introduction/packing list introduction

introduction/packing list introduction
The Quik n' Crispy® Greaseless Fryer Model GF5 is the result of over
thirteen years of research, development, and refinement. By using the
principles of forced hot air and radiant heat, the Quik n' Crispy can quickly
cook and brown a number of "oven ready" convenience foods. This easyto-use countertop greaseless fryer safely and efficiently eliminates the
health concerns, expense, and operating difficulties inherent with hot oil
cooking processes.
Included in the Quik n' Crispy packing carton are the following items:
1 Quik n' Crispy Greaseless Fryer
1 Cooking Basket Assembly
2 Cooking Basket Handles & Mounting Screws
1 Drip Tray
1 Three piece air plenum
1 Removable Front Panel
4 Adjustable Legs
1 Operator's Manual
1 Product Registration Form
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Before the installation of your Quik n' Crispy, a suitable position in your
retail location should be selected. Points to consider when selecting a
location are:
1 Accessibility by store employees
2 Proximity to customers
3 Proximity to refrigerator and freezer equipment
4 Proximity to other retail points of sale to take advantage of cross
merchandising opportunities
5 Sight line of customer (to enhance customer perception of "fresh"
The Quik n' Crispy should be mounted on a sturdy food service appropriate
table. Stainless steel is the preferable material. Allow for a certain amount
of workspace near the Quik n' Crispy so that operators will not have to work
in a confined location. We recommend a minimum of 1" of space
between the rear, sides and top of the Quik n' Crispy, and the walls, ceiling
or other structural surfaces of your facility.
In addition to suitable locations, accommodation must be made for the
necessary electrical hookups. Please note the following electrical
Electrical Specifications
Single phase only • 60 HZ
Please specify voltage when ordering parts or accessories
Dual Voltage unit
@ 208 volts 4326 watts 20.8 amps
@ 240 volts 5760 watts 24.0 amps
Plug NEMA #6-30P
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1 The fryer weighs approximately 165 lb. The use of at least two or
three people is advised for portions of this installation.
2 Open the shipping carton and lift up the top portion of the shipping
3 Lift the carton leaving the Quik n' Crispy and the corrugated packing
set in place on the floor.
4 Remove the corrugated packing set from around the Quik n' Crispy.
5 Lift the fryer into position on the designated counter. Again, we
recommend a minimum of 1-inch clearance from any adjacent walls
or equipment.
6 Please note that a piece of tape is adhered to each appliance leg to
prevent them from shifting during shipment. Remove the tape each
of the appliance legs. Adjust the legs to balance the fryer on the
designated counter.
7 Attach the Cooking Basket handles to the Cooking Basket by
attaching the screws and acorn nuts to the base of each handle.
8 Remove the cooking basket assembly from the Quik n' Crispy by
pulling back on the handles. Place the basket in a safe location away
from the Quik n' Crispy.
9 Remove the grease and carbon filter bracket from the top of the air
filtration cone located at the top front of the GF5. This is the 4”
overhang on the front of the GF5. There is a quarter turn thumb
screw that needs to be loosened on the underside of each side of the
filter bracket.
10 Lift the Removable Front Panel that is located directly above the
Cooking Basket by applying slight upward pressure. It should slide
out at an upward angle.
11 Look into the interior of the cooking chamber to confirm that the air
plenum assembly (see drawing at the back of this Operator’s
©2010 QNC, Inc. 0110 208V/240V GF5 ECOM
Manual), heating element and thermocouple are properly installed. If
there are any accessories that have been placed in a plastic bag in
the cooking chamber, please remove the bag and it's contents.
Reattach the Removable Front Panel and reinsert the Cooking
Basket Assembly.
12 At this point, be sure that the On/Off Switch for the Quik n' Crispy is in
the center “Off” Position. Plug in your Quik n' Crispy.
©2010 QNC, Inc. 0110 208V/240V GF5 ECOM
To operate the unit, depress the switch to the right "POWER ON" position.
