panel radiator faq`s

panel radiator faq`s
1. What size radiators do I need?
• The best way to determine this is to have a local Heating Professional calculate the BTUH
required based on climate and type of construction.
• There are various heat loss programs on the Internet that may be accessed. Rules of thumb
that involve BTUH per square foot or BTUH per cubic foot do not take into consideration the
many variables involved.
2. Where to put the radiator in the room?
• Typically radiators are placed under the windows to blanket the areas of most heat loss. In a
large room it is often advisable to use multiple smaller radiators rather than a single large
one. Consider both the comfort factor and the esthetics.
3. What is the difference in the radiators? Select, T6, Décor, and Column.
Select Radiator (SX radiators are an In- Stock radiator)
• Is the least expensive and the SX model is considered an in-stock radiator
• Connections are on the side only.
• Mounting to the wall is easy. The brackets can be located on the radiator to line up with the
studs in the wall.
• BTUH values for Select Radiators are calculated with 176 degree F. entering water
temperature and 68 degree F entering air temperature. Factors for other temperatures are
listed in the Technical Manual.
T6 Radiator
• Unit has built in Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) in the top right or left hand of the
• Inlet and outlet connections are centered below the radiator. Side connections may also be
used, but negate the built in TRV.
• Blocking in the wall is recommended; radiators are heavy.
• BTUH values are calculated on the same basis as the Select Radiators above.
Décor Radiators
• Connections are on the side and bottom on the 2, 3, 4 tube baseboard units.
• The 6,8,10 tube have side connections only.
• Mounting to the wall: The 2, 3, 4 tube wall brackets can be placed to align with wall studs.
The 6,8,10 tube radiators have wall brackets in fixed locations. Blocking is recommended.
• BTU values on the Décor radiators are calculated with 215 degree F. entering water
temperature and 65 degree F. entering air temperature. Conversion factors for other water
and air temperatures are listed in the Technical Manual.
Column Radiators
• Connections are on the side only. The inlet tapping is marked with a red cap.
• Mounting to the wall: Blocking may be required if wall brackets don’t line up with the studs
in the wall.
• Floor Brackets are optional.
• BTUH values for Column Radiators are based on 167 degree F. entering water temperature,
149 degree F. return flow temperature, and 68 degree F. air temperature. Conversion factors
for other temperatures are listed in the Technical Manual
What piping arrangement do I use? NOTE: All Myson radiators are designed for forced
circulation closed loop systems only. They are not compatible with open loop, gravity hot water or
steam systems.
• Attached are some plumbing diagrams of basic systems. Your Heating Contractor is best
qualified to determine which system is best for your application.
Are Myson Radiators Compatible with Cast Iron Radiators?
Generally speaking, Panel Radiators have less mass than cast iron, so their heating
characteristics are different. For best results, they should be on a separate heating zone.
Is it okay to connect panel radiators in series with other radiation?
We do not recommend that this be done. Panel radiators have a significant pressure and
temperature loss and will affect the performance of the system. They may be properly piped
in parallel using monoflo tees, provided that the circulator is sufficiently sized to overcome
the additional pressure loss. Consult your Heating Contractor or Engineer.
Why use Myson valves?
Myson radiators have British Standard straight female threads, not NPT. The Myson valves
are designed to work with the Myson radiators.
Myson valves have a ½” British Standard straight male thread on one end and a
½”compression for ½” copper pipe. Valves will accept a ½” male NPT fitting if the
compression nut and ring are removed.
The most popular valve Myson has is the LKD16AN (angle valve) or the LKD16SN (straight
What comes with the radiator?
The radiators come with the appropriate mounting brackets, and solid and vent plugs.
All valves are optional, and need to be selected based on the desired control of the radiator.
It is always recommended to have a Professional Trades Person install Myson products.
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