Ph: 0800 002 182 - Smart Start Interlocks, NZ

Ph: 0800 002 182 - Smart Start Interlocks, NZ
Where do I get my interlock unit installed?
Smart Start Interlocks have a nationwide network of service centres set
up to install and calibrate interlock devices. Call us on 0800 002 182 to
find your nearest service centre.
How long does it take to install the interlock?
Installation of the interlock device generally takes about 90 minutes. This
includes the administrative paperwork, installation and client training.
How often do I need to calibrate this unit?
Calibration is required every month. The interlock is calibrated and the
previous month’s data is downloaded. This takes about 20 minutes. The
vehicle must be serviced within 7 days of the due date otherwise it will
go into a permanent lockout.
Can I start my vehicle without taking a test?
No, a breath test must be provided before the vehicle will start. Your
vehicle will only start if your alcohol level is below NZTA’s requirements.
Can the interlock turn off my vehicle?
No, the interlock is a starter interrupt. For safety reasons, it will not turn
off your vehicle.
How often are the re-tests?
The retests are randomly requested, based on the requirements set by
Is the unit fool-proof?
Yes, the ignition interlock will detect any type of alcohol, tampering, or
loss of power to the vehicle.
Can I use a balloon or other air source to mimic human breath?
No, all Smart Start devices have anti-circumvention features which cause
the alcohol interlock device to abort fake breath samples. The interlock
requires a special blowing technique to successfully pass a test. This
involves blowing & humming at the same time – when your interlock is
installed you will be trained in this technique.
Will the alcohol interlock lose all memory if the battery is disconnected?
No, the unit has a flash memory so any battery disconnection does not
result in memory loss.
Can the user leave his/her car running outside of a bar, whilst
drinking inside and then drive away?
Yes, however the unit will randomly ask for breath tests while the engine
is running. If a sample is not given when requested this is a violation.
Ph: 0800 002 182
What if the driver is taking a medicine or mouthwash with an alcohol
Alcohol is alcohol. If the driver’s alcohol level is over the preset level,
the vehicle will not start. It is advisable to rinse your mouth with water
prior to taking a test.
Can others besides the participating driver use the alcohol interlock
equipped vehicle?
Yes, however anyone who uses the vehicle must take and pass a breath
test in order for the vehicle to start. The person with the alcohol
interlock sentence is responsible for all breath samples blown through
the interlock device.
What happens if my vehicle stalls in traffic?
The interlock device has a 3 minute re-start function which means you
can turn off your vehicle and then re-start it (without another breath
test) within 3 minutes. The interlock may call for another breath test
soon after.
Will the installation of the interlock device damage my vehicle?
No, the unit is only connected to the vehicles wiring under the dash.
After the installation the wiring is restored to pre- interlock condition.
What is a violation?
A violation is any of the following –
• Evidence of tampering with the device
• failed test, due to excess breath alcohol (above 400µg/L)
• failure to undertake a rolling retest
• any start circumvention
• 2 or more failures to present the vehicle for scheduled service
Can the unit be unlocked?
Yes, we can provide a one-time unlock code that works for six hours
so you can get to a service centre. Once the code is used, you will be
able to use your vehicle; however you will still be required to provide a
valid breath sample in order to start your vehicle. This will cost an extra
$45.00 at the time of your next service.
What happens if I blow alcohol into my interlock?
If your alcohol level is below 100µg/L your interlock will show WARN on
the screen but you will still be able to start your vehicle.
If you alcohol level is between 100 µg/L and 400 µg/L, your vehicle will
go into a 5 minute lockout. This means you will not be able to start your
vehicle. If you re-test and still are within the same range, your vehicle will
go into a 30 minute lockout. This is not a violation.
If your alcohol level is above 400 µg/L your vehicle will go into a 5 minute
lockout. This means you will not be able to start your vehicle. If you
re-test and still are within the same range, your vehicle will go into a 30
minute lockout.
What if I have been drinking and want to drive?
We would encourage you to wait until the alcohol is out of your
system. The only way to be sure the alcohol is out of your system is
to check yourself with an accurate breathalyser, such as the LifeGuard
breathalyser before you blow into your interlock. For more information
please call Smart Start Interlocks or call 0800 002 182.
Is there a voluntary programme?
Yes, our voluntary programme is great for those who are looking for the
control of monitored driving and the peace of mind it creates. Please
enquire for more information, 0800 002 182.
