bizhub design: speed, power and productivity

bizhub design: speed, power and productivity


bizhub design: speed, power and productivity

bizhub 751 bizhub 601


High-productivity design: the bizhub 751/601 gives you powerful MFP print/scan performance, with optional high-speed fax and scalable auto finishing options.

Center-office styling: bizhub places a central document resource at the hub of your business, in sleek dark cabinet color that looks great in any office environment.

Production-quality finishing options: add booklet-making, multi-position stapling, hole-punching, even tri-fold and z-fold capabilities to your bizhub system.

revolutionary design, uncompromising performance

bizhub 751/601

Engineered for workhorse productivity in high-volume traffic. Designed to look great and operate at peak efficiency in the center of your workflow. And built for speed – with blazing 75 ppm print/copy output in high-resolution B&W, plus fast, flexible scanning to multiple destinations at up to 75 originals per minute.

To keep ahead of rising document traffic, that’s the power and performance you need – and that’s what bizhub delivers. The bizhub 751 and 601 will transform your workflow. Control your scanning and printing. Increase your productivity.

Expand your reach. Enhance your security. And grow your business.

Revolutionary design, uncompromising performance.

That’s why Konica Minolta created bizhub.

InfoLine ™ status display: a unique display follows the flow of input/output – message transmission and reception, maintenance alerts and more, so you can see operating status at a glance even from across the room.

Large color touchscreen: an 8.5” color

LCD touch-screen speeds operation with short-cut keys, simple menus and thumbnail preview of documents before you print.


bizhub 751/601

the networkable resource that speeds your workflow

With the bizhub 751/601 on your team, your whole organization can work faster and smarter – input and output, workgroups and branches, clients and vendors. You’ll have a powerful MFP for everyday business needs, an on-demand printer for business documents and communications materials, a complementary “overflow” device for print-for-pay and corporate in-plant print facilities. All powered by the revolutionary bizhub OP – Konica

Minolta’s advanced operations and networking architecture.

Access for all.

In compliance with

Section 508, tilting control panel design makes bizhub operation simple for wheelchairbound employees. Blue

LEDs on the panel are easier to see for the visually impaired – and paper draws slide open smoothly for loading.

Protection for the environment. Both the bizhub 751 and

601 are built with environmentally sensitive manufacturing processes, energy-efficient power save and toner save modes, and other Konica Minolta “green” technologies. In every bizhub design, we assess environmental impact over the entire product lifecycle – which earned us the 2007 Agency for

Natural Resources and Energy Director General’s Award.

WebDAV online file management. With support for

WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) operation, the bizhub 751/601 makes it easier to manage files and folders on your web server, identify authors and dates of web pages, lock documents and track file revisions.

Support for IPv6. It’s the next-generation Internet protocol that dramatically increases IP addressing power and gives every networked bizhub device its own IP address to facilitate communication and improve security.

Gigabit Ethernet. The advanced interface connection to speed network traffic – so information can flow more quickly in more directions through your system.

The productivity of bizhub OP. The proprietary bizhub OP

(Open Platform) control system adheres, adapts and expands to the needs of your growing IT infrastructure. In sophisticated functions, simple operation and seamless software integration, bizhub OP can be a significant advantage to your workflow.

Optional IC-208 Image Controller. Required for printing, the IC-208 is your key to higher productivity – with the

Emperon ® Print System for powerful desktop control of

PCL6/PS3 emulation and native XPS functionality, and the speed of a 1 GHz processor to handle printing and finishing tasks.

High-volume reliability. Every bizhub is built for robust, reliable operation – and with a duty cycle up to 300,000 pages per month, you’ll have print/copy/scan performance you can count on, day-in, day-out.

High-speed output. The bizhub 751 gives you print/copy output at up to 75 ppm, to keep you ahead of rising document needs. The bizhub 601 provides up to 60 ppm output – and both bizhub models let you scan documents at up to 75 originals per minute, to bring information into your system faster.

Uniform bizhub Architecture.

