Multitasking isn’t always a choice. Ask any
man who’s also a husband and a father.
You have to be many people, in many
places, all at the same time. Each day
is unscripted, full of surprises that
sometimes turn into challenges. Everyone
wants something and they’re all staring
at the same guy. You. It’s a job of great
responsibility, but it’s also the greatest
joy you’ll ever have.
While every dad does his best for his
family, he can sometimes use a little
help. So we’ve prepared our own toolkit
for you. It’s called the ŠKODA Rapid.
A family car that doesn’t look like one.
Its pure, elegant contours and modern
design make a bold statement. But like
you, we don’t appreciate beauty without
brains either. So we packed in enormous
room and thoughtful features that make
dad’s job just that bit easier. Like side
pockets for your mobile phone, an ice
scraper on the fuel cap or hooks in the
luggage compartment to keep shopping
bags upright. So you’ll love the car.
And your loved ones will love you for it.
There are some things he won’t learn at school.
Some journeys can make a father feel like a boy.
The car is equipped with the sports package offered by ŠKODA Genuine Accessories.
My son wants to be a pilot. And I will be his first instructor.
Usually I hate shopping. Usually…
Thankfully there is no holiday from being a dad.
The design of the Rapid
will captivate you with its
simplicity and precision.
It represents a new design
language of the ŠKODA
brand that brings with
it clear lines, clean
surfaces and balanced
proportions. The front
grille together with
the headlamps creates
a design whole that
visually widens the car.
The new ŠKODA logo
distinctively stands out
above the chrome frame
of the grille.
A characteristic feature
of the new design is
the sharp edges of the
headlamps and fog
lamps. The lower parts
of the headlamps have
angled covers reminding
one of the elegance of
Bohemian crystal. With
regard to functionality,
the top option is fog
lamps featuring the
Corner function and
daytime running lights.
The Rapid has large and distinctive
ŠKODA lettering in the rear.
The large rear lights, which wrap
around to the sides, illuminate
the dark in the traditional
ŠKODA way with the letter C.
Thanks to the black B-column,
the glazed area of the side windows
appears uniform and suggests a large
interior space. SunSet, windows
with a higher density of tint in the rear,
underscore the elegance of the Rapid
and protect rear passengers from
When looking at the Rapid from the rear or the side you notice not only the elegant clean surfaces and dynamically sharp lines, but also
the robustness of the car, which evokes reliability and strength. The large 5th door is a design feature that is highly functional, because
it gives you excellent access to the luggage compartment. The angled surfaces cannot be overlooked and create space for the number plate.
The instrument panel displays important
information in the driver’s field of vision. Depending
on selected options, it has a tachometer and
speedometer housed in chrome frames. The top
version of the instrument panel is equipped with
the Maxi DOT display, which not only displays
data from the on-board computer (average
consumption, range, etc.), but data from other
car equipment, such as air conditioning and
the navigation system.
You will surely not get lost in unfamiliar places
with the Amundsen+ navigation system,
which is controlled via a 5" touch-screen
display. In addition to its many functions,
the system can display information
from the Climatronic air conditioning
and thanks to the MDI (Mobile Device
Interface), also from external equipment.
The Swing radio with a dual tuner,
dual antenna and CD, CD-MP3 and
CD-WMA players will provide you
with great listening pleasure and
entertainment on long drives.
The dashboard, which matches the design of the exterior with its clear and clean style, is practically arranged so the driver clearly sees everything at a glance. All the controls
on the dashboard and the driver’s door are within reach and placed where the driver intuitively expects them to be. The 4-spoke steering wheel comes in several versions.
The top option is a leather multifunctional steering wheel with controls for the radio and phone as well as a decorative chrome moulding.
The 7-speed DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox),
supplied with the 1.4 TSI/90kW engine,
combines the advantages of manual and
conventional automatic transmissions.
Its quick shifting results in excellent
acceleration. When you select the optimum
gear option, the DSG is able to keep the
engine at optimal revolutions and, during
economic driving, this results in low fuel
consumption and thus lower CO2 emissions.
Storage compartments and “simply
clever” details will make your daily
use of the car more pleasant and help
you keep order inside. For example,
the eyeglasses compartment located
above the interior rear-view mirror will
be particularly appreciated by drivers
who change sunglasses for spectacles
before driving.
