he Eli soon is an advanced professional power

he Eli soon is an advanced professional power
EX 4000
ie cet rs re
‘he EX 4000 is an advanced professional power
A amplifier offering high power, comprehensive
jig Operational and protection features, and an ex-
tre mely flexible interface standard.
The output circuit combines high power with high
efficiency to provide greater average and dynamic
audio performance, while reducing normal sys-
tem cooling and AC requirements by greater than
90% over conventional designs. Á built-in limiter
prevents gross distortion during chipping to fur-
ther enhance dynamic performance. A sophisti-
cated thermal management system varies fan
speed with heat requirements and, in the event
of over-temperature, reduces gain until normal
operating temperatures return. Thermal muting
DCCUTS only In extreme cases.
The rear panel uses USC's Open Input Architec-
ture “which allows the use of second generation
signal processing and a wide variety of computer
control, optional input connectors, input trans-
formers, cinema crossovers, power limiters, pre-
cision attenuators, and other signal processing
cards as they become available
20H2-20kHz, 0.1% THD | TkHz. 1% THD
Stereo (W/Ch)
80 800 watts 825 watts
| 40 1200 watts 1250 watts
20) ЕН 1600 watts™
1652 1600 watts 1650 watts
BL) 2400 watts 2500 watts
4c) 3200 watts*
3 “tropical
S 1675 MacArthur Boulevard ae
Costa Mesa, California 92626-1468 USA TA XX Up) S À
a OUI UN Phone: 714/754-6175 Fax: 714/154-6174 =o oi © :
U R E $
1600 watts per channel at 2 ohms
1200 watts per channel at 4 ohms
Advanced thermal management
Built-in clip limiter
Detented gain controls with 2 dB
steps for easy resetting
Comprehensive LED status arrays
High efficiency, 3-step output
circuit for improved thermal
performance and lower AC current
Dual mono configuration—
independent transformer and power
supply on each channel, for greater
Quiet variable speed fan
Independent DC, sub audio speaker
protection & thermal overload
protection on each channel
Open Input Architecture —Level 2
Patented Output Averaging™ short-
circuit protection
XLR and barrier balanced input
Mono-bridging/parallel switch
Speakon and "Touch proof” binding
post output connectors
THX approved for cinema
EX 4000 Specifications
OUTPUT POWER (per channel}
6 ohms, 20 Hz to 20 kHr, 1.1% THO, 800 watts
6 ohms, TkHz, 1% THDO, 825 watts
4 ohms, 20 Hz to 20 kHr, 1.1% THO, 1200 watts
4 ohms, 1 kHz, 1% THD, 1250 watts
Z phims, 1 kHz, 1% THO. 1600 watts"
OUTPUT POWER (bridged mono)
8 ohms, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 0.1% THÜ, 2400 watts
A phens, 1 kHz, 1% THO, 3200 watts®
SMPTE-IPA, loss than 0.055
20 Hrto 20 kHz, 20.1 de
el Hz to 100 kHz, +0/-3 dB
Greater than 200
DYNAMIC HEADROOM: 3 dE at 4 ohms
NOISE: 100 dB below rated autput (20 He to 20 kHz)
SENSITIVITY: 1.0 Verns for rated power (8 ohm]
VOLTAGE GAIN: 20 (38 de
INPUT IMPEDANCE: 10% unbalanced, 20K balanced
Front: AC Switch, Ch 1 and Ch 2 Gain Enobs {with 2 dB detents).
Back: Parallel/steren;/Bridge Switch
LEVEL -30: Yellow LED
ЦЕМЕЕ -10): Yellow LED
TEMP-PROT Red LED (flashes for over-templ
CONNECTORS: (each channel)
Input: — Barrier strip and XLR
speakers: “Touch proof” binging posts, Neutrik “Speskton” connectors, stereo Meuink *5peskon”,
COOLING: Continuoushy variable speed fan, rear-to-trant air tow
Full short circuitt, open circuit, Ultrasonic, and RF protection. Stable into reactive ar mismatched
Cin/off muting. Clip Limiting DC-fault load grounding relay with internal fault fuses.
Complementary linear quiputs. 3-step high efficiency circuit
POWER REQUIREMENTS: 10,120, 240 Vac, 50-60 Hz
Mormal Operation: 4 ohms per channel: less than 12 amps, 120 Vac (14300 maximum [full power,
2 ohms per channel): 58 amps, 120 Yac (7000 YA]
19.07 {48.3 cm) rack mounting
5.2%" [13.3 cm) 1all [3 spaces)
17.97 [45.5 cm) deep (rear support ears)
WEIGHT: ES Ibs (31.2 ko} net, 73 lbs 133.1 kn) shipping
Пора! Амос ЛЕ слой рой ол MUS Palent 4.325.550)
OSC 1675 MacArthur Boulevard
Costa Mesa, California 92626-1468 USA
CC Phone: 114/754-6175 Fax: 714/754-6174
The amplifier shall contain all solid-state circuitry, using complemantary
кос gulp devas, The amplifier shall exceed the efficiancy of an o-
dinary ciass-B linear nutput cimil Overall electrical efficiency, with four
ar eight-ohm loads, shall axcesd 50% at 143 power, and 35% at 1/8 power.