In bizhub 751/601, major functions are consolidated in uniform processing modules

– not on separate circuit boards. The result is smooth operation, energy-saving performance and less need for operator training.

The Emperon ® Print System.

The Emperon Print

System provides full print/scan functionality, with built-in

PCL6 and PS3 emulation, Windows Vista drivers, and native XPS (XML Paper Specifications) interpreter for seamless operation in your network environment.

The bEST integration advantages.

Third-party software can offer your business a host of advantages – and with bizhub Extended Solution Technology (bEST), the bizhub

751/601 is ready for integration with print management, variable printing, cost control and other specialized software.

bizhub 751/601

document distribution from a central point

With bizhub 751/601 at the hub of your business, you’ll have everything you need to handle high-volume document traffic, move information through your system faster, save time, speed workflow and eliminate redundant desktop devices that can waste energy. With the optional IC-208 Image Controller, you’ll have point-and-click printing and finishing power from any networked PC. And a 60 GB hard disk drive option puts secure document storage and retrieval at a single point – with access for all authorized users.



& White





Encrypted Network

Password Printing


Local USB







Single Line Dual Line




User Box










Internet Fax IP Address Fax PC Fax Fax Forwarding TSI Routing


Fast, flexible scanning. Scan documents at up to 75 originals per minute and distribute them in any form that fits your workflow – including Scan-to-Email to attach documents as PDF, XPS or TIFF files, Scan-to-FTP for quick access via any PC on your network, Scan-to-SMB to send files to shared folders on desktop PCs, and TWAIN scanning from PCs.

Simultaneous distribution with bizhub Send.

Want to do more in fewer keystrokes? Use bizhub

Send for simultaneous scanning, Emailing, faxing and storing – scanning a document, Emailing it to a workgroup colleague, faxing it to a customer or dealer, and simultaneously storing a

User Box copy or saving the file to SMB or FTP.

User Boxes that do more.

The bizhub 751/601 enables you to scan documents to individual

User Boxes on an optional

60 GB hard disk drive, assign User Boxes to or workgroups, even allocate User Boxes by theme, project or goal – a better way to manage document distribution.

High-volume fax.

A Super G3 fax option gives you high-volume fax reception and transmission capabilities, with direct PC faxing and

IP Address faxing, TSI routing, 2,000-location address book, broadcasting and program dialing – plus an optional second phone line to double your input/output.

Convenient USB input/output.

A simple USB Interface option on the front of your bizhub 751/601 lets you scan files to a USB thumbdrive and also print files from a USB thumb-drive

– including files in PDF,

XPS, TIFF and encrypted

PDF formats.

Pulverized Toner

FS-524 FS-525






Simitri ® Polymerized Toner. What gives bizhub 751/601 prints and copies such superior image quality? The exclusive

Konica Minolta Simitri toner formulation, with ultra-fine particles of smaller size and more consistent shape that sharpen detail, make text more legible and increase halftone definition. Simitri toner is also easier on the environment – because it requires less energy in manufacturing and reduces emissions by at least 30%.

Emulation smoothing. To enhance print resolution even further, emulation smoothing improves the appearance of halftone photos, graphics and large-type letters.

Increased ADF performance. Smooth, reliable auto document feeder performance keeps the bizhub 751/601 running at full rated speed -- letting you copy or scan long documents more efficiently and cutting down lines at your bizhub.

High-capacity paper supply. With optional LU-405 or

LU-406 large-capacity cabinets, you can load up to 7,600 sheets for longer uninterrupted print/copy runs. You can also scan or duplex originals up to 11” x 17” in size and load up to 110 lb. index stock in all paper trays.

Production-quality finishing options. With options, the bizhub 751/601 can provide automatic 80-page bookletmaking, 100-sheet stapling, half-folding, z-folding and tri-folding, and 2/3-hole punch capabilities – everything you need to print and finish documents in-house and on-demand.