The drinks holder in the centre
console is dual-sized so, according
to the size of the container, you
can put your drink in a place where
it will be firmly held even in turns.
The holder is within reach of
the driver and front passenger.
One of the many “simply clever” features is located under the driver’s
seat. A special pocket for a reflective vest is located there, making
the vest immediately within reach if you need it.
The closed storage compartment in the lower part
of the dashboard by the front passenger, in cars with
Climatronic air conditioning, can cool drinks during
your trip.
The parking ticket holder
is located right in front
of your eyes at the edge
of the windscreen. From now
on you will not have to search
through your pockets in front
of the parking machine.
The storage compartments in both front doors can easily hold a 1.5-litre
bottle, while children can store their favourite 0.5-litre drink in the storage
compartments in the rear doors.
The front armrest,
which conceals
a storage compartment
for small items, increases
the comfort of both
the driver and front
passenger. “Simply
clever” details include
storage pockets on
the insides of the seat
backrests, where you
can store a map, mobile
phone, etc.
The rear seat armrest with an integrated holder for two drinks gives rear
seat passengers the opportunity to enjoy the ride with refreshments.
You can create
an opening
between the
and luggage
in cars with an
armrest in the
rear and thus
easily transport
longer objects
in the interior.
Other places that the Rapid offers for storing bottles, cans or thermos during
your trip are the drinks holders opposite the rear seats and in the storage
compartments in the rear doors. The pockets in the front seat backrests
are ideal for things you want to keep within reach during your trip.
You can rely on the safety of the
Rapid even under extreme conditions.
Standard equipment includes a wide
range of safety features, such as
the ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
including ABS (Anti-lock Braking
System) and six airbags.*
As standard are the head
airbags, which create a wall
when activated and protect
passengers in the front
and rear from potential
head injuries.
Large-volume driver and
front passenger airbags
activate in conjunction
with the front seat belt
pretensioners, which
literally anchor you in the
right place in the middle
of the seat. The car can
be equipped with the
deactivation of the front
seat passenger airbag,
so you can place a child
seat on the front seat.*
Front side airbags are designed to protect the pelvis and chest
of the driver and front passenger in the event of a side impact.
The front headrests are height adjustable.
Families that fully occupy the car will certainly
appreciate the option of equipping the car
with a third headrest in the rear, designed
for the passenger in the middle seat.
* Applies to EU countries.
The ice scraper
mounted on the
fuel cap will be
immediately within
reach the moment
you need it. In short,
you will begin to
appreciate the “simply
clever” details of the
Rapid model from the
very first frost.
The double-sided carpet in the luggage
compartment has fabric on one side and
a washable rubber finish on the other. If
necessary, you can easily turn it over and even
muddy boots will not prevent you from keeping
the luggage compartment clean and tidy.
The luggage
compartment cover
can sometimes
interfere when loading
larger objects, such
as a children’s bicycle.
If you do not want to
remove it entirely, you
can put it in the folded
down position and
after unloading it will
still be available.
The Net Programme, which consists of two vertical nets and one horizontal net on the floor,
enables you to easily secure things so they do not shift while driving.
Whether you are going on a big shopping spree or on a family vacation, the Rapid can handle all circumstances extremely well. It is also able to adapt to current requirements.
Folding down the rear seats increases the basic volume of the luggage compartment of 550 litres up to a total of 1,490 litres. If necessary, you can fold down one or two backrests
and get more storage space while there remains a place for seating in the rear.
You can hang not only bags but
also camping equipment and
other things that could become
damaged while driving, using
the strong hooks in the luggage
compartment. You can extend
the storage options of the car
with the storage compartments
behind the rear wheel arches.
At home my wife is the chef. Outside, I take the orders.
The car is equipped with the chrome package offered by ŠKODA Genuine Accessories.
We offer a 3-part foldable snow
shovel, including a practical textile
cover, for trips in search of winter
pleasures. The shovel is made of
alloy and weighs only 750 grams.
The thermo-electric cooling box with a capacity of 15 litres
enables you to primarily keep food fresh and refreshing.
The cooler can keep items cool up to 20°C below the ambient
outside temperature. Switching it to a thermobox gives you
heating of 65°C.
