Floor Protectors and Wall Shields

Floor Protectors and Wall Shields
Floor Protectors and Wall Shields
Providing thermal protection for fuel burning appliances
Floor protectors, also referred to as hearth extensions, and wall shields are used in conjunction with
heat producing appliances such as fireplaces, fireplace stoves, fireplace inserts, and solid-fuel type
room heaters to protect adjacent combustible construction. Model codes include requirements
covering the installation of these products. UL certifies products for use in these applications.
solid-fuel room heaters, factory-built fireplaces, and fireplace
Floor protectors and wall shields are certified (Listed) under the
inserts where reference to the Listed floor protector is specified.
Floor Protectors and Wall Shields category (DFCV). Information
Floor protectors are identified as either Type 1 or Type 2 in the
on these certifications can be found in the Online Certifications
individual Listings.
Directory at www.ul.com/database. Certified products include a
Type 1 (ember) floor protectors are for use in applications not
UL Listing Mark that indicates “Floor Protector”, “Wall Shield”, or
requiring thermal protection of the combustible floor. Type 2
“Floor Protector and Wall Shield”.
(thermal) floor protectors are for use in applications requiring
These products are intended for use with Listed solid-fuel
thermal protection of the combustible floor.
heat-producing appliances for the reduction of the surface
Wall shields are placed over combustible wall-construction
temperature of combustible floor and wall construction
materials for the purpose of reducing the clearance to
materials, respectively. They should be installed in accordance
combustible materials from that required for individually
with the installation instructions provided with each product.
Listed appliances and equipment, except when the appliance
Floor protectors are placed over combustible floor-construction
or equipment listing specifically prohibits the reduction of
materials beneath and adjacent to Listed fireplace stoves,
clearances. The reduced wall clearances are specified as a
For more information visit www.ul.com
Floor Protectors and Wall Shields (continued)
percentage in the individual Listings. Wall shields are not
intended to reduce clearances to less than 12 inches or for
reducing clearances when the clearance specified by the
appliance and/or chimney-connector Listing is 12 inches or
less. However, clearances less than 12 inches are allowed when
the specific appliance and chimney connector system has been
tested and labeled together with a specific wall shield at the
clearances specified in the appliance’s installation instructions.
Standard for Safety
The UL 1618 Standard for Safety for Wall Protectors, Floor
Protectors, and Hearth Extensions is used to investigate these
products. Among other things, the standard includes accelerated
aging, thermal resistivity, radiant panel, burning brand, and
impact and strength tests. It also includes a reduced clearance
test for wall protectors as well as construction, marking, and
installation instruction requirements.
Model code applications
The installation of floor protectors and wall shields are
covered by codes such as the International Mechanical Code
(IMC), International Residential Code (IRC) and the NFPA 211
Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Solid Fuel-Burning
Appliances. Some of the installation requirements covering
clearance reductions and hearth extensions are as follows.
Clearance reductions — IMC section 308 includes requirements
governing the reduction in required clearances to combustible
materials and combustible assemblies for chimneys, vents,
kitchen exhaust equipment, mechanical appliances, and
mechanical devices and equipment. This section allows clearance
reductions for products using protective assemblies Listed
and labeled in accordance with UL 1618. In order to determine
compliance, individual certifications of floor protectors and wall
shields indicate the clearance reductions percentage established
for each product.
When reviewing the installation of floor protectors, wall
shields and hearth extensions, refer to the individual product
certification, markings, and installation instructions to verify the
specific application for which the products have been evaluated.
Hearth extensions — IMC section 903.2 and IRC section R1004.2
This includes details for locating the products and joining
require hearth extensions to comply with UL 1618, be installed
multiple protectors and shields.
in accordance with the listing of the fireplace, and be readily
distinguishable from the surrounding floor area.
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