Using a GSM modem (Wavecom Extend) as a PC modem with

Using a GSM modem (Wavecom Extend) as a PC modem with
Eltek TU 1017 User Instructions
Using a GSM modem (Wavecom Extend) as a PC modem
with Darca Software
The Eltek GSM modem for use with the PC is marked GSMPC and is supplied with lead,
antenna and AC power supply (type MPGSMextend). A SIM is not included.
The installation process to follow is:
1. Configure Modem
2. Configure Darca
3. Test the installed modem with Darca
Step 1: Configure Modem
Connect the Modem to a spare serial port on the pc, using the supplied data cable.
(If the PC is USB only use the RS232/USB adaptor supplied by Eltek. Other types are
not supported by Eltek). The modem to PC cable can also be ordered as an
accessory – type LC-PC/MDM.
The Wavecom Extend modem must be installed under Windows so that it is
available for the Dial-Up Networking feature to use:
Windows XP: double click the Phone & Modem Options icon within the
Control Panel (Start > Control Panel > Phone & Modem Options).
Windows 7: Open Phone and Modem by clicking the Start button, and then
clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type phone and modem, and then
click Phone and Modem.
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Click Modems tab
Clicking Add opens the Install New Modem wizard; Windows then prompts the
user to decide whether it should search for the modem. Tick Don't detect my
modem; I will select it from a list, so that the driver can be manually chosen.
Click Next.
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The Standard 19200 bps Modem driver is located within the Models list of the
(Standard Modem Types) manufacturer, and should be selected.
Click Next.
In the subsequent pane the appropriate COM port should be selected:
Click Next.
Click Finish.
Click OK in Phone and Modem Options pane.
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We now need to edit the modems properties to operate at the correct speed.
In the newly created modem, click Modems > Properties.
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Select the Modem Tab and change the Maximum Port Speed to 38400.
Click OK > OK.
This completes the installation and the modem is ready to use. (You can confirm the
operation of modem by reviewing the Diagnostics – see above). The next step is to
configure Darca.
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Step 2: Configure Darca
Before connecting the Wavecom Supreme modem to the PC:
Open your version of Darca.
Click Contact wizard > Manual > Next and check the section How is the
Squirrel connected to the Computer?. The Directly and via Modem
buttons should both be available.
If via Modem is still greyed out, the modem hasn’t installed properly. Attempt
the installation process again or seek help.
Now, click on Settings > Communications. Ensure that the Modem drop
down list is set to Standard 19200bps modem. If you have installed multiple
GSM modems, they will appear as Standard 19200bps modem #N, where N
is a number. Choose the most recent.
Click on Settings and set the Port speed and Flow control as follows:
Click OK.
Connect the modem using the serial lead or USB adaptors. Ensure power is supplied
to the modem!
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Step 3 : Test the installed modem with Darca
Prepare the modem:
Install a valid (with credit if PAYG) SIM in the modem
Slide black cover partially across SIM
Connect antenna
Connect serial cable(s)
Apply power
The red LED will initially be steady and will change to a slow flash (allow up
to 30 seconds) when a network is detected.
Test with Darca:
Open your version of Darca
Click on Contact > Modem, and enter the Phone number of the remote
modem / Squirrel. Click Next.
The red LED will flash fast whilst contacting the dialled number.
The Remote Squirrel Contact Window will appear quite soon, but the
Icons will be crossed out (with a red cross). It may take three or four minutes
for the crosses to disappear. This is quite normal at the very first attempt to
contact. Thereafter communications will be faster.
Reboot the computer and the Modem should now be ready for use.
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How do I know if the GSMPC is connected to the network?
A red LED is located adjacent to the SIM tray on the modem. Ensure a valid SIM is
installed correctly (see below) and an antenna connected.
LED cadence:
Continuously ON:
Flash every two secs:
Fast flash:
No network connection
or no SIM installed!
Connected to network
Data call in progress
SIM Installation
Correct orientation is gold contacts must face up
To insert the SIM, gently push home the SIM (it will latch) and move slider across to
secure SIM in place and activate the modem. To remove the SIM, move slider and
press the SIM to unlatch. (Disconnect power to remove or install SIM.)
Use only the supplied GSM antenna. The antenna lead can be extended – refer to Eltek
for 5m extension lead.
Note: The system has no means of indicating credit on a SIM.
Engineering use only
Factory Note
Modem needs to be set up with the following commands before shipping:
For Rest of World:
Specialist Data Loggers
Eltek Ltd, 35 Barton Road, Haslingfield
Cambridge, CB23 1LL, England
Tel: +44 (0) 1223 872111
Fax: +44 (0) 1223 872521
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