Everybody who likes to
keep their personal things
within reach and in their
place will welcome the
mobile phone and purse
You can securely attach other
racks and holders, such as a bicycle
carrier, box for skis or snowboards,
etc., onto the basic roof rack.
The ISOFIX DUO plus Top Tether child
seat will ensure the maximum safety
and comfort of your little passengers
when travelling because, in addition to
Isofix belts, it is attached using the Top
Tether system on its rear side. The seat
has three adjustable positions (sitting,
resting and lying) and is designed for
children from 9 kg up to 18 kg.
The removable
boot tray can
be utilised for
primarily light
items, which you
can then quickly
unload from
the car using
the cover.
Door sill covers, in black, effectively protect
the door sills against mechanical damage
when getting in and out of the car.
You can find these products in ŠKODA Genuine Accessories. You can also find information
on the complete assortment of accessories at your authorised ŠKODA partner.
The dynamic appearance of your car
is highlighted with anthracite 7.0J x 17"
Ray alloy wheels for 215/40 R17 tyres.
The textile foot mats offered
in the Prestige version (pictured)
and Standard version will help
you keep the car interior clean.
In addition to easy care they
have outstanding durability.
The universal fixative element
in the luggage compartment will
help you divide the floor into
smaller areas according to the
size of the luggage, preventing
unwanted movement.
The netting programme reliably prevents the shifting
of smaller items, and you can also easily see where you
put things.
The rubber boot mat, which can be easily cleaned with water, will
outstandingly protect upholstery from getting dirty.
The attractive Vintage interior in
the Elegance equipment version
comes in two colour versions.
The first has beige fabric seat
upholstery and the dashboard
and door panels in an Onyx/beige
combination. The second option
has grey/black upholstery and
the dashboard and door panels
in an Onyx/Onyx combination.
The interior has many chrome
elements such as trim on the
steering wheel, vent frames
and more.
The impressive Grenit interior
is designed for the Ambition
equipment version. It can have
either black fabric seat upholstery
and the dashboard and door panels
in an Onyx/Onyx combination
or upholstery in a grey/black
combination and the dashboard
and door panels in an Onyx/grey
combination. The interior is also
decorated with chrome elements
such as interior door handles
and more.
The Nomad interior that comes
in the Active equipment version
always has grey/black fabric seat
upholstery. The dashboard and door
panels come in either Onyx/Onyx
or Onyx/grey.
Nomad interior – Active
grey/black fabric
grey/black fabric
Grenit interior – Ambition
Grenit interior – Ambition
Vintage interior – Elegance
Flush silver* – Ambition, Elegance
silver/Onyx fabric
Flush red* – Ambition, Elegance
red/Onyx fabric
beige fabric
7.0J x 17" Camelot alloy wheels
for 215/40 R17 tyres
7.0J x 16" Dione alloy wheels
for 215/45 R16 tyres
black fabric
7.0J x 15" Carme alloy wheels
for 195/55 R15 tyres
Vintage interior – Elegance
grey/black fabric
Candy White uni
Sprint Yellow special
Corrida Red uni
Pacific Blue uni
Brilliant Silver metallic
Arctic Green metallic
Rallye Green metallic
Denim Blue metallic
Cappuccino Beige metallic
Platin Grey metallic
Lava Blue metallic
Rosso Brunello metallic
* Extra equipment.
6.0J x 15" steel wheels for 185/60 R15 tyres
with Dakara hub covers
5.0J x 14" steel wheels for 175/70 R14 tyres
with Metis hub covers
The range further includes 7.0J x 16"
Antia alloy wheels for 215/45 R16 tyres.
No photograph was available at the time
of printing.
Sprint Yellow special
Corrida Red uni
Pacific Blue uni
Brilliant Silver metallic
Arctic Green metallic
Rallye Green metallic
Denim Blue metallic
Cappuccino Beige metallic
Platin Grey metallic
Combinations of body paint and interiors:
Lava Blue metallic
Rosso Brunello metallic
Black Magic pearl effect
Candy White uni
The exclusive Flush interior is an
option in Elegance and Ambition
equipment versions. You can
choose the seat upholstery fabric
in combinations of silver/black or
red/black. The dashboard and door
panels always come in Onyx/Onyx.
Based on the equipment level, you
can adorn the interior with many
chrome features.
