Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit - Voicedata Services, Perth Western

Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit - Voicedata Services, Perth Western
IP Conference Unit
Conferencing Unit
The Mitel® 5310 IP Conference Unit is a full-duplex, IP conferencing unit that supports natural
conversation while eliminating background noise – even in large meeting rooms – for exceptional
voice quality and clarity. Highly intuitive, the 5310 IP Conference Unit connects to the Mitel
5224 IP Phone or 5235 IP Phone, giving users access to familiar telephony controls.
Voice Quality Conferencing
Full Functionality, Single Connection
The 5310 IP Conference Unit uses beam-forming
array technology to focus a microphone beam on the
individual speaking, virtually eliminating all ambient
room noise and side conversations. It can also be set to
presentation mode, which focuses the microphone beam
exclusively on one key speaker, allowing parties on the
receiving end of a presentation to follow without
distractions. Full-duplex operation supports natural
conversation in either mode, allowing a conference user
to enter a conversation without cutting off another
speaker. Built-in noise reduction and automatic gain
control further support quality voice conferencing. The
5310 IP Conference Unit is designed for meeting rooms
up to 20’ x 30’ in size.
The 5310 IP Conference Saucer installs in seconds,
plugging into the adapted headset port and power
port of the 5224 IP Phone or the Conference Module
on the 5235 IP Phone for full conferencing and
telephony functionality while eliminating the need
for an additional LAN port. It is compatible with the
Mitel 3300 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP)
and the Mitel SX-200 Integrated Communications
Platform (ICP). It is also supported on
5224 and 5235 SIP Mode IP Phones.
Multimedia Capabilities
The 5310 IP Conference Unit supports multimedia
capabilities through the Mitel Collaboration Application.
With it, users can initiate instant collaboration sessions
in an audio, video or web-based format, freely switching
between multiple media with the touch of a button on
an IP phone.
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Powering Options
• Full-duplex operation
• Acoustic beam-forming technology to focus on lead
speaker and eliminate background noise, side
conversations, etc.
• Noise reduction
• Automatic gain technology
• Integrated LED direction indicators that provide
conference participants visual confirmation that the
unit is receiving their voice
• Designed for optimal use in offices or meeting rooms
up to 20’ x 30’
• Optional remote control unit
• Full telephony functionality through Mitel 5224 IP
Phone and 5235 IP Phone (MiNET and SIP Modes)
• Available in Silver Metallic and Dark Gray
• Newly styled side-control unit with conference control
buttons for 5224 IP Phone
• Module and soft keys for Conference Controller
Application for 5235 IP Phone
• 5224 IP Phone:
– Powered via the AC adapter power port
on the 5224 IP Phone
– Requires 24VDC power adapter, purchased
• 5235 IP Phone:
– Powered over Ethernet with a power source
compliant to IEEE 802.3af.
– 48VDC Ethernet Power Adapter available,
purchased separately, (if required)
Compression Support
G.711, G.729
Voice QoS
Supports 802.1p/q for quality of service
System Requirements
• Mitel 3300 Integrated Communications
Platform (ICP), Release 6.1, or later
• Mitel SX-200 Integrated Communications Platform
(ICP), Release 3.0, or later
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