Velocity Kleen Polished Nickel Cathode Cell
The MIRRAKEL cell must be installed horizontally (level) within 5 degrees, in the return to pool line.
Heaters and other
equipment in the return
to pool line must be
installed before the cell
(i.e. Between the cell
and filter)
The two plumbing inlets must point down and the water flow must correspond with the direction of the
arrow on the cell housing. If an air blower is fitted to an air inlet, precautions must be taken to prevent gases
generated in the MIRRAKEL cell from accumulating in the blower and associated pipe work.
The Power Pack must be mounted on a vertical wall or fence within 1.5 metres of the cell and at least 1 metre
above the ground. The Power Pack must also be in a position to allow its supply lead to be plugged into a
The filter pump must be
plugged into the Power Pack.
10 amp 240 volt power point.
Select a suitable place to attach the mounting bracket, at least 1 metre above the ground and clear from
hazards. Ensure that the location selected is well ventilated (allowing plenty of airflow behind the unit) and
is not in direct sunlight (If mounted in direct sunlight the LED indicators will be less visible). The suitable
location must not be attached to or on top of a source producing large amounts of heat (e.g. metal fence or
shed wall).
When secure, plug the lead
into a suitable 240 volt power
point, but DO NOT SWITCH THE
Mount the bracket horizontally ensuring that the vent louvers above the screws are facing upwards. Carefully
hook the Power Pack onto the mounting bracket.
Connecting the Pool Pump
Raise the tinted Control Panel Cover on the front of the Power Pack and loosen the two retaining screws in the
Connecting a pump load
greater than 1.5kW, or the use
of double adapters/stackable
plugs will void the warranty.
bottom right hand corner and remove the cable entry cover by pulling downwards. Plug the pool pump into
the pump socket on the front of the unit. Refit the cable entry cover making sure all cables pass through the
tunnel behind it to ensure they do not interfere with the proper closing of the Control Panel Cover.
Tighten retaining screws.
Off-Peak Installations
This unit is suitable for off-peak tariff supply (but will require installation by a suitably qualified tradesman).
Chlorine Control
Because your MIRRAKEL Chlorinator has been designed to operate over a wide range of salt
levels, water temperature, running time, etc, a Chlorine Control has been provided to compensate
for these variations. When first starting the unit and where maximum chlorine production is needed
the control knob should be rotated fully clockwise. To operate the filter pump only without the cell,
simply turn the Chlorine Control knob fully anti-clockwise.
LED Chlorine Output Monitor
The LED Chlorine Output Monitor has been provided to allow monitoring of the chlorine output
being produced by the cell.
Power/ No Flow/ Check Salt Indicator
This red light is illuminated when power is applied to the Power Pack. It will flash when there is a
problem with the water detection circuit (i.e. an empty cell). The Check Salt light will flash when low
salt levels are detected.
For Manual Operation
Press the
button until
is displayed. Filter, pump and cell should now be operating
(if the Chlorine Control is correctly adjusted). To turn the filter, pump and cell off, press the
button until
is displayed on the screen.
For Automatic Operation
Before attempting to operate you MIRRAKEL chlorinator in the Auto mode for the first time,
the internal clock must be set for the time(s) and duration required.
To Set the Clock Function
Press and hold down the
button while you...
button to cycle through the hours.
button to cycle through the minutes.
Release the
button once the time has been set.
The clock displays time in 24 hour mode.
Setting the START and STOP Times
Press the
will be displayed.
Press the
Press the
button again.
Press the
buttons to set the desired START time for PROGRAM 1.
will be displayed.
buttons to set the desired STOP time for PROGRAM 1.
Repeat this process for up to eight programmed start and stop times.
To remove a programmed time, press the
To run these program times press the
button until
is displayed.
Chemical Balance Guide
Proof (i.e. hard copy) of regular water
analysis by a reputable professional
pool shop will be required as evidence
of suitable water quality and balance in
the event of a warranty claim.
Your MIRRAKEL chlorinator is designed to be used for swimming pool water, which needs to be
balanced in accordance with Langlier Saturation Index, with a pH level of 7.0 to 7.8 and maintains the
recommended levels of sanitizer. (i.e 2 - 3 ppm of free chlorine). Regular water analysis and advice
on correct addition of chemicals and/or products to achieve suitable water quality and balance by
a reputable professional pool shop will ensure bather health and comfort and extended equipment
service life.
Maintenance Frequency
Your MIRRAKEL Chlorinator has been designed to operate for extended periods of time with a
minimum of maintenance. The cell cleaning function is performed automatically via the velocity of
the water travelling over the plates. However manual cleaning on a regular six monthly basis will
enhance chlorine production and extended equipment service life.
Cell Cleaning
Manual Procedure
1. Remove MIRRAKEL Power Pack plug from 240 volt power point.
2. Remove cell from plumbing.
3. Turn cell upside down (inlets facing upwards) and place on a level non-metallic surface in a well
ventilated area.
4. Prepare an 8:1 acid cleaning solution by firstly measuring 2 litres of water into a plastic bucket Handling Acid:
Rubber gloves and protective
eyewear must be worn.