All the options: bizhub

751 and 601 give you a modular, scalable solution to fit growing document needs, including:

FS-524 Staple Finisher :

50-sheet stapling in any of

8 positions.

FS-525 Staple Finisher:

100-sheet stapling in any of 8 positions.

FS-610 Booklet Finisher:

80-page booklet-making,

50-sheet stapling.

PI-504 Post Inserter: Lets you add pre-printed color or

B&W covers to documents.

PK-505 Hole-Punch Unit:

Adds selectable 2/3-hole punch capability to the

FS-524, FS-525 or FS-610


ZU-605 Z-fold/Punch Kit:

Adds selectable z-fold and

2/3-hole punch capability to the FS-524, FS-525 or

FS-610 Finisher.

SF-602 Shift Tray: Output tray to keep copies, prints and faxes sorted separately.

FK-502 Fax Kit: includes

MK-716 Fax Mount Kit.

FK-502 Fax Board: required for second fax line capability.

LU-405 Large Capacity


Holds up to 4,000

8-1/2” x 11” sheets.

LU-406 Large Capacity

Cabinet: Holds up to

4,000 sheets in sizes up to 12” x 18”.


bizhub 751/601

security and software to put you in control

In today’s networked era, management and security are top priorities for any enterprise

– and IT administrators are looking for new ways to protect documents, integrate multiple devices and streamline the flow of information. The bizhub 751 and 601 give you more ways to enhance security – plus the powerful PageScope ® software you need to speed printing, control access, manage accounts, store and retrieve documents, and manage devices from a single point. Saving time, reducing costs, protecting data – it’s all in a day’s work for bizhub.

Biometric authentication. More accurate than fingerprints, the optional AU-101 Biometric Authentication Unit recognizes users based on scanning finger vein patterns for secure MFP access and fast “ID-and-print” operation.

HID Proximity-card* operation. For fast, secure access to bizhub MFP functions, the optional AU-201H

HID Authentication Unit lets you use HID Proximity cards.

The extra protection of bizhub Secure Print.**

Lets you set password security locks in place on sensitive documents – job estimates, employee evaluations, salary reports, business forecasts and sales figures.

* May not be available at the time of launch. ** HDD required.

User Authentication.

Custom-selectable for printing, scanning, faxing and User Box functions – with users identified based on the Active Directory

Server, NTLM V1 or V2

Server, NDS Server, LDAP

Server or built-in bizhub authentication functions.

Encrypted PDF.

Protects the information passing in PDF format from your

PC to your network.

IP Filtering.

Registers the

IP addresses of PCs that are allowed access to your documents.

SSL/TLS Encryption.

Protects data during exchange from bizhub to

LDAP servers.

Email protection with

S/MIME Encryption.

Supports S/MIME (Secure

Multipurpose Internet Mail

Extensions) encryption standard to protect Email exchanges.

Audit log/Image log management.

An option that allows you to track usage and control access throughout your network.

Locking your hard disk.

HDD Lock applies password-protection locking to the hard disk drive of your bizhub, preventing it from being read even when removed.

Job Erase.

Automatically overwrites your HDD up to three times, in compliance with U.S. military standards for the Army (DoD 5220.22-M),

Navy (NAVSO P-5239-26) and Air Force (AFSSI5020).

HDD sanitizing.

Allows you to overwrite data in 8 different modes, in compliance with U.S.

military and international security standards – including seven-times overwrite protection


PageScope Web Connection PageScope Net Care Device Manager PageScope Workware

Powerful PageScope ® software. A full suite of software solutions for web-based monitoring and network control, integrated IP addressing and security, enterprise-system integration, personal document management, printing from the Internet and more.

PageScope Web Connection. Gives each bizhub device its own “website” for online access to status information via standard web browsers.

PageScope Net Care Device Manager. Lets IT administrators manage systems more easily by combining bizhub and other MIB-compliant devices in a single network.

PageScope Print Status Notifier. Alerts you that a bizhub job has finished printing, paper has run out or toner needs replacing.