The exhaust fan should operate and the controller should show the word
“IdLE”. The front label shows 6 selection Keys, labeled 1 to 6. There are
15 preprogrammed cooking times, with the times and temperatures for
each menu listed on the attached sheet. All of the menus are programmed
to preheat the Quik n’ Crispy to the programmed cooking temperatures of
either 410°F or 425°, and to operate the cooking chamber blower while a
menu is running.
To start a menu, press the Menu Select Key (4). The controller will display
the currently selected menu. Press the Up (3) or Down (6) until the menu
you want appears on the screen.
Activate the menu by pressing the Start/Stop Key (5). If the unit is not at
operating temperature, it will preheat. While preheating, the word “PrEHEAt will appear on the display for a few moments, the Start/Stop Key
indicator light will flash slowly, and the temperature of the oven chamber
will appear on the display in 5°F increments.
When the unit is at operating temperature, the word “rEAdY will appear on
the display and the Start/Stop indicator light will flash rapidly. You are now
ready to cook with the active menu. If the unit was already at operating
temperature, the display will go directly to “rEAdY” without indicating
preheat or temperature.
With rEAdY on the display, place the food in the unit. Then press the
Start/Stop key to start the countdown timer. If you wish to "PAUSE" the
countdown timer hit the Start/Stop Key once. If you wish to cancel the
menu, depress the Start/Stop Key for 5 seconds. When the controller
reaches zero, the buzzer will sound for up to 20 seconds with 3 short beeps
followed by 1 second off, until the 20 seconds have expired, or until you
depress the Start/Stop Key again.
If you wish to keep the unit at the operating temperature, after
preparing and removing an order from the unit, we recommend that
you activate one of the 15 preprogrammed menus to keep the oven at
the programmed cooking temperature.
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Below are the cooking time and temperatures that have been
preprogrammed into each of the 15 menus. If you desire to change any of
these settings, please see the following section.
Temperature (F°)
Please note that these preset temperatures are estimated temperatures for
cooking menu items in your Quik n’ Crispy. Due to voltage fluctuations (the
voltage at your receptacle can range from as low as 200 volts to as high as
245 volts), you may need to adjust the preset temperature settings.
©2010 QNC, Inc. 0110 208V/240V GF5 ECOM
To adjust pre-programmed settings for any or all of the menus you must do
the following procedure.
1 Push the On/Off Switch to the right "Power On" position. The digital
display should illuminate and display “IdLE”.
2 Simultaneously press Keys 3 and 6. "M 1" (Menu 1) should
appear on the display. The controller is now ready to be
3 To select the menu that you wish to reprogram, and to move from
Menu 1 to Menu 2, to Menu 3, and so on, press Key 3, the "Up" key.
To move down the list of menus press Key 6, the "Down" key.
4 To change the settings for a specific menu, move up or down to the
menu that you wish to modify. With the appropriate menu displayed,
press Key 1, this serves as an "Edit" key. The menu selected will
now flash back and forth between "StPt 1" and the temperature
programmed for the selected menu. The controller is now ready to
be reprogrammed.
5 If you wish to change the individual menu cooking times, and not
the cooking temperatures, please skip to Step 6. If you wish to
change the cooking temperature for this menu selection, press Key
1, the Edit Key again. The temperature programmed for that menu
will illuminate continuously. Then use Keys 3 and 6 to move up or
down to the desired new temperature. When you are at the desired
temperature, press Key 2, this serves as the "Enter" Key. This will
enter into memory the new temperature that you selected.
6 If you desire to change the cooking time for the selected menu at
this time, then follow the directions up to Step 4. With the display
flashing back and forth between "StPt 1" and the temperature
programmed for the selected menu, press Key 6, the "Down" key,
once. The digital display flash will now intermittently flash between
"tinE 1" (Time 1) and the time programmed for that menu.
©2010 QNC, Inc. 0110 208V/240V GF5 ECOM
7 To change the cooking time for a menu selection, press Key 1, the
Edit key. The time programmed for this menu will display
continuously. Now using Keys 3 and 6, move up or down to the
desired time. When you have reached the desired time press Key 2,
the Enter Key. The new cooking time is now entered into memory for
the selected menu.
