Line Smoke Detector LRMX
Line Smoke Detector LRMX
• Motorized detector head
• User-friendly commissioning via automatic
• Disturbance-free operation via automatic electromechanical tracking of detector head during
building movements
• Optimal access via remote operating unit
• Clear representation of all states via central
display on operating unit
• High level of IP protection for use under difficult
environmental conditions
• Activation and reset via esserbus transponder
• Range from 5 up to 100 m
• Large selection of accessories
The LRMX Line Smoke Detector
marks a new generation of infrared
light-beam detectors in compliance
with EN 54-12. Based on the light absorption principle, the sender sends
a pulsated infrared beam of light to
the prism reflectors which are to be
mounted opposite the detector. These prisms reflect the light back to the
receiver. If smoke should enter the
infrared light beam and dim it to a
defined degree, a signal is forwarded via the esserbus transponder to
the fire alarm control panel (short:
FACP). Both fire alarms as well as
disturbance alarms are forwarded to
the FACP.
The prominent feature of this new generation is the automatic alignment
at initial start-up and the regular adjustment of the detector head via the
integrated engine in the detector.
This simplifies start-up considerably
and thus it can be carried out more
quickly. Due to the automatic self-adjustment of the detector during
even the slightest building movements, as for example due to length extensions, temperature variations, etc., the LRMX can always retain the optimal position of the initial alignment and thus is even more protected from
Operation is user-friendly via the ground-level operating and control unit
which is operated remotely from the detector. The power is supplied via the
energy fed to the detector, so that in the case of an operating and control
unit failure, continuing operation of the LRMX is guaranteed. The operating
and control indicator has an illuminated indicator display which shows all
reports and states clearly and at eye-level. With the aid of the display, a
manual alignment of the detector is also possible even in the case of very
difficult initiation conditions, as the horizontal and vertical coordinates of
the infrared light-beam are represented in detail. The connection to the esserbus analog loop is carried out via the esserbus transponder 808613.10
in the usual manner. Resetting can also be easily carried out via this esserbus transponder: using the tools 8000 programming and service software,
the relays on the transponder can be programmed as reset relays and the
reset time can be set individually.
Thus the LRMX on the esserbus analog loop represents a significant advance in the world of line smoke detectors and guarantees an extremely
high degree of disturbance-free and low-maintenance operation.
Radial arm-functions
Installation possibilities
Circuit diagram example
Adjusting angle / 180° degrees
esserbus/esserbus -PLus
Length 42 cm
to 151 cm
Ceiling / Wall bracket
Mounting plate
Detector or 1 prism
Adjusting angle
90° degrees
24 V DC
Receptacle for mounting
plate or mounting spider
Ceiling / Wall bracket
Mounting spider
4 prism or 9 prism
10.2 to 40 V DC
Current consumption
3 mA (in all operating states)
IR wavelength
Alarm relay
Fault relay
Class of protection
Dimensions (W x H x D)
870 nm
30 V DC / 2 A
30 V DC / 2 A
5 m to max. 100 m (with Reflector set 761402)
IP 65
Detector: 155 x 180 x 137 mm
Operating unit: 120 x 185 x 62 mm
Single prism: 10 x 10 x 9 mm
Order Information
Linear Smoke Detector LRMX
Reflector set for 761400 for ranges up to 80 m
Reflector set for 761400 for ranges up to 100 m
Part No.
Single reflector for LRMX 761400
Ceiling bracket for LRMX 761400 for distances 400 to 700 mm
Ceiling bracket for LRMX 761400 for distances 700 to 1500 mm
Mounting plate for ceiling bracket for detector/single reflector
Mounting spider for ceiling bracket 761404 and 761405
Part No. 795882.G0 • 07/2008 • Technical information is subject to change without notice!
Technical Data
Operating voltage
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Example of application
For further order data please refer to our "Fire Alarm Technology" product line catalogue.
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