Compact, battery burnisher for large and small areas

Compact, battery burnisher for large and small areas
Compact, battery burnisher for large and small areas
Best value in its class
The SpeedGleam® Rider
It’s Simple
• Reduce operator training with
intuitive control panel and
supervisor lock-out function.
• Service your machine easily with
automated head-lift and easy
battery access.
• Charge anywhere with integrated,
on-board charger and cord
It’s Flexible
• Choose a 24 in / 610 mm or
27 in / 686 mm cleaning path.
• Burnish with 3 speeds and 3 down
pressure settings.
• Cover large areas quickly while
still fitting in tight areas like
doorways and elevators with
compact rider design.
It’s Safe
• Increase Indoor Environmental
Quality (IEQ) with optional active,
4-stage HEPA filtration dust
control system.
• Make operator comfort a priority
with low 69 dBA sound level.
Four no-nonsense features
High efficiency pad
motor for maximum
2. Automated
lift for safe and easy
access and pad
Innovative Nobles Technologies
QA Controls™ System
Lock-in consistent, repeatable cleaning
results with exclusive QA
Controls system. The
“supervisor lock-out”
simplifies operator experience and helps ensure a
uniform speed and down
pressure each time.
HydroLink® Battery Watering System*
(optional feature)
HydroLink’s easy-to-use
design requires little to
no training and protects
operators from the
possibility of acid contact
and other risks associated
with open battery maintenance. Save money by decreasing maintenance needs and increasing battery life and
run time.
*HydroLink® is a registered trademark of Trojan Battery Company
3. Highly
controls make adjust-
Active Dust
4. Optional,
Control with 4-stage
ing between 3 speeds
and 3 down pressures
quick and easy.
HEPA filtration that
improves indoor
environmental quality.
Optimize cleaning performance with
Maximize the uptime and life of your Tennant equipment with
TennantTrue Parts and Service. Benefit from the unmatched knowledge of our team of over 400 factory-trained and certified Tennant
Service technicians. TennantTrue Parts are designed to fit your Tennant
machine and deliver optimal cleaning performance. This helps reduce
machine downtime and service calls. Depend on TennantTrue to help
you maximize the effectiveness of cleaning operations.
TennantTrue Parts program includes Tennant, Nobles, Green Machines
and Orbio cleaning equipment.
SpeedGleam® Rider Specifications
Cleaning path (disk)
Engineered by Tennant Company,
the SpeedGleam Rider is the
smart, reliable choice for your
no-nonsense cleaning needs.
701 North Lilac Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55422
USA/Canada: +1.800.553.8033
Quebec: +1.800.361.9050
24 in / 610 mm
27 in / 688 mm
Pad motor 4 hp direct drive
Pad rotation 1,500-1,600 rpm
Down pressure (selectable) 70, 78, 85 amps
Burnishing speeds
Forward (as shipped)
Low Medium High Console programmable (per minute)
Low Range High Range Battery type 3 hour minimum run time at
low down pressure setting
On-board charger 25 Amp rating with charge time ≤ 18 hours
Dust filtration 4-stage HEPA filtration (optional)
Specifications subject to change without notice.
SpeedGleam Rider
©2013 The Tennant Company logo and other trademarks designated with
the symbol “®” are trademarks of Tennant Company registered in the
United States and/or other countries. Tennant Company’s products are sold
and serviced through subsidiaries of Tennant Company and distributors.
125, 150, 175 fpm / 38.1, 45.7, 53.3 mpm
250, 275, 300 fpm / 76.2, 83.8, 91.4 mpm
Flooded lead acid 6 x 6 Volts 435 Amp
Hour at 20 hour rate
Battery run time Warranty
150 fpm / 45.7 mpm
175 fpm / 53.3 mpm
200 fpm / 61.0 mpm
See your local representative
for warranty information
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