Colour code
Black Magic pearl effect
very good
combination not recommended
Technical specifications
Maximum speed (km/h)
Acceleration 0–100 km/h (s)
Fuel consumption 99/100 (l/100 km)
– urban
– extra-urban
– combined
CO2 emissions (g/km)
Turning circle diameter (m)
Power transmission
Kerb weight – in standard version with a 75kg driver (kg)
Payload – incl. a driver and extra equipment (kg)
Total weight (kg)
Trailer load without brakes (max. kg)
Trailer load with brakes – 12% (max. kg)
Drag coefficient Cw
Unleaded petrol, RON 95/91*
1.2 TSI/77 kW
Turbocharged petrol engine,
high-pressure direct
injection system
Unleaded petrol, RON 95/91*
1.4 TSI/90 kW
Turbocharged petrol engine,
high-pressure direct
injection system
Unleaded petrol, min. RON 95
1.6 TDI CR DPF/77 kW
Turbocharged diesel engine,
high-pressure direct
injection common rail system
Front-wheel drive
Hydraulic single
dry clutch disc
Manual 5-speed
Front-wheel drive
Hydraulic single
dry clutch disc
Manual 5-speed
Front-wheel drive
Hydraulic single
dry clutch disc
Manual 6-speed
Front-wheel drive
Twin coaxial clutch,
electro-hydraulically operated
Automatic 7-speed DSG
Front-wheel drive
Hydraulic single
dry clutch disc
Manual 5-speed
5-seater, 5-door, 2-compartment
0.297–0.308 (according to engine version)
Front axle
Rear axle
Braking system
– front brakes
– rear brakes
Exterior dimensions
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Wheel base (mm)
Track front/rear (mm)
Clearance (mm)
McPherson suspension with lower triangular links and torsion stabiliser
Compound link crank-axle
Hydraulic dual-diagonal circuit braking system vacuum assisted
Disc brakes with inner cooling and with single-piston floating calliper
Drum brakes; alternatively disc brakes depending on the engine version
Direct rack-and-pinion steering with electro-hydraulic power steering
5.0J x 14"; 6.0J x 15"
175/70 R14; 185/60 R15
Tank capacity (l)
* Using low-octane fuel may affect engine performance.
** At kerb weight with extra equipment exceeding 1,090 kg.
Outdoor chair
Key chain
*** Applies to Green tec version.
The listed values (except for values marked **) apply to the standard model
without extra equipment.
550 l
ŠKODA Service
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
Put your car in good hands. We give you good reasons
to choose an authorised ŠKODA service partner.
ŠKODA Genuine Accessories offer you child safety seats,
roof rails, alloy wheels, sunblinds and more. For more detailed
information on the complete ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
range see the individual ŠKODA model catalogues.
We offer you first-class quality
Your car requires advanced technology. For this reason,
all the ŠKODA authorised service partners have special tools
and quality diagnostic systems at their disposal, which, in
combination with the technological procedures prescribed
by the manufacturer, ensure the perfect functionality
and reliability of your car.
Professionally trained staff by the manufacturer
The ever-rising standard of the technology used in the car
requires corresponding professional qualifications on the
part of the staff. To meet this requirement, the manufacturer
organises regular training for the staff of the authorised
service partners in order to provide them with up-to-date
information important for their activities.
Interior dimensions
Lateral room front/rear (mm)
Effective head room front/rear (mm)
Luggage storage space (max. l)
– without spare tyre, with rear seat backrests upright/down
– with spare tyre the values are lower by 20 l
Polo shirt with long sleeves
Cylinders/Cubic capacity (cc)
Max. performance/Revs (kW/min-1)
Max. torque/Revs (Nm/min-1)
Air pollution regulation
1.2 TSI/63 kW
Turbocharged petrol engine,
high-pressure direct
injection system
Unleaded petrol, RON 95/91*
1.2 MPI/55 kW
Petrol engine
General information
Our motto: be fair and open with our customers
Careful, professional and friendly counselling for the
customers upon acceptance of orders is of great importance
to us in the same manner as diligence and completeness
with respect to repairs and maintenance work. All this is
continuously monitored by internal quality control of
the provided services.
