drive: Internal Solid State 500GB
DVD drive
Removable 2.5” SSD Drives 2 bays 1000GB
External drive expansion via USB 3.0
Jacketed Fiche:
5 rows x 14 images, 24X 200 page/min.
COM fiche:
15 rows x 18 images, 48X 280 pages/min.
USB 3.0/2.0: Front -2, Rear -4 plus USB-C
Dual Monitor output: VGA / DVI / HDMI
Mouse & Keyboard
LAN: Gigabit Ethernet
Linear CCD 4k & 8k pixel array
Camera: SunRise Apollo Hi-Speed
Lens: Nikon 60mm f/2.8
Light Source: SunRise LED
Included with scanner are Windows 7 Applications ScanFlo Professional, Premier, and Virtual Scan
Live Scan
Scan time image processing, create image files during scan for immediate results.
Archive Scan
Digital archive Strip Scan is fast and simple.
Virtual Scan
Post scan image processing allows QA.
Scan presets
Scan job parameters are automatically saved making it easy to setup.
Dual stream
Simultaneous bi-tonal and 8 bit grayscale scanning.
File formats
PDF, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, compressed and uncompressed, bi-tonal and grayscale.
Pixel Depth
1,4,8,12 bit.
Image processing
Adaptive threshold Bi-tonal, Edge Sharpen, Crop, De-skew, 90°,180°,270° Rotation,
Blip detection and counting, Mirror Flip, Invert, Scale, Enhance contrast to fix dark
or too bright, Automatic Crop & De-skew, Negative/Positive.
User Manual, Context Help.
Reduction Ratio
Enlarge film image 7x – 72x to compensate for size of image on film.
Document size
A4-A0 (A – E).
Bi-tonal: TIFF uncompressed, TIFF CCITT G4, Multi page TIFF, PDF, PDF LZW.
Grayscale: TIFF uncompressed, TIFF LZW, JPEG (8-bit), GIF (8-Bit), PDF, PDF LZW.
Row-wise scan
Special features
SunRise Imaging, Inc.
1813 E Dyer Road # 410
Santa Ana CA 92705
Tel +1 949 252-3003
SunRise Imaging (EMEA) Ltd.
SBC House, Restmor Way
Wallington, Surrey
United Kingdom SM6 7AH
Tel +44 208 255 2011
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