installation guide for DASH

installation guide for DASH
Welcome to a new dimension of safety and security for your
vehicles with your purchase of the TrackmateGPS DASH and its
advanced technology. You are now able to have control of your
vehicles, whether you operate a business with company cars, a
fleet of limousines, or you are a parent of a teenage driver. The
DASH lets you know where your car is at all times. It can even
signal you if someone exceeds your pre-determined speed limit
or enters an area you you’d rather him/her not be there.
The DASH is ideal for commercial or personal use, simple to
install and easy to use.
*Read this Registration / Installation Guide carefully before
installing your new DASH.
STEP ONE: Registration and Activation
Before you turn on or install your DASH, you must create an
account, and register your device(s) on our website. At the
account setup page, you will be prompted to fill out the account
information form. Next you will be prompted to select one of
the service plans: saver, basic, premium or platinum. After
selecting a service plan you will be prompted to enter your
credit card information.
You will now be redirected to the homepagewhere you will be
able to enter the device’s serial number which can be found on
the device and on the box.
STEP TWO: Installation
Estimated time required for installation: 30 to 45 minutes for
experienced installer – 1 to 2 hours for novice.
It is recommended you use a professional car
electrician to install your tracker. However, if you're
handy, you may choose to install it on your own.
Tools needed for installation: voltage tester/meter,
wire stripper, electrical tape, wire connectors, fuse
Basic wiring diagram
The tracker has to be connected to a power source
providing 9V-30V DC. The wiring should be
connected to constant power for best results. The
power consumption is minimal (<30mA), and should
not affect your vehicle battery, unless the vehicle is
not used for an extended period (several weeks)or
the vehicle battery is in poor condition.
The wiring harness has ten wires (approximately 3ft
long). First, you connect the black (fused) wire to
ground. The red and purple wires should be
combined and connected to a constant power source
(fuse or wire) providing between 9V and 30V. Finally,
the green wire has to be connected to ignition or any
fuse/wire that are powered by ignition.
Your tracker is shipped with the SIM card preinstalled and the back-up battery depleted. Secure
both antennas to the tracker as indicated. The GPS
antenna (about 10ft long) to the GPS port and the
short, stubby antenna to the GSM port. Power your
device by connecting the fused black wire to ground
and the red wire to a live power source. Once
connected to a 12V source, the LED light will begin
flashing red. After several minutes it will turn to a
steady blue with an intermittent red flash in the
background. This indicates that the tracker is
transmitting tracking information. You can test your
device before actually installing it by checking off the
“Installed” box online. Your device will usually start
tracking within the hour.
Upon completion of your test, you should uncheck
the “installed” box if you don’t intend to finish your
installation on the same day.
Optimal installation locations are below the
dashboard, behind the glove compartment or radio.
For additional installation options, view the attached
image. For best results, the GPS antenna should be
exposed, however, as long as the antenna is not
blocked by metal, it will track well. IT IS CRITICAL TO
the (black) top skywards. Installing in the engine
compartment is not recommended, for the extreme
temperatures can potentially affect the life and
performance of the device.
In the event the tracker does not begin tracking, please
contact us by phone at 718-878-4056 or email us at with your username in the
subject line. We will assist you promptly.
Your purchase includes a free trial period for7 days from the
date of your tracking. At time of registration the quarterly fee
will be put on hold on your credit card (please note that the free
trial period does not apply to any additional devices that you
add to the account).
No contract or service agreement is required. The tracking fee
is billed automatically every three months. No-fee cancellation
can be done online. Prepaid tracking fees greater than one
month will be refunded.
Most electronic devices that rely on software to operate
occasionally become unresponsive (freeze) and require rebooting. This reboot can in most instances be done remotely by
us. However, occasionally the device has to be rebooted
Manual reboot instructions: 1) remove wiring harness from
device. 2) pop SIM card out from tracker by inserting pointy
object in yellow button near SIM card tray. 3) after about 10
seconds, re-attached wiring and push SIM card back in.
Feel free to contact us for any assistance or troubleshooting.
When you activate your DASH unit, you acknowledge and
accept the terms and conditions of the service agreement.
Should you discontinue service, your SIM will be de-activated.
Re-activating your service might carry a $20 fee.
We reserve the right to occasionally request from you
to replace the SIM card with a new SIM card in order to
provide improved tracking reliability.
Thank you for purchasing the TrackmateGPS™ DASH. We are
confident you will find the service and features a valuable part
of your personal or professional life. If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us at:
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