FROG BAM ® – Directions For Use
FROG BAM® - Directions For Use
General Directions:
1. Maintain pH of pool water between 7.2 to 7.8. Adjust the pH to 7.2 for
sever algae.
2. Ensure the filtration system is working properly and the filtration cycle is
3. A regular brushing program will assist in the removal of stubborn algae.
4. While FROG BAM controls algae, it is important that adequate levels of
sanitizers (chlorine) be maintained to control bacterial growth.
5. Do not super chlorinate 48 hours before or after using this prod
6. Avoid adding other chemicals until this product has been circulated
(filtered) for at least 24 hours.
Precautionary Statements:
Hazards to Human and Domestic Animals
CAUTION FROG BAM may cause eye irritation and skin damage.
Do not get in eyes or on clothing
In case of contact, wash thoroughly. For eyes, flush with plenty of water and get
medical attention immediately.
Harmful if swallowed. Do not induce vomiting or give anything by mouth to an
unconscious person. If swallowed call a doctor.
Environmental Hazards: This product is toxic to fish. Treated effluent should
not be discharged in lakes, ponds, or public water.
Disposal: Do not reuse empty container. Wrap container and dispose of
Notice: Neither King Technology, Inc. nor the seller of this product can accept
any responsibility where the product is not used to directions and for the manner
in which it was intended. FROG BAM must be used in accordance with King
Technology’s operating instructions. Failure to use FROG BAM as instructed will
void the warranty.
Product Description: FROG BAM when used with the complete POOL FROG
Mineral System, protects a swimming pool against even the toughest algae. Just
one initial dose will prevent algae for a full 90 days. It’s one of a kind formula
works so well, using once every 3 months ensures no messy algae clean-ups
and no weekly additives. It’s easy. It’s effective. It’s powerful! FROG BAM –
from the makers of FROG – the water treatment experts.
Directions For Use: It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a
manner inconsistent with its labeling.
Preventative Dosage Rates: Use one FROG BAM for pools up to 15,000
gallons of water every 3 months. Use two FROG BAM for pools between 15,000
and 30,000 gallons of water every 3 months.
Treatment Dosage Rates: Use two FROG BAM for pools up to 15,000 gallons
of water. Use four FROG BAM for pools between 15,000 and 30,000 gallons of
Placement: Turn circulation pump off, turn dial to Pac Removal or Setting 0
depending on the model, and remove cap from Cycler. Remove cap from FROG
BAM without removing the seal and insert container upside down into the center
of the POOL FROG Mineral Reservoir pushing down firmly to puncture seal.
Replace the cap on the Cycler. Turn control dial on the Cycler to Maximum or
Setting 10 depending on the model and turn pump on for 90 minutes allowing
FROG BAM to circulate through the pool.
Removal: Turn pump off, turn dial to Pac Removal or Setting 0 and remove
Cycler cap. Lift the FROG BAM container up and allow any water in the
container to drain through the Cycler before discarding. NOTE: After discarding
FROG BAM, if water shows more than a hint f blue inside Cycler, replace the
Cycle rap, turn dial to Maximum or Setting 10 and run the pump for one minute.
Repeat Placement and Removal instructions if additional FROG BAM is required.
Then insert a POOL FROG chlorine Bac Pac following the directions on its label.
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