Xerox Phaser 6250 vs. Lexmark C762

Xerox Phaser 6250 vs. Lexmark C762
Phaser® 6250
Competitive Comparison
Xerox Phaser 6250 vs.
Lexmark C762
The Phaser 6250 offers more value, performance, and better color print quality
Faster speed
Lower price
More media flexibility
More convenience features
Xerox has more experience with
single-pass color printing technology
Phaser 6250
Lower price
• Get more performance and features for less money
Faster engine speed
Lexmark C762
26/26 ppm
Up to 25/25 ppm color/black
Faster processor
• Job Pipelining further increases efficiency when processing multiple jobs
700 MHz
500 MHz
Faster first-page-out time
12 seconds
15 seconds
Handles heavier media weights
• Superior flexibility for more reliability and creative freedom
Main trays: Up to 130 gsm
MFP: Up to 216 gsm
Larger hard drive
• Allows the Phaser 6250 to perform more tasks at once
• More storage for fonts, and to accommodate large files
using the Save Print or Secure Print features
20 GB
Main trays: Up to 90 gsm
MFP: Up to 199 gsm
5 GB
More color controls
• More color correction options add flexibility for more true, accurate color
TekColor® and Automatic Color
Correction, ColorSync, ICC
Automatic Color Control,
ColorSync, ICC profiles
Better language support
• True Adobe PostScript allows for more accurate printing
Adobe® PostScript® 3™,
PCL 5e emulation
PostScript level 3
and PCL6 emulations
Printer management software
• All the tools a busy office needs to stay productive
CentreWare® IS embedded
Web server, CentreWare Web,
job accounting, e-mail notification, Usage Analysis Tool
>10 years
~3 years
More single-pass color printing experience
• The Phaser 6250 is our 11th single pass color printer
* Estimated retail prices effective as of 2/1/05. Actual reseller prices may vary. Phaser 6250 prices shown include
a FREE additional year of on-site service plus a supplies start-up kit. A $900 VALUE. Good through 3/31/05 (except B model)
(see over)
Phaser® 6250
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the Phaser 6250.
Other Xerox Phaser 6250
Print quality advantages
• The Phaser 6250 uses an oil-less chemical toner that adheres to the surface
of the paper rather than soaking into it – providing increased intensity of the
color on the page.
• Using CCT (Constant Current Transfer) technology, the Phaser 6250 can print
on a wider variety of media while still ensuring the best quality,
Ease of use advantages
Fast network installation
• One of the easiest network driver installation procedures on the market today
gets users setup and printing in just minutes.
Easy toner replacement
• The Phaser 6250’s unique frosted cover makes it easy for
anyone in the office to find and change the toner cartridges
Xerox PrintingScout
• The Phaser 6250’s proactive PrintingScout provides instant,
detailed, on-screen alerts with solution instructions, so you
can quickly and easily fix the problem before the job prints.
Xerox PrintingScout
• Eases the burden on IT when users get instant step-by-step
graphic instructions on how to fix the problem
• Users get their print jobs faster and stay more productive
Xerox PhaserSMART automated troubleshooting
• PhaserSMART performs a remote diagnostic on the printer and
automatically provides feedback and step-by-step solutions
• Turns a potential service call into a simple automated solution
• No need to search an online database for the printer’s problem
• Saves time and money and keeps offices self-sufficient and productive
by avoiding service or help desk calls
CentreWare® Web for IT professionals
• Network management with CentreWare Web enables print networks to
be monitored, maintained and updated using a favorite Web browser
• Even non-Xerox network printers can be managed with this powerful tool
• Easy to setup
• Comes standard with any network configuration of the Phaser 6250
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