Flight Management System NZ-2000 - Upgrade to SW 6.1

Flight Management System NZ-2000 - Upgrade to SW 6.1
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: 16.06.2013
: 04.08.2014
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RUAG Aerospace Services GmbH
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Manfred Dangl
Flight Management System NZ-2000 - Upgrade to SW 6.1
Description :
Honeywell has introduced the latest Software Version 6.1 for their FMZ-2000 Flight Management
Software 6.1 contains improvements and enhancements to the system’s navigation functionality.
The key features of Software 6.1 are:
> Localizer Precision with Vertical Guidance (LPV) approach capability using a Satellite Based
Augmentation System (SBAS).
LPV approach functionality requires an upgrade of the GPS receivers and antennas as well as the
installation of a Digital Discrete Adapter. As these items are not be installed, the LPV approach
capability will not be available.
> RNP AR approach capability
RNP AR capabiltiy is not available on the CL600/601 due to EFIS constraints.
> Future Air Navigation System FANS-1/A capability.
FANS-1/A requires a Communication Management Unit capable of Arinc 623 massage traffic. As
such a unit is presently not available for the CL600/601, the capability to fly oceanic FANS-1/A routes
will not be available.
> Basic improvements such as circling approaches, en route hold procedures, VNAV
temperature compensation.
> Vectors to Final Approach - this operation is used when transitioning from LNAV to HDG mode.
It allows the flight crew to comply with ATC-directed vectoring in the terminal area by removing
unneeded approach waypoints from the flight plan.
> Seconds added to GPS display (previously minutes only).
> Updated Magnetic Variation (Mag Var) Table - new Mag Var table using the 2005-2010 model.
> NAV temperature compensation - adds temperature calculation to compensate for altitude
variation during non-ISA (cold) conditions.
> Navigation database enhancements for:
- Circling to land procedures
- TACAN approaches
- Multi-RNAV runways – now allows “GPS Y and GPS Z Rwy 31L” (example) procedures to be
- Reduced load and transfer times for custom database
- Automated HA-leg sequencing - removes the need to manually sequence an HA leg when the
aircraft achieves an HA altitude constraint. Adds to the streamlining of auto sequencing for all FMS
leg types.
- En route holding procedures - allow the database to select a published holding procedure or insert
a manual hold into the flight plan at any waypoint.
Applicable To :
Bombardier CL-600
Bombardier CL-600
Bombardier CL-600
Bombardier CL-600
-2B16 (CL601-3R)
-2B16 (CL601-3A)
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RUAG Engineering (Navigation and Guidance)
Honeywell FMZ-2000 (SW 6.1)
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