S9070 PC-Link Program Manual

S9070 PC-Link Program Manual
S9070 PC-Link Program Manual
The operating parameters of the Futaba programmable servo S9070 can be set and
changed from a PC by using this program. Since the Futaba CIU-2 USB adapter and
power supply (4.8~6V battery) and Y-harness (landing gear adapter) are necessary,
procure them beforehand and place into the state in which the CIU-2 is operated
properly from the PC. (Download and install the CIU-2 driver from the Futaba home
*Note:The S9070 PC-Link program is for Windows® Vista/XP/2000 use and is
not compatible with other OS.
Downloaded Zip file extraction (decompression)...............................P2
CIU-2 and S9070 connection................................................................P2
Calling the setting parameters.............................................................P3
Changing the parameters.....................................................................P4
Description of the function of each parameter...................................P5
Setting range of each parameter..........................................................P6
S9070 PC-Link
Downloaded Zip file extraction (decompression)
The downloaded S9070 PC-Link Eng V100 file is a Zip format file. Extract
(decompress) this file. (*For Windows® 2000, separate decompression software is
1. With Windows Vista/XP, double click file S9070 PC-Link Eng V100 to display its
2. Click "Extract all files". The Extraction Wizard launches.
3. Extract (decompress) Zip file S9070 PC-Link Eng V100 to the same location as the
Zip file storage location. PC-Link.exe file is extracted.
CIU-2 and S9070 connection
Connect S9070, CIU-2 USB adapter, 4.8~6V battery and Y-harness as shown below.
1. Connect the Y-harness to the CIU-2.
2. Connect the S9070 and the batteries to the Y-harness.
3. Connect the CIU-2 to the USB port on your PC.
The CIU-2 LED turns on green.
4.8~6V Battery
Connect to the USB port
on your PC.
S9070 PC-Link
Calling the setting parameters
1. When PC-Link.exe file is executed, the
"Futaba PC-Link for S9070" dialog box
shown at the right will be displayed.
2. To read the current parameters, click the
"Read" button. The currently programmed
parameters will be displayed.
If the CIU-2 USB adapter is not connected
to the PC, when the PC-Link.exe file is
executed, an "A CIU-2 is not connected."
message will be displayed. Push the OK
button after connecting the CIU-2 properly.
3. When the parameters are in the initial state,
initial values like those shown at the right will
Saving the parameters to a file:
1. Select "Save As" menu in "File" menu.
2. The file save dialog box is shown. Enter the file name and click the "Save" button.
Opening the parameters from a file:
1. Select "Open" menu in "File" menu.
2. The file open dialog box is shown. Select the file and click the "Open" button.
S9070 PC-Link
Changing the parameters
Slide Knob
Check Box
1. When the slide knob of each item on the screen is changed, the set value is
When setting an exact value, the value can be changed in minimum units by PC ← →
cursor key operation.
2. When you want to return the parameters to their initial state, click File at the top
left of the screen and select Default. A "The data will be initialized to the default.
Are you sure?" dialog box appears. When Yes (Y) is clicked, the servo enters the
default state.
3. To change the Speed Control parameter, enter a check by clicking the Enable check
box and then perform speed setting.
4. Select the function you want to set for the Reverse, Servo Type, Soft Start, Stop
Mode, and Smoother parameter items.
5. For Anti-Fluttering Level, the mode in which it is difficult for the fluttering
phenomena to appear when the servo is used with a large wing aircraft can be
selected. Level 5 is the setting which suppresses fluttering to the maximum.
The lower the Anti-Flutter set value, the higher the sensitivity. However, when a
low set value is selected, response to movement will become too sensitive and the
servo will operates constantly. Therefore, select a setting which provides a margin
at a level at which the flutter phenomena does not occur.
Note: If the Anti-Fluttering Level is set to a value that exceeds the display range of
this software by changing the specification of the servo, "---" is displayed. Do not
change the level if using the current setting.
6. After the optimum value of each item was set, the new parameters can be written
by clicking the "Write" button.
Note: Do not disconnect the servo and do not turn off power while writing the
Note: Always confirm the servo operates as desired before installing it in the
airframe after rewriting the parameter. Moreover, confirm the normal operation in
the ground test after installing it in the airframe enough.
S9070 PC-Link
Description of the function of each parameter
• Neutral Offset
The neutral position can be changed.
• Speed Control
Speeds can be matched by specifying theoperating speed. The speed of multiple
servos can be matched without being affected by motor fluctuations. This is effective
for load torques below the maximum torque.
However, note that the maximum speed will not be exceeded even if a speed over the
maximum speed of the servo at each operating voltage is set.
• Dead Band
The dead band angle at stopping can be specified. If the dead band angle is small,
the servo will operate continuously and the life of the servo may be shortened.
• Travel Adjust
The left and right travels centered about the neutral position can be set independently.
• Anti-Fluttering Level
With fuselages with a large wing area, etc., the flutter phenomena whereby the
control surfaces begin to oscillate continuously due to inertia may occur. However,
when this phenomena occurs, the oscillations can be reduced by changing this
parameter. Mode 5 has the highest suppression effect.
• Reverse
The direction in which the servo rotates can be changed.
• Servo Type
When the servo remains stopped for 30 seconds, the dead band expands and
unnecessary hold current due to external force is eliminated. When a new position
signal enters, the normal mode is restored and normal operation is resumed.
Select the "Retractable" mode for the retractable landing gear servo. In this case, set
the Travel Adjust and the Speed Control at the same time.
• Soft Start
Restricts operation in the specified direction the instant the power is turned on. By
making this setting, only the first operation when the power is turned on slowly moves
the servo to the specified position.
• Stop Mode
The state of the servo when the servo input signal is lost can be specified. The "Hold" mode
setting holds the servo in its last commanded position even if using AM or FM system.
• Smoother
This function smoothly changes servo operation relative to operation signal changes.
Normally use at Smooth setting. Especially, select the "OFF" mode when quick
operation is necessary.
S9070 PC-Link
Setting range of each parameter
• Neutral Offset: ±30˚ based on the default position
• Speed Control: Max. 0.12sec/60˚ (at 7.2V) ~12sec/60˚
• Dead Band: 0.03~3.98˚
• Travel Adjust: 55~175%
• Anti-Fluttering Level: Mode 1~Mode 5
• Reverse: Normal/Reverse
• Servo Type: Normal/Retractable
• Soft Start: ON/OFF
• Stop Mode: Free/Hold
• Smoother: ON/OFF
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