Altec 288-G Series HF Driver Spec Sheet

Altec 288-G Series HF Driver Spec Sheet
288-8G/288-16G COMPRESSION
For many years, Altec 288 drivers have been
acknowledged as the finest compression drivers
available for full-range sound reproduction in
motion picture theatres. The 288-8G and 288-
16G drivers may be used with Altec multicel-
lular or sectoral horns and will provide a smooth
response from 500-15,000 Hz. This wide range,
when the driver loudspeaker is used in conjunc-
tion with Altec low-frequency speakers, will
provide full high-fidelity reproduction for the
largest theatre or auditorium. The 288-8G and
288-16G require less wattage from the driving
amplifier due to the low mass of the diaphragm/
voice coil assembly and the increased size of
the magnet structure. This results in response
improvements above 10 kHz and 2 dB greater
pressure sensitivity than provided by earlier
288 models. The 288-8G provides a minimum
impedance of 8 ohms; the 288-16G, 16 ohms.
The diaphragm/voice coil assembly of the 288-
8G and 288-16G can be replaced in the field by
untrained personnel without the use of special
tools. Adjustable dowel pins allow each voice
coil to be precisely centered in the voice coil
gap, which has a flux density of 20,500 gauss
derived from a 6.49-pound Alnico V magnet.
The high efficiency and smooth reproduction
characteristics to the upper limits of human
hearing make these drivers an obvious choice
for large sound systems where quality and full-
range, faithful reproduction are a requisite.
Power Rating: 15 watts of band-limited Construction —
pink noise (500-20,000 Magnet: 6.49-pound Alnico V,
Hz) when mounted on 20,500 gauss flux density
Altec 300 or 500 Hz horn Magnetic Structure
Frequency Response: 500-15,000 Hz Weight: 28 pounds
Pressure Sensitivity: 109 dB SPL measured Diaphragm: Aluminum with
at 4’ from mouth of tangential suspension
Altec 311-90 horn with Voice Coil: 2.8” diameter of edge-
1 watt input of band- wound aluminum ribbon
EE le Dimensions: lr и уче ча
= 2 . . pth,
mer o] ). less mounting studs
horn re sheets for Weight: 29.3 pounds (13.3 kg)
specific pressure Finish: Gray “Hammertone”
sensitivity when driver enamel
is combined with other Mounting Data: Three 38-24 x 1” studs,
horns. 120” apart on 3.25”
Minimum centers
Impedance: 8 ohms (288-8G)
16 ohms (288-16G)
The compression driver loudspeaker shall meet the following performance criteria. Power rating,
15 watts of band-limited pink noise (500-20,000 Hz). Frequency response, uniform from 500 to
15,000 Hz. Pressure sensitivity, 109 dB SPL when measured at 4’ on axis from mouth of Altec 311-90
horn with 1 watt input of band-limited pink noise from 500-3000 Hz (Ref.: 0 dB = 0.0002 dyne/cm?).
Minimum impedance, — ohms. The voice coil shall be 2.8” in diameter, of edge-wound alumi-
num ribbon, and shall operate in a magnetic gap having a flux density of 20,500 gauss derived
from a 6.49-pound Alnico V magnet. The diaphragm shall be of aluminum and shall have tangential
suspension. A machined phasing plug with 3 exponential acoustic slots shall serve as the pole piece
and shall also be utilized to provide the proper phase relationship between the sound emanating
from the center and edges of the diaphragm and voice coil assembly. The entire diaphragm and
voice coil assembly shall be field replaceable without requiring special tools or skills; adjustable
dowel pins shall allow each voice coil to be precisely centered in the voice coil gap. The driver
shall be 7.1” in diameter by 5.8” deep (excluding 1” depth of mounting studs), and shall weigh 29.3
The compression driver loudspeaker with 8-ohm impedance shall be the Altec Model 288-8G.
The compression driver loudspeaker with 16-ohm impedance shall be the Altec Model 288-16G.
LITHO IN U.S.A. CP-575-2.5K
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