Morsø 1412 Squirrel - Fire and Gas Lifestyles

Morsø 1412 Squirrel - Fire and Gas Lifestyles
Morsø 1412 Squirrel
A choice for life.
When you eventually put this literature down, the likelihood is you’ll be sold. You’ll have fallen for
Morsø’s timeless look. You’ll have fallen in love with cast iron’s unique properties. And you’ll be
convinced of our stoves’ obvious advantages for the environment.
But believe us – when you describe your relationship with your Morsø in the future, it won’t be the
design, the cast iron or the stove’s green-friendly impact which will fuel your fondness. By then, your
stove will have already become one of the most loved items of furniture in your home. A trusty
source of comfort, you will love it for its sound, look and warmth. And for the glow of happiness it
has spread throughout the house year after year. To choose a Morsø is, in other words, to make a
choice for life.
Thinking of the environment and wanting to live up to the world’s most stringent environmental
requirements, Morsø has improved significantly the combustion system of its widely known radiant
fireplace, a true Morsø classic. The furnace is fitted with an extra self-regulating chamber that
supplies extra air at the top of the stove or fire via a number of ducts. This extra combustion ensures
the burning of harmful particles and any excess gases that would otherwise be released into the
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The Morsø 1412 fires up quickly and effectively, and the side panels are still decorated with Morsø’s
classic squirrel motif.
The original 1400 family now comprises 3 additional stoves. The combustion technique in these
classic stoves has been further developed and improved, so that even particles and excess gasses are
burned. These stoves therefore meet even the most rigorous environmental standards and are
approved to burn wood in smoke controlled areas.
Rated output:
Heat output range:
Heats up m2:
Flue diameter:
Telephone number: + 27 (0) 21 852 7173 | Fax: +27 (0) 21 852 2382| Email:
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