User Manual - MAS Medical

User Manual - MAS Medical
Installation &
Operation Instructions
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Registered in England No 4566558
MAS Medical Ltd - Recording Systems
MAS Medical Ltd are principle suppliers of:
Fluoroscopy Video Recording Systems in Medicine
We Technically Advise and Contractually Support:
Hardware, Operation, Video Control and Video System Applications
Technical Support is Conveniently Available:
Telephone / Fax / Email / On-Site Service
OEM Trained, Service Engineer Attendance
High Quality Recordings allow High Quality replay with
PC, Laptop, Blu-ray
Recording Media is Inexpensive and Compact
Unique features of the System are:
Auto control of recording linked X-Ray System
Annotation of patient details to the Recording
System Applications Include:
Speech Therapy, Barium Swallow
Paediatric Urography Study
Cardiac Study
Principle components of the MAS HD Recording System:
Sony HVO-1000MD Medical Grade Recorder
Sony LMD-2110MD Medical Grade Monitor
VCS2-Lite Video Control System
Sound System
Opto-Isolation between System and X-Ray
The Sony HVO-1000MD and Video Control System (VCS-2) are supplied with
comprehensive interface cabling. Care should be taken when removing the
equipment from the packaging.
Installation should only be carried out by a competent person and will normally
require an Appropriate X-Ray Engineer for connection of the Video Signal from X-Ray
or Ultrasound.
System Connections
Mains Power:
13 Amp Socket Outlets
Video In:
X-Ray 625 Line 50Hz Video Signal
(VCS-2 Lite Video Input is Opto-isolated)
Video Out:
Monitor Line Video Signal
Audio In:
Pre-Amp Line Audio Signal
Audio Out:
Monitor Line Audio Signal
Recorder USB 3
Control Signal – VCS-2 Lite / Recorder Interface:
VCS-2 Recorder Control Cable interfaces Recorder Remote 1
Control Signal - VCS-2 Lite / X-Ray Interface:
VCS-2 video control system requires a Fluoroscopic and a Radiographic ‘Active On’
signal from the X-Ray equipment to control Recorder Functions
VCS-2 Active or Passive X-Ray Interface Cable
Active Interface connection requires high level +24v signal from X-Ray equipment
Passive Interface connection requires isolated, normally open, relay or switch
contact from X-Ray equipment
BS-AA25 & BS-AP25 Cables are pre-wired to comply with IEC 601 part 1
Connection of X-Ray Interface
Either an active or passive connection is made between X-Ray unit and the VCS-2
video control system.
Please Note
Active / Passive Connection Cables are Incompatible
Damage to VCS-2 Lite results through improper use
Active Interface (BS-AA25)
A high level +24v signal from the X-Ray triggers both Fluoroscopic and Radiographic
acquisition ‘Start’ An Opto-isolator provides Electrical Isolation between X-Ray and
VCS-2 Lite
Cable BS-AA25 provides an active interface connection
Passive Interface (BS-AP25)
X-Ray Systems outwith a high level +24v Fluoroscopic and Radiographic acquisition
‘Start’ Signal, a passive interface is utilised
Isolated ‘NO’ (Normally Open) Relay or Switch Contact triggers both Fluoroscopic and
Radiographic Acquisition ‘Start’
Cable BS-AP25 provides a passive interface connection
BS-AA 25 Active Interface Cable / 25Metre
BS-AP25 Passive Interface Cable / 25 Metre
Test of VCS-2 Lite
1. Depress the VCS-2 video control unit FLUORO and ACQ buttons
VCS-2 video control unit is enabled to record both Fluoroscopic and Radiographic
acquisition events
2. From the X-Ray Equipment, make a Fluoroscopic test
Select HVO-1000MD PLAY to confirm HVO-1000MD records to Internal HDD
From the X-Ray Equipment make a Radiographic Acquisition test
Select HVO-1000MD PLAY to confirm HVO-1000MD records to Internal HDD
Configure an X-Ray Video Signal to VCS-2
Select VCS-2 MANUAL - Start Recording
Release VCS-2 MANUAL - Stops Recording
Select HVO-1000MD PLAY to confirm HVO-1000MD records to Internal HDD
3. Deselecting VCS-2 Lite FLUORO disables auto Fluoroscopic Start function
Deselecting VCS-2 Lite ACQ button disables auto Acquisition Start function
Deselecting VCS-2 Lite FLUORO and ACQ, disables MANUAL function
Operation / Recording
Please Note:
Sony HVO-1000MD is a Multifunctional / Multimedia Recorder. The following is a
basic guide to recording Video / Audio Events, and intended as an introduction to the
M.A.S. Medical HD Recording System
Reference to the HVO-1000MD Manual details comprehensive Recorder options.
Quick Start Guide:
Connect mains power and confirm:
Sony Recorder is on
VCS-2 Lite is on
VCS-2 performs a 5 second System Test when power is applied
To disable the audible alert test, initially deselect Fluoro, Acq and Manual Buttons
Sony Monitor is on
Phono Pre Amp on (Sound Systems)
Select VCS-2 Lite ‘Fluoro’ or ‘Acq’ (Note: Most installs are ‘Fluoro’)
X-Ray Image is displayed
Activation from X-Ray ‘Fluoro’ or ‘Acq’ – Start Recording
Deactivation from X-Ray ‘Fluoro’ or ‘Acq’ - Pause Recording
Select Stop to End Recording
Recording Patient Information:
Select HVO-1000MD Menu (Hint – Keyboard enter key)
Select Recording Preparation
Input Data either by the On Screen or Attached Keyboard
Navigate to Execute
Select Menu
Select Patient List
Navigate to Image List
Navigate to Change
Highlight the relevant Recording
Navigate and amend Fields as required
Navigate to Execute
Save Recording to Multimedia (Blu-ray, DVD, Optical Flash Disc)
Insert Media
Select Menu
Navigate to Recording List
Navigate to Image List
Navigate to Save To
Check Recordings for Save
Navigate to Execute
Playback from HDD
Navigate to Recording List
Highlight recording to Playback
Select Play
Playback from Multimedia
Recordings are replayed from PC or Blu-ray Player
Note - HVO-1000MD does not have the functionality to replay from Multimedia
Video Recorder
Sony HVO-1000MD
Recording Media:
USB Flash Drive
Recording Format:
Video Monitor
Video Control System
X-Ray Interface:
Sony LMD-2110MD
VCS-2 Lite
Fluoroscopy / Acquisition
Either: +24V Active Interface
Or: NO Contact Passive Interface
Power Supplies
230 V AC / 50 Hz
Mains Plug Fuse Rating
10 A
Frequently Asked Questions
Sound Recording?
Sound can be recorded with a Microphone and Pre-amp
Sound Systems are available from MAS Medical Ltd
Delete Recordings?
Individual or Complete Recordings can be deleted from the Internal HDD. Please
note that due to limitations of the format, this will not always free up disc space
Disc Formatting?
Recorded media can be PC reformatted
Edit Recordings?
Use of Video Editing Software enables Edit of Recordings
Power Point Presentation?
Use of Power Point Software, enables addition of Video Clips to Presentation
Recording Media?
The SONY HVO-1000MD records to Blu-ray, DVD-R and USB Flash Drive
We recommend that good quality discs from a reputable manufacturer are used.
Appropriate discs can be supplied by MAS Medical Ltd
Video Play Back?
HVO-1000MD (From Internal HDD Only)
Blu-ray Player
PC with compatible Play Back Software
Recordings are saved to a hard disc within the Recorder
Dubbing will record Video to Media
For further Information and Support
Please contact MAS Medical Ltd
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