Grain Mills

Grain Mills
Grain Mills
Type: Electric
Stoneless milling reduces
heat that destroys
nutrients. Mills up to
1 lb of grain per minute.
Milling chamber is selfcleaning and service free.
Pan holds 24 cups and has
5 texture settings. 1 ¾ hp
motor, 28,000 rpm. 6 yr
warranty on motor.
Type: Electric
High Speed, ultra quiet mill. Patented surgical quality,
stainless steel Microburst milling chamber with 8 cup
hopper. Can grind 100 lbs /hr. Easy to use and clean.
Includes 12 cup canister. 1 ¾ hp motor. Lifetime warranty.
Type: Electric
Durable ceramic-corundum
millstone and quiet operation.
The funnel holds up to 2.2 lbs
and grinds 3.5 ounces a minute.
Industrial motor, 360 watts. 3
yr warranty.
Type: Electric
World’s first variable, high
speed mill motor. 1 to 1
ratio for milling grain into
flour. TruFeed precision flow
control, TruTrack bowl locking
system and TwistLock to
secure the lid. Simple storage,
quiet operation. 20 cup
bowl capacity. 1 ¾ hp motor.
Limited lifetime warranty.
Type: Electric
All nylon housing and stainless
steel burrs. Can process 10 lbs
of flour per hour at the finest
setting. Ideal for grinding dry
and oily seeds and grains such
as wheat, rye, oats, soybeans,
rice, poppy seeds and linseeds.
Geared down motor, 175
watts, 100 rpm. 3 yr warranty.
Type: Manual
Grinds corn, wheat and many other types of grains, plus herbs
and spices. Adjustable fineness. Constructed of rugged cast iron
with tin plating. 1 yr warranty.
Type: Electric
Strong, durable stainless steel
milling heads. 20 cup bowl
capacity, self-cleaning milling
chamber. Ultra-impact teeth,
micro-milling and free-flow air
design, will not overheat. Grinds
non-oily grains, wheat, rye,
spelt, millet, rice, corn, beans,
quinoa, amaranth, oats. Hopper
extension for larger capacity
and quieter milling, easy grip
handles, clog free. 10 amps,
50/60 hertz, 10 year warranty.
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