Ice Crusher T270
KOLD-DRAFT makes the only square cube.
Choose cube style—full cube (1-1/4" x
1-1/4" x 1-1/4") or half cube (1-1/4" x 5/8"
x 1-1/4")—for one side of the bin and fill the
other side with crushed ice.
The Big Crush
KOLD-DRAFT crushed ice is superior to flaked ice. Why? KOLD-DRAFT is known for its
pure, clear, more solid ice. KOLD-DRAFT crushed ice is made from these harder, denser
cubes, so it lasts longer and melts more slowly than flaked ice. KOLD-DRAFT crushed ice
makes excellent cold food displays and chills iced drinks without diluting.
Need cubes and crushed ice? Our Ice Crushers are designed to work with the GB Series
Classic Cubers, resulting in a half-and-half machine that makes and stores cubes and crushed
ice, or two different sizes of cubes in side-by-side bins. An external knob allows the operator to
“order” cubes or crushed ice, which can be separated in the bin with an optional bin divider.
KOLD-DRAFT ice machines feature a unique “upside-down” horizontal evaporator and water
plate assembly. As water is sprayed upward into the evaporator cells, the pure water freezes first
while particulates and air are forced out and dumped at the end of each cycle. This leaves only
perfect crystal-clear cubes, nearly as pure as distilled water.
KOLD-DRAFT’s T270 crushers are recognized for longer life and lower maintenance than
flake ice machines. Plus, they are energy efficient, using environmentally friendly R-404A
refrigerant. To facilitate maintenance, the T270 is serviceable from the front and is armed
with our 3-year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty on all parts and labor.
Stainless steel cabinet, crusher mechanism, and hopper for cleanliness, corrosion resistance, and long life.
Crusher mechanism has ball bearings for durability.
Dual voltage, 50/60 Hz. motor. 1/3 HP capacitor start energy saver motor.
Provides for crushed and cubed ice when used with a divided bin.
Safety interlock provided to prevent operation of crusher when panels are removed.
Note: Always disconnect power before cleaning or servicing equipment.
Automatic motor operation when used with KOLD-DRAFT GB Series Ice Machines.
Pre-wired to operate with either one or two KOLD-DRAFT GB Series Ice Machines.
General Specifications for T261/T264 and T271/T274
Model Voltage Number of | Min. Circuit Max. Fuse Operating :
Number (V/HZ/PH) Wires | Атрасйу' Size Range #56 Wilh Models
T261 115/50-60/1 2 7.2 15 104-126V GB351/GB451
T264 208-230/50-60/1 2 4.1 15 198-253V GB357/GB457/CB657/CB1257
*T271 115/50-60/1 2 Te 15 104-126V GB561
*T274 208-230/50-60/1 2 4.1 15 198-253V GB564/GB1064
"Use this value to determine minimum wire size as per National Electrical Code Standards.
*T271/T274 models are for new GB560 and GB1060 Series Energy Efficient Models.
Clearance Requirements: \
Allow 6" minimum clearance at the back and top, 4" left side and 8" right side for
wentilation and utility connections.
We reserve the right to make product improvements at any time. Specifications and design
are subject lo change without notice.
- в = | D TE W
Dimensions/Weight = =
Saari Dimensions - inches (cm) Ship Weight
escription и Ь ; # (ко)
1260 42.3 (107.4) 24 (61) 15.5 (39.4) 144 (65K) +
T270 42.3 (107.4) 24 (61) 15.5 (39.4) 144 (65k) H
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| 7 >. MIX
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