PageScope Data Administrator ™ . Manages device user lists, enables account tracking, sets up one-touch Email addresses and manages password and security functions.

PageScope Workware ™ . The option that makes it easier to manage scanned documents, view thumbnail images, link files and convert formats.

general specifications

bizhub 751/601

























OPTIONS: bizhub 751 bizhub 601

Digital Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax

Simitri ® Polymerized Toner

300,000 pages

B&W: 75 ppm (letter, portrait) B&W: 60 ppm (letter, portrait)

1,200 dpi equivalent x 600 dpi

Up to 75 opm (@ 600 dpi, letter) / 200 dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi, 600 dpi (B&W only)

TIFF, PDF, Encrypted PDF, XPS (XPS file format requires optional HDD)

1,024 MB (shared print, copy, scan and fax memory) / 60 GB HDD (optional, shared print, copy, scan and fax memory)

Up to 11" x 17" (scanning/copying)

5.5” x 8.5” to 12” x 18”

16 lb. bond to 110 lb. index, Manual bypass: 13 lb. bond to 110 lb. index

5 minutes or less

3 seconds or less

4.5 minutes or less

3.5 seconds or less

1–9999 (countdown, interrupt capability)

1,500-sheet Paper Drawer (letter-portrait), 1,000-sheet Paper Drawer (letter-portrait), 500-sheet Universal Paper Drawer x2, 100-sheet Intelligent Bypass

Zoom range: 25% - 400%, 0.1% increments, Preset reduction: 79%, 77%, 65%, 50%, Preset enlargement: 121%, 129%, 155%, 200%

256 gradations

Text (legible text)

Text / Photo (clear text and halftones)


Dot Matrix

7,600 sheets (total, with options)

Capacity: 100-sheets, Original size: Up to 11” x 17”, 1-sided, 2-sided originals, mixed original detection

120V, 60Hz, 16A

1.92 kW or less

34.9” x 33.8” x 44.9”

Approx. 496 lbs. (Main Unit + ADF)

AU-101 Biometric Authentication Unit

AU-201H HID Card Authentication Unit**

EK-703 USB 2.0 Host Board (Local I/F Kit)

FK-502 Fax Kit (includes MK-716 Fax Mount Kit)

FK-502 Fax Board (required for 2 nd fax line capability)

FS-524 Staple Finisher (50-sheets)

FS-525 Staple Finisher (100-sheets)

FS-610 Booklet Finisher

HD-510 60 GB Hard Disk Drive

IC-208 Image Controller

LU-405 Large Capacity Tray (4000-sheet capacity, letter)

LU-406 Large Capacity Tray (4000-sheet capacity, up to 12” x 18”)

PI-504 Post Inserter

PK-505 Punch Kit Unit (2/3-hole; for FS-524, FS-525, FS-610)

SC-506 HDD Encryption Kit

SF-602 Shift Tray

WT-504 Working Table

ZU-605 Z-fold Unit




FAXING (with fax option):






Emperon Print System:*








PROTOCOLS: bizhub 751 bizhub 601

Account Track (up to 1,000 accounts), APS/AMS, Auto Duplex, Auto Reset, Auto Tray Switching, Book Copy, Book Erase, Booklet Function, Box Function (Copier, Reprint with setting mode change,

Resend, Route Scanned Data), Combined Copy Setting (2-in-1, 4-in-1, 8-in-1), Copy Job Reserve (51 jobs, including current), Cover Mode, Criss-Cross Sorting, Distribution Number and Stamping,

Encrypted Network Password Printing, Energy Save Mode, Enlarge Display, Erase (Edge/Center/Frame), Face Up/Face Down Output, File Margin, Finishing (Group, Sort, Staple, Punch, Center Staple and Fold),

HDD Random Erase, Horizontal/Vertical Zoom Ratios (X/Y magnification), Image Density Adjustment (Density, Background Removal), Image Overlay, Image Repeat, Image Rotation, Interrupt Mode,