Since the fan is activated by the controller, there is no need to change the
setting for the "FAn 1" parameter. This has been set to the “On” position
for all 15 menus. In addition, we only use one time and one temperature
setting for each menu so there is no need to program time and temperature
settings 2 through 4 for each menu. After you have changed all of the
Menu programs that you wish to change, press Key 2, the "Enter Key" a
second time and it will bring you back to the idle display. You are ready to
use the unit with your new menu settings.
©2010 QNC, Inc. 0110 208V/240V GF5 ECOM
The Quik n' Crispy can fry, grill, and bake a wide array of frozen, ovenready products available through normal food service distribution and
wholesale clubs. To prepare "fried" menu items in the Quik n’ Crispy,
you must prepare foods that have oven preparation directions listed
on the package. As an example, egg rolls, corn dogs, beer battered or
tempura battered vegetables and battered cheese sticks are typically
fryable or bakeable. Seasoned or coated french fries or potato wedges are
fryable or bakeable. These types of products will come out of the Quik n'
Crispy crisp on the outside and moist on the inside as if they were fried. If
you wish to prepare a non-battered, non-coated, or non-seasoned menu
item, it must be a bakeable version. To prepare shoestring or crinkle cut
french fries, or skin-on potato wedges, you must use a bakeable version. If
you try to prepare menu items in the Quik n' Crispy that do not have
baking directions listed on the package, that will typically will be
soggy and limp, and will not change in color from a pale white to a
golden brown. If this happens with a menu item that you are testing,
contact your food distributor and have them send you the correct version of
the menu item that you wish to prepare. If you food distributor salesperson
is not sure of the menu items that can be prepared in the Quik n’ Crispy,
have them review the 32 page menu found in this Operators Manual, or
have them contact your Quik n’ Crispy distributor, or QNC, Inc. directly.
To prepare breaded items such as chicken nuggets and chicken
strips you need to use either a pre-cooked or a fully cooked product.
Pre-cooked means that the product has been partially cooked, is prebrowned on the outside, and the interior of the product is raw. Fully cooked
means that the product is cooked on both the outside and the interior. You
cannot prepare ready-to-cook items that have a white breading on the
outside. They will cook, but they will not turn golden brown in the Quik n'
To grill foods in the Quik n' Crispy, you should use pre-cooked or
fully cooked meat, poultry, or fish products. As an example, hot dogs
and some sausages are fully cooked products and could be consumed cold
right from the package. These items will grill in the Quik n' Crispy with a
char broiled appearance. To prepare grilled chicken breasts or
hamburgers, you should use fully cooked products. They will come out of
the Quik n' Crispy sizzling on the outside and tender and juicy on the
©2010 QNC, Inc. 0110 208V/240V GF5 ECOM
You can also bake frozen pizzas or prepare freshly made pizzas using a
par-baked crust in the Quik n' Crispy. Prepare hot sandwiches open faced
in just 60 to 90 seconds. To bake cookies, pastries, or muffins you may
need to lower the temperature setting to 350° and use a muffin tin, a small
sheet pan, or foil.
Please note the following general cooking procedures:
1 Always spray the Cooking Basket and Drip Tray with an aerosol
vegetable shortening prior to the first cooking cycle of the day, or the
first cooking cycle since cleaning. Do not spray non-stick aerosol
directly into the fryer, or while the fryer is operating. Wipe any excess
oil from the Drip Tray with an absorbent paper towel or bar towel. To
help reduce any drag between the Drip Tray and Tray Guides, pull
the Drip Tray as far back as possible, and rub the towel with the
excess oil on the underside of each side of the Drip Tray.
2 Remove the product you wish to cook from the freezer or refrigerator.
Note: Please be aware that similar product will vary in cooking time
depending on its internal temperature at the time of cooking. In other
words, frozen fried chicken will take longer to cook than the same
fried chicken that has been thawed in the refrigerator.
