Six Steps for Programming your IC-T90A
1. Put your radio in VFO mode by pressing and releasing the “VFO” key. You MUST be in the VFO
mode to begin programming your radio.
2. Set the frequency you want to use by pressing and releasing the corresponding number on the keypad.
You must enter six digits to complete the frequency setting. Select the proper receive mode by pressing
the “MODE” button. You can only transmit in FM mode.
3. To set your offset or duplex (dup), toggle between “simplex”, “–Dup” and “Dup” (which is the positive
dup) by holding the “DUP/4” button for approximately 1 second and releasing.
Note: If you have selected a simplex frequency or a repeater frequency that does not require a sub
audible tone to access, please proceed to Step #6.
4. If the repeater requires a sub audible tone, set the tone in the SET mode. Push and hold the “SET”
button until radio enters the set mode (about 1 second). Rotate the tuning dial until “R TONE” appears.
Press the “SET” button to enter the edit mode then rotate the dial to select the proper tone. Press “VFO”
or “PTT” to exit the set mode.
5. Even though you have told the radio what tone to use in step 4, you still have to turn on the tone. Press
and hold the “TONE” button for approximately 1 second each time to toggle the feature until only the “T”
appears on the top of the display next to the “DUP.
6. Now that you have the frequency, offset and tone (if required) selected, you are now ready to save your
settings in a memory channel. Press and hold the “MR / S.MW” key (1 to 2 seconds). The memory
channel indicator should be flashing. Rotate the tuning knob to scroll to the memory channel number you
want to store this setting in. (A blank screen will indicate an open memory channel. If you choose a
memory where a frequency is displayed, you will over write it). Push and hold the “MR / S.MW” key for
1-2 seconds to store programmed information (you should hear a two short beeps to indicate it has been
If you have additional memories to program, start again at Step #2. If you have completed your
programming, press and release the “MR” key to operate from Memory mode.
That's it! Using the above steps you should have no trouble entering either simplex or repeater frequencies
and saving them.
Enjoy your hobby! Clint Bradford, K6LCS
Plm 4/11/2010
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