Job Erase, Job List, Job Memory (30 jobs), LDAP/up to 5 LDAP servers/Global LDAP, Mixed Original Detection, Neg./Pos. Reverse Image, OHP Interleave, Original Position Adjustment, Page Insertion,

Paper Size Selection (APS, Manual), Paper Type Selection, Program Jobs, Proof Copy, Secure Printing, Separate Scanning, Sleep Mode Recovery, TAB Paper Support, User Authentication

(Synchronize w/ Account Track), Utility (Meter Count, Environment Setting, Default Setting, OneTouch Setting, Admin. Mode), Watermarks, Zoom Selection (AMS, Fixed Zoom Ratio,

User Programmable Zoom Ratio, Manual)

Scan-to-Email, Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-SMB (Scan-to-Desktop), Scan-to-HDD (Scan-to-User Box), Network TWAIN (HDD TWAIN), Scan-to-WebDAV, Scan-to-USB, WS-Scan

Autodialing (1,000 one-touch keys w/o HDD/2,000 one-touch keys w/ optional HDD), Auto Memory Reception, Auto Reduction Printing, Border Erase Transmission, Broadcasting (maximum 621 locations),

Bulletin Board, Density Adjustment, Duplex Transmission/Reception, Exposure Mode (Text, Text/Photo, Photo, Dot Matrix), Group Dialing (up to 100 groups with 500 destinations per group), Image

Rotation Transmission/Reception, Mailbox (Private) Transmission/Reception, Memory/Quick Dial, Mixed Originals Transmission, Original Size Designation, Overseas Transmission, Password

Transmission/Reception, PC Fax, Polling Transmission/Reception, Priority Transmission, Print Setting for Overnight Reception, Program Dialing (400 programs), Redial, Relay Broadcasting,

Relay Transmission, Remote Reception, Timer Transmission, TSI User Box, TSI User Box Routing

Super G3 compatibility, JBIG data compression, 33.6 Kbps modem speed, F-Code Support

Approximately 2.4 seconds/page

Text, Text/Photo, Photo, Dot Matrix

Network & Device Management:

PageScope Net Care Device Manager

PageScope NDPS Gateway

PageScope EMS Plug-Ins

PageScope Network Setup

PageScope Data Administrator

HDD Backup Utility

PageScope Web Connection

User Tools:

PageScope Direct Print

PageScope Box Operator

PageScope Print Status Notifier

Font Management Utility

Print Utility for Unix bizhub vCare capable

PageScope Workware

1 GHz

1,024 MB (shared with main body)

60 GB (shared scan and copier HDD) optional

PCL5e/c, PCL6 (XL version 3.0) Emulation, PS3 (version 3016) Emulation, XPS (XML Paper Specification)

PCL Resident Fonts: 80 outline, PS3 Emulation Resident Fonts: 137 outline

PCL6: Windows 2000, Windows XP (Home/Professional), Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Professional x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Vista (x32, x64)

PS3: Windows 2000, Windows XP (Home/Professional), Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Professional x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Vista (x32, x64) XPS: Windows Vista (x32, x64),

Mac OS 9.2 (PPD File), Mac OSX 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5**, Intel-based 10.4, 10.5** (print driver)

10Base-T/100 Base-TX/1000Base-T, USB 2.0 (optional)

TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk (EtherTalk), LPR, SMB, LPD, Netware (4.x, 5, 6), Pserver, N Printer, NDPS, IPP1.1, SMTP, POP3, LDAP, SSL, SNMP, HTTP/HTTPS, IPv6, DPWS (WSD)

*IC-208 Image Controller required for printing.

**May not be available at the time of launch.


U.S.A., INC.

All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Konica Minolta and The essentials of imaging are trademarks of KONICA MINOLTA

HOLDINGS, INC. bizhub, Data Administrator, Emperon, i-Option, InfoLine, PageScope and Workware are trademarks of KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS

TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Simitri is a registered trademark of KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS. All other brands and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Some functions may require options, which may or may not be available at time of launch.



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