3 If this is the first cooking cycle of the day the Quik n' Crispy needs to
be warmed to the preprogrammed cooking temperature. This should
take 2 to 3 minutes. 410°F to 425°F is the temperature at which you
will prepare most or all of your menu items in your Quik n' Crispy
GF5. Cooking at a temperature higher than this can cause the Quik
n' Crispy to smoke. If smoke is emitted from the Quik n' Crispy, either
clean the Cooking Basket and Drip Tray and / or lower the
temperature setting.
4 Slide the Cooking Basket and Drip Tray approximately 2/3 of the way
out of the Quik n’ Crispy. The Drip Tray will act as a crumb catcher
while placing the food product into the Cooking Basket.
5 Arrange the product to be cooked in a single layer in the Cooking
Basket. Avoid stacking the product to be cooked. An even single
layer of product will cook more evenly than products placed into the
Cooking Basket in a stacked or clumped arrangement.
©2010 QNC, Inc. 0110 208V/240V GF5 ECOM
6 Select a Menu time to approximately 70% of the food manufacturer's
suggested convection oven cooking times. As an example, if the
suggested convection oven cooking time is 10 minutes, this item
should take approximately 7 minutes in the Quik n' Crispy. If Menu
12 is programmed to 7 minutes, use this menu program. Review the
enclosed menu for suggested cooking times for various menu items.
7 Please be aware that variations in the cooking times will occur
depending on the internal temperature of the food product, variances
in voltages, and the quantity of food being cooked at one time. We
suggest that you experiment with cooking times and temperatures
and record the results for future reference. This testing will prevent
under-cooking or burning of food products.
8 Pull the Cooking Basket out upon completion of the cooking process.
Remove cooked product with spatula or tongs or, in the case of food
products like french fries, remove the Cooking Basket with both
hands on the handle, and dump the food product into a foil pan or
holding container. CAUTION: DO NOT INSERT TONGS OR
dangerous and could result in injury to the operator.
©2010 QNC, Inc. 0110 208V/240V GF5 ECOM
There are two types of cleaning procedures recommended for the Quik n'
Crispy. The first is to prevent product buildup on the Cooking Basket
during the day, as well as transfer of flavors from one product to the next.
This is accomplished by using the following procedure:
1 After preparing menu items in the Quik n’ Crispy, a layer or coating of
sauce, crumbs, or batter may be deposited on the Cooking Basket or
Drip Tray. You should remove these deposits before cooking another
batch of food. Pull out the Cooking Basket, and with it still over the
Drip Tray; brush the inside of the basket with a brass bristle brush in
the direction of the basket mesh. Turn the basket over and repeat
brushing in the other direction. All large food particles should then be
removed from the Cooking Basket.
2 With the Cooking Basket removed from the Quik n' Crispy and the
Drip Tray pulled out, scrape the Drip Tray with a stainless steel dough
cutter or bench scraper. Simply scrape the Drip Tray from the back
to the front. Three strokes of the scraper from the rear to the front
and one scrape from one side to the other should place all of the
crumbs and excess oil to one of the front corners of the Drip Tray.
Remove this residue with the scraper and discard. Wipe the Drip Tray
with a dry paper towel or cloth and re-insert. Both the brass bristle
brush and bench scraper are available from QNC, Inc.
For complete cleaning at the end of the day, repeat the above procedure,
and then:
1 Remove the Cooking Basket Assembly and Drip Tray from the Quik
n’ Crispy. Remove the Air Filtration Bracket from the underside of the
Air Filtration Cone by loosening the 2 quarter turn thumb screws.
With the use of oven mitts, lift the Removable Front Panel that is
located directly above the Cooking Basket by applying slight upward
pressure. Pull the Air Plenum out of the cooking chamber. Now,
slide out the Rear Splashguard from the back of the cooking
©2010 QNC, Inc. 0110 208V/240V GF5 ECOM
chamber. Please note that the Air Filtration Bracket can be cleaned
in either of the two procedures outlined below. The Grease Filter
(The one with the wire mesh screen) can be cleaned either in a sink
or dishwasher. The Carbon Filter (The one with the black charcoal
interior) cannot be immersed in water. We recommend periodically
wiping the sides with a degreaser.
