visionnet TW207er-4

visionnet TW207er-4
Visionnet TW207er-4
How to Secure Wi-Fi Instructions - Residential
Make sure that you are using a computer that is directly wired to the modem; NOT a
computer that is connected wirelessly. Next, open your web Browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, or
Firefox) and type “” in the address bar and hit enter on your keyboard.
Now you will need to enter your User Name and Password in the fields provided.
The default User Name is “admin”. The default Password is “visionnet”. If you have set up a
unique user name and password, enter them in the respective fields. After entering the User
Name and Password, click the “OK” button.
Visionnet TW207er-4
How to Secure Wi-Fi Instructions - Residential
Click on the “Wireless Setup” link.
Make sure that box next to “Enable Wireless” is checked. Next, in the “SSID:” field,
we suggest you put your last name, although it is optional. This will be the name of your
wireless network. Next, under the “Wireless” Tab click on the “Security” link.
Visionnet TW207er-4
How to Secure Wi-Fi Instructions - Residential
Look on the bottom of your DSL Modem. Between the bar codes, you will see a
number listed after “MAC:” Please write down the number from YOUR modem as it will be your
new Wi-Fi password and you will need it in the next step and every time you connect a new
computer to your wireless network. Note: if you see a “0”, it is always a number, not a letter.
Next to “Network Authentication”, make sure that the “WPA-PSK” is selected from
the drop-down menu. Next to “Pre-Shared Key:”, enter the number that you wrote down in the
previous step. This will be your new Wi-Fi password. You can leave the other settings at their
default position. Finally, click the “Save/Apply” button when you are finished.
Visionnet TW207er-4
How to Secure Wi-Fi Instructions - Residential
The Modem will now reboot. When it comes back online, you are finished securing
your DSL modem! To set-up a computer to wirelessly access your newly secured Wi-Fi
network, follow the prompts on your computer to setup a new wireless network. When it asks
for your password or network key, enter the number you wrote down from the back of the
modem. If you need additional help, please read the document titled “how to connect a
computer to my wireless network” or contact our technical support at 435-826-4211 option 2,
then option 2 again
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