Raymarine`s `touch of genius` can now see in the dark

Raymarine`s `touch of genius` can now see in the dark
Raymarine's 'touch of genius' can now see in the dark
Raymarine’s E Series Widescreen, which has received wide acclaim since its launch, is no w available with an
exciting upgrade allowing seamless integration of thermal imaging control. Now built-in as a standard feature,
existing E Series Widescreen o wners will be able to download this function via a system update.
E Series Widescreen users who purchase one of the ne w T Series range of Thermal Imaging Cameras can
control the camera via the HybridTouch™ control. This ne w function means the E Series Widescreen continues
to be the company’s most flexible, technically advanced, and easy-to-use multi-function navigation display to
Raymarine’s HybridTouch™ technology gives users the flexibility of touch screen control alongside the use of
the UniControl™ which integrates cursor and OK key in one rotary wheel plus the traditional hard buttons; a
seamless mix of both methods. A completely new user interface means boaters can easily personalise their
home screen, setting up the E Series Widescreen to their specific requirements. A built-in tutorial guides users
through the many ne w functions and features available.
The E Series Widescreen comes with embedded Navionics ready-to navigate cartography, and is compatible
with Navionics charts including Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus with TurboVie w. Available in three sizes – the
E90W, E120W and E140W - the touch screen features enable fast chart panning, instant access to chart and
navigation data simply by tapping the screen. A full ‘qwerty’ on-screen keyboard is used to edit and name
routes and waypoints. Touch-by-touch manual route building is simplicity itself.
Visibility and clarity in all conditions are key criteria for many users, and the E Series Widescreen has a brilliant
sunlight viewable colour display. It uses optically bonded LCD display technology to improve the contrast, and
provide maximum readability. With fully customisable screens, users can see at a glance data inputs from
optional integrated sources including the fish below them, hidden hazards vie wable via the HD Digital radar and
AIS antenna, through to engine data and fuel levels. Up to five E Series Widescreens can be net worked
together via SeaTalkhs. Connect up to eight SeaTalkhs nodes (a node is an MFD or sensor) on a single net work
using the SeaTalkhs net work s witch.
Stand A13 at Tullett Prebon London International Boat Show
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