Failure to follow these warnings and instructions could result in
serious injury or death. Read ALL instructions before use:
• An audible “click” must be heard in order to determine that each of
the two (2) locks have been engaged.
• Periodically check that the Bassinet* cannot be disengaged from the Bassinet Stand by lifting up on the Bassinet carry handle.
• Do not use the Bassinet Stand if any part appears damaged, broken
or missing.
• Always ensure the Bassinet Stand is placed on a level floor without
• Never place the Bassinet Stand near open fires or other heating
elements, fireplaces, etc.
• Never allow young children to play unsupervised in the vicinity of
the Bassinet Stand.
• To prevent falls, do not use Bassinet or Bassinet Stand when infant
begins to push up on hands and knees, or has reached the manu-
facturer’s recommended maximum weight (20 lbs.) - whichever comes first.
• Maximum child length is 25” (63 cm).
• Maximum child weight is 20 pounds (9 kg).
• The Bassinet and Bassinet Stand is only suitable for infants not yet able to sit up.
• The child’s movement can slide Bassinet. NEVER place Bassinet carrier near edges of counter tops, tables, or other elevated surface.
4) Press your Bassinet into the
attachment brackets until you
hear the “click”.
5) Check lock engagment by lifting empty Bassinet by carry handle.
* “Bassinet” refers to the Bassinet attachment provided with your CLICK
UPPAbaby VISTA stroller.
Unfold Bassinet Stand + Attach Bassinet
1) Unfold Bassinet Stand.
3) IMPORTANT! Bassinet locks into the Stand in ONE DIRECTION ONLY.
2) Tap bottom tray gently into place
to secure.
Detach Bassinet + fold Bassinet Stand for storage
1) Remove Bassinet from Stand by
rotating the small red safety tab and pulling the
lever completely upward.
3) Once Bassinet is removed, lift up
the storage shelf with foot, collapsing
the shelf. Fold both sides into one
another to fully collapse the Bassinet Stand.
2) Lift Bassinet off of Bassinet Stand by lifting the carry handle upward.
Please ensure proper Bassinet attach-
ment by matching the UPPAbaby logos on the Stand and the Bassinet itself.
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