714B0052 Rev 02 - Minimate Plus Specifications.indd

714B0052 Rev 02 - Minimate Plus Specifications.indd
Advanced Vibration and Overpressure Monitor
• Blast-monitoring
for compliance
• Near-field blast
• Pile driving
• Construction
• Demolition
• Heavy
• Bridge
• Structural
• Underwater
blast monitoring
• 4 or 8 channel
data acquisition
• Remote
monitoring Auto Call HomeTM
When we asked what you wanted in a vibration
monitor, you said “Everything.” So, we designed
the Instantel® Minimate Plus™ vibration and
overpressure monitor. Ever since, it has become
a favourite of contractors, consultants, engineers
and blasters because it offers unrivalled features
and versatility in a rugged and easy-to-use package.
When used as a compliance monitor, the Minimate Plus system is a perfect fit in any monitoring application. It is designed for use with the
Instantel standard triaxial geophone and linear or
A-weight microphone for maximum flexibility.
You also have the option to add four more channels, so you can have two complete, standard
seismographs with a single monitor.
For the most demanding monitoring applications use Instantel Blastware® Advanced Module software to unlock the full capabilities of the
Minimate Plus monitor. You can configure the
velocity and microphone channels as independent
data acquisition channels for a variety of sensors
including hydrophones, accelerometers and even
crack extensometers.
Key Features
The Instantel Auto Call Home™ feature allows
the monitor to automatically transfer event files
from the instrument to the office via Cellular,
Satellite, RF, GSM, or standard land line modems.
From there, the Blastware Mail feature of the
Blastware software distributes the information to
multiple e-mails, internet or any text messaging
Instantel Histogram Combo™ mode allows capture of
full waveform records while recording in histogram mode.
Auto Call Home feature automates remote monitoring
Sample rates from 1024 to 16K samples per second, per
channel with up to 65K available on a single channel.
Available 8-channel option allows for two standard
geophones and two microphones to be operated from one
Minimate Plus monitor.
Non-volatile memory with standard 300-event storage
capacity (optional 1500-event capacity).
Records waveform events up to 100 seconds long with standard
setup, or up to 500 seconds with advanced setup.
Continuous monitoring means zero dead time, even while the
unit is processing.
Αny channel can be matched to a wide variety of sensors
- geophones, accelerometers, or hydrophones.
Easy to use
Even with all of these features, the Minimate
Plus system is still easy for anyone to use. A
high-contrast LCD, eight-key tactile keypad,
coupled with simple menu-driven operations,
provides complete control and confidence.
On the Practical Edge of Technology
714B0052 Rev 02 - Product Specificatons are Subject to Change
Range of
General Specifications
Minimate Plus
Microphone and Triaxial Geophone or 4 independent user-configurable channels (two Microphones
and two Triaxial Geophones or 8 independent channels with optional 8-channel
Vibration Monitoring (with Standard
Triaxial Geophone)
Transducer Density
Frequency Range
Air Overpressure Monitoring
Weighting Scales
Linear Range
Linear Resolution
Linear Accuracy
Linear Frequency Response
A-weight Range
A-weight Resolution
Up to 254 mm/s (10 in/s)
0.127 mm/s (0.005 in/s) or 0.0159 mm/s (0.000625 in/s) with built-in preamp
+/- 5% or 0.5 mm/s (0.02 in/s), whichever is larger, between 4 and 125 Hz
2.13 g/cc (133 lbs/ft3)
2 to 250 Hz, within zero to -3 dB of an ideal flat response
Linear or A-weight
88 to 148 dB (500 Pa (0.072 PSI) Peak)
0.25 Pa (0.0000363 PSI)
+/- 10% or +/- 1 dB, whichever is larger, between 4 and 125 Hz
2 to 250 Hz between -3 dB roll off points
50 to 110 dBA
0.1 dBA
Waveform Recording
Record Modes
Seismic Trigger
Acoustic Triggers
Sample Rate
Manual, Single-shot, Continuous
0.125 mm/s to 254 mm/s (0.005 to 10 in/s)
100 to 148 dB
55 to 110 dBA
1024 Hz to 16 kHz per channel (independent of record time), up to 65 kHz in
single-channel mode with advanced software (max 8 kHz per channel for 8 channels)
Fixed record time, Instantel® AutoRecord record stop mode
1 to 100 seconds (programmable in one-second steps) or 500 seconds plus 0.25 seconds pre-trigger
Auto window programmable from 1 to 9 seconds, plus a 0.25 second pre-trigger. Event is recorded until
activity remains below trigger level for duration of auto window, or until available memory is filled.
Recording uninterrupted by event processing - no dead time
Record Stop Mode
Record Time
AutoRecord Time
Cycle Time
Storage Capacity
Full Waveform Events
Event Summaries
300 one-second events at 1024 Hz sample rate (1500 event capacity with optional memory upgrade)
1750 (8750 event capacity with optional memory upgrade)
Histogram Recording
Record Modes
Histogram and Instantel Histogram Combo™ (monitor captures triggered waveforms while
recording in Histogram mode)
2, 5 or 15 seconds; 1, 5 or 15 minutes
46,656 intervals - 3 days at 5-second intervals or 102 days at 15-minute intervals
(with memory upgrade - 15 days at 5-second intervals or 540 days at 15-minute intervals)
Recording Interval
Storage Capacity
User Interface
PC Interface
Auxillary Inputs and Outputs
LCD Operating Temperature
Electronics Operating Temperature
Remote Communications
81 x 91 x 160 mm (3.2 x 3.6 x 6.3 in)
1.4 kg (3 lbs)
Rechargeable 6 V sealed gel cell - capacity for 210 hours of continuous monitoring
8-key keypad with domed tactile keys
4-line x 20-character, high-contrast, backlit LCD with on-line help
External Trigger, Remote Alarm, coordinate download from GPS
-10 to 500C (14 to 1220F)
-20 to 600C (-4 to 1400F)
Compatible with Telephone, GSM, Cellular, RF, Satellite and Short-haul modems. Automatically transfers events
when they occur through the Instantel Auto Call Home™ feature.
Monitor start/stop timer
Additional Features
Corporate Office:
309 Legget Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario K2K 3A3
US Office:
808 Commerce Park Drive,
Ogdensburg, New York 13669
Toll Free: (800) 267 9111
Telephone: (613) 592 4642
Facsimile: (613) 592 4296
Email: sales@instantel.com
©2004 Instantel Inc. All rights reserved. Instantel, the Instantel logo, Auto Call Home, AutoRecord, Blastware, Histogram Combo,
and Minimate Plus are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Instantel Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.
On the Practical Edge of Technology
714B0052 Rev 02 - Product Specifications are Subject to Change
Physical Specifications
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