SekRit bR27
sekrit br27
Aktiv In-Wall Bass Reinforcement Loudspeaker
Key features include
10" long-excursion drive unit
Chakra power amplification module with 500 W RMS / 1000 W peak
power output
Digitally controlled signal processing provides flexible configuration
Paintable grille
The Sekrit BR27 Aktiv Bass Reinforcement Loudspeaker
is a compact yet powerful high performance in-wall bass
reinforcement loudspeaker that can improve and
extend the scope of any high quality loudspeaker
Power amplification is supplied by the included Chakra
amplifier module, which offers high levels of power,
reliability and efficiency, whilst producing less heat and
distortion than traditional amplifiers. This incorporates
signal sensing auto switch-on/off and low standby
power consumption for energy conservation,
advantageous in installs where access to power is limited.
Digitally controlled signal processing and a wide and
adjustable frequency range enable Sekrit BR27 to be
integrated within any environment. Digital controls allow
easy fine-tuning of parameters such as adjustable roll-off,
bass equalisation and phase inversion.
Technological advances derived from Linn's reference
Klimax range have allowed us to develop a bass
reinforcement loudspeaker with the shortest signal
path and maximum headroom, ensuring the most
demanding dynamics from music and movies are
handled with ease and accuracy.
Sekrit BR27 comes supplied with a paintable
loudspeaker grille and MDF baffle and can be built into
walls, ceilings or bespoke cabinetry. It is the perfect
partner for Linn’s other in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers
in the Sekrit range and can equally well be used as a
discreet bass solution in conjunction with free-standing
1 Sekrit BR27 Drive Unit
2 Sekrit BR27 Grille
3 Sekrit BR27 Amp Module
4 Sekrit BR27 Panel
sekrit BR27
technical SpecificationS
Aktiv In-Wall Bass Reinforcement Loudspeaker
February 2009
Pitch-accurate bass reinforcement loudspeaker with integral active amplification and equalisation circuitry
Drive unit
10 inch (254 mm), paper coned, long throw, high motor force, bass driver
Output Power
500 W RMS, 1000 W PEAK
Minimum Required Volume
27 litres
Maximum Volume
40 litres
Internal Frequency Response
Adjustable roll-off from 55 Hz - 130 Hz in 3 steps and flat (to allow external low pass filtering). Default is 55 Hz
High Pass Filtered Output Frequency Response
Adjustable from 10 Hz - 235 Hz in 9 steps. Default is 10 Hz.
Audio Connections
Line level audio input RCA phono (A IN)
Line level audio loop out RCA phono (AL OUT)
Line level high pass output RCA phono (HP OUT)
Line Input Impedance
18 k Ω
Parameter Adjustment
- 4 step internal low pass frequency @ 55, 85, 130 Hz and flat
- 6 step internal high pass frequency from 18 Hz - 40 Hz
- 9 step external high pass frequency from 10 Hz - 235 Hz
- Gain adjustable 34 dB in 1 dB steps (-15 to +19 dB)
- 3 step Bass equalisation
- 4 step Time out (standby time after signal end), including 'Always On'
- Phase inversion (normal/inverted)
Magnetic shielding
Fully protected against overload, temperature, full short circuit and overdrive
Mains Input voltage
100 - 120 V
220 - 240 V
Mains Supply Frequency
50 - 60 Hz
Standy Power Consumption
Panel Dimensions
H 320 mm x W 320 mm x D 36 mm
H 12.6 inches x W 12.6 inches x D 1.4 inches
Amplifier Module Dimensions
H 62 mm x W 284 mm x D 210 mm
H 2.4 inches x W 11.2 inches x D 8 inches
Driver Dimensions
Ø 269 mm x W 204 mm x D 161 mm
Ø 10.6 inches x W 8 inches x D 6.4 inches
Drive Unit Weight
5 kg / 11 lbs
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