Straight Talk Wireless Quick Setup Guide- Please

Straight Talk Wireless Quick Setup Guide- Please
Straight Talk Wireless Quick Setup Guide- Please Follow All Steps
IMEI/MEID that is need for activation ------------------------------------
1. Go to to start process. ONLY use their website (do NOT call in).
2. Once on the home page, select “Activation” on top navigation menu.
3. Select Activate button under “Bring Your Own Phone or Tablet.” On the next
page select “I Have A SIM Card.”
4. Next step, you will be asked to enter the 20 digit SIM card number that is
located on your SIM card insert like below.
5. Enter the device’s IMEI/MEID, which is listed at the top of this page.
6. Select if you want to keep your number or get a new number. Then you will need to enter the zip code that you
will be using the device in the most.
*If transferring your current phone number, you will then be asked questions about your current account that
the phone number is attached to including current service provider, zip code, account number at current carrier,
account PIN/password, address on account, last 4 digits of social. Fill out and continue. (Make sure to use all the
info for the primary/main account holder on previous wireless account.) This step is needed to prove you
actually own the phone number you are transferring.
7. On the next page, enter your PIN if you already have a time card or select “Buy A Service Plan With A Credit
Card.” (This is where you will select your plan that you want to purchase and the length of the plan. Plus, you
can enroll in Auto-Refill to save extra money.)
8. Next step, you will need to either create an account or login to my existing straight talk account. **If creating
an account fill out all necessary info. If logging in to an account, steps below may be slightly different.
9. The next step, you will need to enter your billing info so that Straight Talk Wireless can bill your account. Once it
is filled out completely click “Process Transaction.”
10. If getting a new number, your phone should start working within minutes. If transferring an existing phone
number, it usually takes only a few minutes but could take up to a few hours (24 MAX). You will know the
activation and phone number is successfully transferred when your old phone stops working and can no longer
make calls. When this happens, power the old phone off, and the new phone off, and then turn the new
phone back on again and you should be able to make calls.
Finally, if you purchased an iPhone, you will need to update the APN settings by getting on Wifi on the phone
and going to:
Install that APN profile and that will allow you to use Data.
YOU ARE DONE! Congratulations!
For help, please email us at and we will get back to you usually with a few hours MFri 8-5PM Eastern, and 18 hours max on the weekends 24 hours. The most common steps people get hung up
on are 5 and 10. We are happy to help in any case and get you up and working quickly!
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