Step by Step Process
Smart Start Alcohol Ignition Interlock
The Smart Start alcohol ignition interlock is a breath alcohol
tester which is wired into your vehicle’s ignition system.
Client has alcohol interlock sentence imposed by a Judge.
The interlock requires a breath sample before your vehicle is
started and will also call for random breath samples as you
Client completes their 3 month driving disqualification
If you have alcohol present in your breath (above a pre-set level)
your vehicle will not start.
All of the data from the interlock is recorded in the Datalog and
this information is downloaded each month at a service centre
and collated into a report.
These reports are viewed by NZTA at the exit of the
Here’s what some of our clients say about their interlock –
“It is great to have my freedom back, I can now drive whenever I
want just as long as I haven’t had any alcohol to drink. Previously
I have had a long disqualification and I applied for a work licence,
but it meant I couldn’t take my kids to sport in the weekend, with
an interlock I can!”
“I detested this unit to start with and fought against it, but after a
couple of months I realized the value of it in helping me to change
my drink driving habits. I would thoroughly recommend it. ”
“ This unit seemed expensive to start with, but when I added up
the cost of fines, a long disqualification and then having to pay for
a work licence, or possible loss of my job, the interlock works out
way better value”
Interlock Pricing
The interlock programme has two different pricing structures,
Standard and Community Services Card pricing. To be eligible
for the discounted rate you must have a valid Community
Services Card.
While in the disqualification period, client calls Smart Start
Head Office to get set up in the system; this will take around
10 minutes
Information required will be • Name
• Date of birth
• Address
• Phone Number
• Email address
• Credit card details (if available)
• Date the interlock sentence was imposed
• Community Services card details (if applicable)
The earlier the client calls the better, as it means we can ensure the
interlock is fitted on the date that suits best.
At the end of the 3 month disqualification period the client
applies for an alcohol interlock licence from a licensing
agency such as AA
Client will need to • complete a form
• take a bank statement or bill showing address
• take a passport or birth certificate
• pass an eye test
• have a photo taken and their signature captured
Cost - $200.00
Client calls Smart Start Head Office to confirm their alcohol
interlock licence number. Smart Start will then arrange a
time to install the interlock device at the clients nearest service centre.
Community Services Card Pricing
Standard Pricing
Installation – standard
Installation – non-standard
Unscheduled service Early termination
Unlock code
Installation – standard
Installation – non-standard
Unscheduled service Early termination
Unlock code
*Prices current as at April 2013, may be subject to change.
Client takes their vehicle to the service centre at the agreed
time to get the interlock device fitted. This takes around 1.5
The client will need to bring their alcohol interlock licence, a
Community Services Card (if applicable) and the full amount of
payment, cash, eftpos or credit card. No cheques. The total amount
required for the first month on a standard install is $175.00 install
fee & $175.00 monthly lease fee paid in advance, a total of $350.00 +
the theft warranty of $8.00 if selected.
The client will need to fill in a lease form while they are waiting and
then be trained how to blow into the interlock device and instructed
about violations etc.
Client has 3 years on a zero alcohol licence then applies to a
driver licensing agency for a standard licence.
Information required • Zero alcohol licence
• Bank statement or bill
Cost - $66.40
Client takes their zero alcohol licence to the service centre
and gets the interlock device removed. This takes about 1
Cost - $135.00*
Client calls Smart Start Head Office to make an appointment
to get their interlock device removed.
Client applies to a licensing agency for a zero alcohol licence
which lasts for 3 years.
Information needed • Alcohol interlock licence
• Proof of address such as a bank statement or bill
Cost - $66.40
The client completes at least 12 months of the interlock
programme then applies to NZTA for permission to remove
the interlock.
NZTA views the monthly reports to see that the programme has
been completed successfully.
The client can get a removal on these conditions:
• either had no recorded alcohol interlock violations in the six months immediately prior to their application to exit
• or had no recorded alcohol interlock violations in the three
months immediately prior to their application to exit, and have
successfully completed an assessment at a drug and alcohol
assessment centre approved by the Ministry of Health (providers
to be advised)
Each month the client takes their vehicle into their closest
service centre and gets the data downloaded from their
interlock device and a calibration.
This takes around 15 minutes.
Cost - $175.00* per month
*Standard pricing
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