Quick start guide
Quick start guide
Basic functions of buttons
Right select button
Left select button
Return button,
hang up button
Ok, dial button
lock button
Play, pause,
setting button
Reset button
Basic functions of I/O ports
Rope port
MIC port
SIM card slot
data port
Memory card slot
Instruction before use
Instruction before use
Installation of the SIM card
NanoPhone only supports a single card.
Please keep the SIM card away from children.
Any bruises and bends can easily damage the SIM
card. Please be careful while inserting or taking out
the SIM card.
Before inserting or taking out the SIM card, please
make sure the power supply has been turned off.
Find the SIM card slot at the back of the phone, slip
the SIM card into the slot in the correct direction and
press it a bit till you hear a ticking sound. Do not force
the SIM card inside the phone. After the installation
please make sure the metal contact pieces of the card
face upwards, and please take note of the corner cut
Installation of the memory card
NanoPhone supports memory cards. Before using
NanoPhone with a memory card, please make sure it
is correctly inserted into the phone.
Note: please don’t bend or scratch the memory card,
don’t expose it to static electricity, dust or water.
Instruction before use
Battery charging
Insert the 3.5 mm round plug which is on the end of
charging adapter into the charging port of the phone,
then insert the MicroUSB port at the end of the USB
interface into the MicroUSB adapter. And connect the
other end of the charging cable to a power adapter
or a computer USB interface. If the phone is on, the
battery strength stripes icon at the top right corner
of the screen should be scrolling (that indicates that
charging has begun). When the stripes stop scrolling
and the battery icon is full, charging is completed. If
the phone is off, the charging battery icon will also be
displayed on the screen.
Pull out the charging adapter/USB cable after the
charging is completed.
l When battery capacity is low, the phone will display warning information. When battery capacity is
too low, the phone will automatically turn off. Please
don’t keep the battery in a low power state for a long
time, otherwise the battery quality and work time will
l When the battery voltage is too low, the phone may
fail to show the charging battery icon once the charger is connected. Do not worry since this is a normal
l For the phone to work properly, please use the original charger.
Main functions
Main functions
Select contacts, press [OK] to enter the menu with the
following options: view, send SMS, call, edit, delete
contacts, copy contacts, see contact book settings.
Choose the dial option to call the contact.
Music player
1. Play sound files from the memory card.
The music files must be placed in the folder «My music»
of the memory card.
After entering the player interface, press [OK] or [5]
to play/pause
press [ ß ] and [ à ] to select
a previous or a next file (icon
). Press [1] to
switch the regime: one song on repeat or the whole
playlist on repeat
2. View the song name and select play
Inside the player interface, press [3] to enter the song
list and to view the song name, press [ ß ] left select
key and [ à ] right select key to look through song
names, press [OK] or [5] to play the selected song.
3. Play music and volume control
While playing music, you can press [*] and [#] to enter
the volume control interface: [*] to reduce the current
volume and [#] to increase the volume.
Inside Bluetooth interface press [OK] to enter Bluetooth settings, press [ ß ] and [ à ] to switch functions, press [OK] to confirm whether the function is
on state or off state.
If it shows
, the Bluetooth function is on. The
name of the device in the network is NP1(cannot be
To activate Bluetooth search put a check in the relevant field
. If you have not activated Bluetooth
itself or the search option, the connection will fail.
Note: press OK key to confirm the pairing with another device, otherwise the connection will fail.
Q: SIM card has been inserted but NanoPhone
doesn’t work. What should I do?
A: NanoPhone only supports global quad-band
(850/900/1800/1900 MHZ) GSM network, please confirm
whether your SIM card support these or check whether a
4G card is compatible with 2G/3G/4G networks.
If the network status does not change, please try to
shut down and restart the NanoPhone to confirm the
SIM state.
If it still cannot be identified, please check the SIM card
and the slot (check if the SIM copper feed point has
been damaged or oxidated or if it is exposed to debris
or dust). Make sure the SIM card is inserted in the correct direction.
Q: Bluetooth does not work. What should I do?
A: First, please check whether the Bluetooth is on.
Then go to the settings and check if the search for
other devices is active.
B. Second, after pairing the Bluetooth connection,
please confirm the connection by pressing OK.
If there is no response, please check the Bluetooth
connection record of the phone. If the phone is connected to other devices, it might have reached its
maximum connecting capacity. Deactivate some of
the devices and try connecting again.
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