2 Breakdown the Air Plenum into three separate pieces, the top and
two sides. Place the plenum on a countertop and lift the top center of
the plenum upwards approximately 1/2". Now fold the two sides of
the plenum inwards and remove them from the top plenum piece.
Please note the flanges on the front of the sides of the air plenum are
taller then the flanges on the rear. It is important when reassembling
the Air Plenum that they be placed together properly.
Place the Cooking Basket, Drip Tray, Splashguard, the two piece
Removable Front Panel, and Air Plenum pieces into either a sink
containing a pre-soak solution with a commercial degreaser, or a
commercial dishwasher. We suggest that the use of a wire brush for
cleaning the Cooking Basket and green scrubbing pad for other
stainless steel items. The items should then be cleaned according to
local health department guidelines. This usually requires steps of
washing, rinsing, sanitizing, and air-drying.
An alternative to cleaning these parts in your sink is to soak them
overnight in a solution of Dip Tank Cleaner (DTC-2), and water.
is a caustic chemical available from either your Quik n' Crispy
distributor or QNC, Inc. Please call 1-888-668-3687 for more
Three 2 lb. Jars of DTC-2 should be added to 20 gallons of water in a
25-gallon storage container. This solution should be reused for 30 to
45 days depending on the quantity and types of foods prepared in the
Quik n’ Crispy. A minimum of 4 hours of soaking is recommended to
remove baked-on carbonized grease that may be on these parts.
During this time the grease will dissolve and the Cooking Basket, Drip
©2010 QNC, Inc. 0110 208V/240V GF5 ECOM
Tray, two piece Removable Front Panel, and the 3 Air Plenum pieces
will be cleaned of the carbonized build-up. Prior to re-inserting these
parts into your Quik n' Crispy, wash, rinse and sanitize them. Allow
them to air dry and then place them back into the Quik n' Crispy.
3 Depending on the amount of carbonized food accumulation on the
inside of the Quik n' Crispy, it may be necessary to clean the inside of
the cooking chamber with a commercial oven cleaner possibly as
often as each day or as infrequently as once a week. The frequency
depends on the quantity of foods you prepare and the oil content of
these various foods. Always use these products in accordance with
manufacturer's directions.
QNC, or your Quik n' Crispy distributor, has available a cleaner called
Dip-R-Spray, an excellent cleaner for use in your Quik n' Crispy. It is
safe to use and is the quickest, easiest to use cooking chamber
cleaner that we have evaluated to date. It is applied to the cooking
chamber after it has been pre-warmed to 200° F. Upon contact with
the spray, the carbonized grease is dissolved. The cooking chamber
is then sprayed lightly with a vinegar and water solution (at least onethird vinegar) to neutralize the Dip-R-Spray and wiped with a clean
cloth. The interior of the unit will be left clean and streak free.
The Quik n' Crispy is now ready for the next use.
©2010 QNC, Inc. 0110 208V/240V GF5 ECOM
After having thoroughly reviewed the Operator's Manual, complete the
enclosed Product Registration accurately and return it to QNC, Inc. If the
Product Registration was misplaced or one was not included with your Quik
n' Crispy, contact your distributor or call QNC, Inc. at 888-NO-VENTS (6683687) or 972-669-8993, Fax at 972-669-8990, or complete it online at our
Your Quik n' Crispy has a limited warranty of 2 years on the Electronic
Controller, 1 year on all other parts, and 90 days on labor from the date of
installation of your unit. See the Product Registration for more specific
In the event that you have questions on the operation of your Quik n' Crispy
or feel that it requires service, contact your installing distributor or QNC,
Inc. at the number listed above. If a service call is required, we will
schedule one promptly.
©2010 QNC, Inc. 0110 208V/240V GF5 ECOM
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