5393_HBZ (X-pack instructions)

5393_HBZ (X-pack instructions)
4. Install the new tail using the tail screws.
5. Re-install the rubber band you removed in Step 2.
6. Thread the free (left) control line though one of
the holes in the control horn, then through the hole
in the spool.
Thank you for purchasing the
Aerobird X-pack Hop-Up Kit.
This conversion kit is for experienced pilots or those who
have mastered the Aerobird in its stock configuration.
Kit Contents
Gold Streamers
X-pack Decals
7-Cell Battery
Provides more power and speed for better climbs
and more aggressive maneuvers.
Tail with Larger Elevators
Gives more control authority and maneuverability. With
this tail, you can turn and loop tighter and dive steeper.
The extra control response can give you the confidence
to fly lower and closer.
Note: You can use any combination of batteries and
tails (stock or hopped-up). No CG adjustments are
needed, just a couple of clicks of elevator trim may be
needed. The Aerobird will fly very well with the hop-up
tail and the stock (6-cell) battery.
Note: We recommend using the middle control horn
hole at first. Later, you can adjust the control line up
or down for more stability or maneuverability.
7. With the elevator in the down
position as shown, pull the excess
line through the horn so the control
line to the fuselage is nearly tight.
8. Turn the spool to take up the
slack in the line until the control
surface is even with the rest of the tail.
9. Repeat Steps 1, 6, 7, and 8 for the right control line
and surface.
10. Turn on the radio and center the trim levers.
11. Re-adjust the control surfaces to make sure they
are level. Turn the spool in the desired direction by
either taking up line and raising the control surface or letting out line and lowering the control
surface. Gently pull out any slack
in the control line if you let
out line to lower the
Correct Alignment
12. Perform the tail control test to make sure the lines
are connected properly and everything is working.
Charging and Installing the Battery
The 7-cell (900mAh) battery should be charged using
the DC Peak Charger (HBZ1026) included with the
Aerobird™. It is charged the same way as the stock
6-cell battery using the same settings (1.2 amp).
Consult your Aerobird or charger instructions.
The 7-cell battery is installed exactly the same as
a 6-cell battery. If there is foam at the bottom of the
battery compartment, you may need to pop it out.
Advanced Maneuvers
Triple Loop
From high altitude, push forward into a steep dive to
gain speed. Pull back steadily until you are applying
full up elevator. Hold this control input and make minor
steering corrections until your Aerobird completes
three full loops, then neutralize the controls. Be sure to
start with extra altitude, as you may lose some during
the loops!
Aerobird Immelmann
From medium altitude, push forward into a steep
dive. Pull back steadily until you are applying full up
elevator. Hold this until your Aerobird has completed
almost half of a loop. Push forward then right or left
until the control stick is in the corner. Your Aerobird
will roll out from upside down to right side up.
Neutralize the controls and apply corrections to
return to level flight.
Have fun
and fly safe!
Installing the Hopped-Up Aerobird Tail
1. Remove the control line from the horn on the pilot's
left by turning the spool to unwrap the line and pull the
line out of the horn. (By doing them one at a time, you
will not mix them up.)
2. Remove the rubber band from the underside of the
horns and set aside.
3. Remove the stock tail surface by turning the two
tail screws counterclockwise until the tail is free. Let
the tail hang by the remaining (right) control line.
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