Comprehensive range of services:
› Service inspections
For your car to remain in top condition and functional
for a long time it is essential to conduct all regular service
inspections in accordance with the manufacturer’s
instructions, which can only be guaranteed if performed
by an authorised ŠKODA service partner. The service
schedule informs you when the service inspection must
be done.
› Body and paintwork service
Damage to the body and painted areas following an
accident will be fixed by your authorised ŠKODA service
partner in an expert manner, in accordance with information
from the manufacturer, using ŠKODA Genuine Parts. This is
important not only for your safety, but also for functionality
and maintaining your car’s value.
› Courtesy car
The authorised ŠKODA service partner can provide you with
a courtesy car for the period of repair or service inspection.
› Pick-up and delivery service
If you are unable to take your vehicle to the ŠKODA Service,
an authorised ŠKODA service partner will arrange a date
with you to pick up the car. The car will be delivered back
after the service work has been completed.
The listed services represent only a part of the wide range of
ŠKODA Service offers, which may vary from country to country.
Please contact your authorised ŠKODA service partner for
further details and information on the range and specific
conditions of services they offer.
ŠKODA Genuine Parts
ŠKODA Genuine Parts are identical to those used during the
assembly of ŠKODA vehicles. The use of first-class materials
and technologies guarantees safe and worry-free driving.
ŠKODA AUTO offers a complete range of parts and equipment
items that are used in the vehicle’s batch production and
does not merely focus on high-turnover parts. ŠKODA ensures
the provision of genuine parts even after the relevant model
is discontinued, and not only for the duration of the statutory
period but for at least 15 years for the essential operational
Long service life
The use of first-rate materials and production technologies
in the manufacture of ŠKODA Genuine Parts ensure their
maximum reliability and long life. As proof, we have extended
the genuine batteries warranty to three years.
Environment protection
The ŠKODA Genuine Parts range includes exchange parts
whose production has a low environmental impact in terms
of waste, excess heat and water contamination.
Information on the internet
Information is available at www.skoda-auto.com to assist
you in deciding which vehicle suits your needs, thanks to
the detailed descriptions and photographs of all our models.
Visit www.facebook.com/skoda and become a fan of ŠKODA
to receive the latest updates and get in touch with our
ŠKODA Finance
ŠkoFIN offers solutions for both individuals and businesses.
You can learn about the current offer through any authorised
ŠKODA partner. The credit or lease contract can also be
concluded directly with the car dealer.
Global fleet
The ŠKODA AUTO Global Fleet Services offer B2B fleet
solutions to customers with all kinds of requirements.
A fleet made up of ŠKODA cars offers unmatched roominess,
long-lasting quality, safety, low total costs of ownership
and, as a result, excellent value for money. You can find
more information about our products and services at
One of the most important goals of ŠKODA AUTO is the development and manufacture of products that are as environmentally friendly as possible throughout their life cycle phases,
placing principal emphasis on the selection of recyclable materials. Our ŠKODA cars are produced using progressive types of technology in modern production facilities that meet
the strictest criteria. Anticorrosive protection of the cars’ painted parts is based exclusively on lead-free cataphoresis (KTL) and water-soluable paints.
Our company strategy includes limiting fuel consumption and emissions. As a result, the engines we offer meet the current emission regulations. All ŠKODA products are made using
manufacturing processes that adhere to the laws and regulations concerning the protection of soil and water. As a result of these activities, ŠKODA cars meet technical, safety, quality
and environmental requirements. ŠKODA AUTO contributes to the preservation of a clean environment and provides mobility and comfort to its customers.
Some models in this catalogue are shown fitted with optional or extra equipment not necessarily included in the standard equipment.
All details of technical specifications, design, equipment, materials, guarantees and appearance were accurate at the time of going
to print. However, the manufacturer reserves the right to make any changes without prior notice. The information included in this
catalogue is for guidance only. Due to printing technology limitations, the colours of paints or other materials shown in this catalogue
may differ from reality. For up-to-date information and further details on standard and optional equipment, current prices and delivery
terms and conditions contact your authorised ŠKODA partner. This catalogue was printed on cellulose paper which was bleached without
using chlorine. The paper is 100% recyclable.
Your ŠKODA partner:
R10220 09/12
The environmental logo expresses ŠKODA AUTO’s awareness of, responsibility for and attempts
at the sustainable development of the company and a friendly approach to life and nature.
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