Do not put used acid solution
into the pool
and then carefully adding 250ml of Hydrochloric Acid. Stir thoroughly with a wooden stick.
5. Carefully pour sufficient cleaning solution into the upturned cell so as to fully cover the metal electrodes.
6. Allow to stand for 10 minutes then flush out with clean water.
7. If electrodes still show white deposits, repeat the above steps.
It is recommended that a warm water detergent solution be used to soak the electrodes at this
point if there is any evidence of body fats, oils or grease.
8. Refit the cell to plumbing line making sure both rubber “O” ring seals are in place.
9. Re-connect the Power Pack plug to 240 volt power point and switch on.
General Warnings
This system is fitted with a backup
battery and real time clock.
The time will not require resetting.
Under no circumstances should salt,
algaecides, chemicals and any other
product other than DE be added to the
pool via the skimmer box while in
The Warranty will be void if the Power Pack is installed or operated:
On, or less than 1 metre from the ground.
Placed in a location that can be flooded by storm water or by accidental immersion.
Where the airflow is obstructed, i.e. Within a poorly ventilated auxiliary enclosure.
Mounted close to, against, or on top of an auxillary heat source (e.g metal fence or shed wall)
With the weatherproof Control Panel Cover permanently open or removed if installed outdoors
With a pump connected to the 240 volt outlet socket greater than 1.5Kw continuous capacity
From an electrical supply socket which is not rated to supply 10 amps at 220 – 240 volts 50Hz and is not
adequately protected by the correct size fuse or circuit breakers.
Extension leads are not recommended for use with this equipment because they are unsafe in and around the pool zone.
For extended equipment service life and peace of mind, Poolrite recommends that your
serviced regularly on a six monthly basis by a reputable qualified pool professional.
Customer Responsibility
Your “Before You Call For Service” Checklist
Before calling for service read the instructions in this Quick Start Guide carefully.
The following points are your responsibility:
A service charge will be made
for service as a result of the
adjacent points
Power point not turned on or faulty (check with another appliance)
Time switch incorrectly set
Unit incorrectly installed
Pump not plugged into MIRRAKEL Pump Outlet Socket
Controls incorrectly set
Poor water chemistry (salt level, pH etc.)
Cell not being cleaned (acid wash) properly.
Poor water flow (check filter is clean / pump operating / skimmer free of obstructions)
Unit being tampered with by unauthorised persons.
Warranty Terms and Conditions
Your new Poolrite MIRRAKEL chlorinator is manufactured to the highest possible standards using the most
up-to-date technology. Accordingly the equipment carries the following Warranty, should a fault occur due to
faulty manufacturing or materials.
Important: In the event of a fault covered by warranty occuring, the purchaser must, in the first instance,
contact Poolrite Equipment Pty. Ltd. or the closest authorised distributor.
Poolrite warrant the original
purchaser of the Power Pack and Electrolytic Cell for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase by
the original owner, with the Cell also warranted for an additional 3 years and a further 5 years pro-rata,
should examination disclose to its satisfaction that the Electrolytic Cell or Power Pack has failed due to faulty
manufacturing or materials.
The Warranty is Void if the following occurs:
• Operating the product and/or cleaning the cell other than in accordance with this Quick Start Guide
• Damage caused from mechanical cleaning (eg. use of a screw driver or other sharp implement)
• The safety flow detector, power terminals and/or connections have been tampered with
• Cell power terminals have been submerged in acid solution whilst cleaning
• Incorrect water chemistry (refer to Chemical Balance Guide under Maintenance instructions)
All Poolrite MIRRAKEL
salt water chlorinators have
been fully tested and approved
by the Queensland Electrical
Safety Office and have been
issued with an AS/NZS 3136
Certificate of Approval.
Additionally the Power Pack is
rated as complying with IPX4
as per AS1939 and as such
can be legally installed within
the designated Pool Zone as
defined in Section 7 of AS/NZS
3000 wiring rules.
• Salt level below 3000 ppm or above 7000 ppm. Recommended level is 5000 ppm
• The chlorinator is installed on a pool size which is not recommended for its model
• The Power Pack has been serviced by a person other than a person authorised to do so by Poolrite or its agent
• Non-swimming pool grade salt has been used in the pool
• Metal based algaecides have been used
• High levels of metallic ions in water
• Insect / vermin infestation • Excessive Cleaning and/or Exessive Scaling
• Fuse is blown
• Negligence and/or Acts of God
This Warranty is applicable to workmanship and materials. Poolrite will repair or replace at no charge, all parts
returned freight paid, which display faulty workmanship or materials. Poolrite Equipment Pty. Ltd. accepts no
responsibility for loss, damage or injury to persons or property arising from Warranty failure of equipment, or
installation of that equipment. Unless with the express prior authority of Poolrite, any repair or replacement
shall be provided only by Poolrite or its authorised distributors and this Warranty shall not extend to any
expenditure otherwise incurred.
Manufactured by Poolrite Equipment Pty Ltd ABN 11 001 674 004 Email: Web:
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