The amglifiar shal? cparate fram 30-60 He AC powes, with inlesmal fps has
sekecing voltages 100,120, or 220-240 Vac. The amphiher shall operate
rama normal heseold AL outlet, drawing less han 1440 Vis when
driwen with randam program matesial al 1/8 ratad powar into four alin
logés. Thé amplifier shall be supphied with a singhe modded AC coed hav
I PET АС plug Toe the steadied риа а Л а Ну
The amplifiar shall employ foeced-air coaling with a varable speed fan far
Air Sa Bex Fram near 19 iraní 17 Avid cemperatuze rise mee the
rack, Bark mounting shall be possible vathout clearance nepassany be-
hezan amplifiers for wentriaton. The amplidier shall be capable of com
иги operation de 1/8 power, into fuuconm Inads, Por aminent bem
peratures Lip to 106* F1807 CI
The amplifier shall contain bec independent channels on separate printed
circuit boards, with separate transformers, power supphes, arui protec-
tion systams. AL protection syslems shall be seff-resetling upen removal
al Tall and the FETT) channel all Confirme do operate Fach char
nel shall have independent protective circuibry against open circuit, shar
circuit, oo mismatched loads. Eachrchanne? stall meritos temperature of
ils heat sink ant power transformar, and shall uager tan speed bone,
and d'npocssary sigal iba (0 prevent expessae femperalire rise
Each channel shall have or-off muting, acting for theee seconds after tum
an, and within 1, sacand after tum-ofi ar loss of AC power. Esch charnal
shall have DC Fault protection {or the load, consisting al y load round
relay var fault fusire to intere ponvier. Esuilt fuses shall be aceguately
large to prevent nuisanos blowing at any output paves the amalifiar is
capable o? delivering Each charmel shall hare clip-limibrig circuitry, usng
compression triggarad by the onsat of chipping, 16 hm? chppng © ap
proomately 155 0 die average culpa signal, High frequency ovarkans
above 20 kHz shall result in ting until Che EXCASSRR 5 Qnal 15 remorse
Esch channel shall bave the following controls and displays: À front paral
Brin controd, with 11 catents, having 2 65 steps lor altonuabons 31 0 69
14 dE: a green LED poéur cé RO tes wells LE Г три? Inbeczires,
Тикет at -30 dE and -10 d6: à red LED showing true amplifier clipping
ani activalon oó the limitang cincust; and a red LEO which indicases mut-
ing when steadily illuminated, and excessive intemal temperatures when
The output cormectars for each channel shall include à “touch pranf” bind-
ing post and Neutrik “Speakon” connectar. A third "Speskon” cannecior
shall be provided for single-cabde bridgad mano. slesed, and blimp con
The input connectars shall be mounted on a remavahle panel ta permit
vogrades. The standard input panel shall provide darmer strip and *LA
connections far each channel, vila pan 2 high. Inputs shalf be electron
cally balanced, vitro minimum impedance of 10 Kids per side, anda
common mode exjection of at least 50 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The stan-
dard input panel shall contar suvitchas for mono-bridogeg and paraliz|
iInfUES, jumpars for changing ihe polariy of the XLR conrecices, and sol-
der palters Sor inpud Ialation transiormers, quin reduction resisbars, and
fiesta er hugh and knw pass filters
The input panel shall have enqugh space behind 11 to contain a coc
board messuring ug do 5.9 wide br 4.3 deep The muil-pin conector Eu
the amplifier circuitry shall cary regulated CG poser of +15 unreqgu
Fated OF power of 424 Y aed for cach channel, sigrsals for balanced in-
puls, on/off command, porver-on monitor, putput signal, temparabure, clip-
peng, 2nd mating indecation.
Each channel shall be capabla of meeting the lola periormiaros ci
teria will bh channels driven: Sine-wave oulpet power of S00 watis
ну не бис, ан? ТСК wistts into four ohms, 20Hz to 20kHz, with less
than 0.1% THD, Freguancy response at 308 below rated power shall ba
СОН ОКНЕ уни O01 el. The wide gam shall be 40. emrsalent 10
2806, and He input sersitivit shall be 1,0 Vis, The signal to noise ratio
over the range of 20 Hr to 20 khz shall exceed 100 dE vraveighted. IHF
demping facior shalé axceed 200.
The amplifier chassis shall cécuiy thrae rack spaces, vil proviálos lor
SECUNA the rede Comers Dep Ind РНК) Surface 10 Ips oF rea
Sunports shall be 1797 1455 cm
Waight shalt not axcead 69 Tbs, (31 2 kg.|. Tha amolifiar shall be ihe OSC
Audio Products Model EX 2000
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