MPC8641D Single Board Computer IC-De6-VMEa

MPC8641D Single Board Computer IC-De6-VMEa
MPC8641D Single Board Computer
IC-De6-VMEa is a VME64x processor board based on the
latest Freescale e600 processors. It is designed to provide
the highest level of performance and integration available
The 2eSST capabilities of the IC-De6-VMEa provides up to
300MB/s burst transfer rate across the VMEbus. Moreover
the backward compatibility protects existing investments.
The MPC8641D is a high-performance embedded Dual
e600 core. These high-performance PowerPC processors
are ideal for application in the fields of defense, industrial
automation and medical imaging.
IC-De6-VMEa can be used in many highly integrated applications like :
• Leading-edge computing
• Embedded storage system
• Signal & Display processing, etc.
Main features
IC-De6-VMEa is powered either by a MPC8641 (single
core) or a MPC8641D (Dual core version). It uses e600
core(s)(formerly G4) and high-speed interconnect technology to balance processor performance with I/O system
throughput. Each core is a high performance supercalar design supporting multiple execution units. Each includes 32-Kbyte separate I/D L1 caches and a 1-Mbyte
L2 cache.
Processor Unit
► MPC8641(D) running at 1GHz or 1.5 GHz with :
• L1 caches : 32KB Inst. and 32KB Data with parity
• 1MB*2 of L2 integrated cache with ECC
► 2*DDRII banks with each up to 4GB
► 256MB of soldered Mirror Flash
► 256KB of BSRAM (non-volatile memory)
► PPC 64-bit Real Time clock and four 32 bit-timers
► Calendar clock with supercap backup
► Temperature sensor and monitoring
IC-De6-VMEa runs as a system controller or a standard board. An automatic detection can be used with the
VME64x 2eSST backplane. In order to ensure the best
software compatibility, the VMEbus interface is based on
a combination of the Tundra Tsi148 VME bridge and the
latest generation of Texas Instrument transceivers. Two
GigaEthernet ports provide the compatibility with VITA31.1
standard regarding packet switched architecture.
IC-De6-VMEa implements two independent DDR2-ECC
banks with a capacity of up to 4Gbytes each. The integration of the system controller provides spectacular memory
bandwidth and memory latency performances.
IC-De6-VMEa integrates many communication functions :
4+3 Giga Ethernet Ports filled out by a Giga Ethernet L2+
switch. An USB2 controller provides two high/full speed
ports. Two serial ports and four additional UART channels
are also available.
One on-board PMC (PCI-X) / XMC (PCIe) slot enhances
the SBC flexibility, that can be completed by one or two
PMC/XMC Expanders providing two additional PMC/XMC
slots each.
Thanks to its SATA controller, IC-De6-VMEa can manage
several storage devices : Solid State or Rotate 1.8/2.5”
Disk; One or two 2,5” SATA disks can be directly set-up
on the board even for the one slot conduction-cooled version.
Optionnaly, the IC-De6-VMEa provides a graphic interface
based on the Carmine 2D/3D GPU. Two video outputs and
two video capture channels are available.
Storage subsystem
► Up to 8GB of Soldered SSD Disk with Raid 0/1 capability
► 3*channels SATA controllers with two ports allowing
through planar connectors, standard disk installations
Communication subsystem
► 4*GigaEthernet controllers with enhanced functions
► 1*L2+ Giga switch (QoS, VLAN, etc.)
► 2*USB2 external ports
► 6*serial ports : 2 RS232/422 and four TTL
► I2C bus
Graphic subsystem
► Fujitsu MB86297 (Carmine) with 128 MBytes DDR
► Hardware 2D/3D acceleration
► 2*video outputs : 1280x1024@32bpp
► Analog output with green or separate H/V synchronization
► DVI, VGA, Stanag3350
► Dual Independent Video Capture up to 800x600
I/O subsystem
► VME64x with 2eSST (Tsi148)
► 14 GPIO (LV-TTL) interruptible
► PCIe*4 expander bus
► Engineering kit for debug : JTAG/COP, console,...
► 6U Rear Transition Module
► Internal onboard SATA Disk kits (Riser)
► PMC Expander to add two or four PMC slots
IC-De6-VMEa is available in standard, extended and conduction-cooled grades.
MPC8641D VME64x VITA 31.1 Single Board Computer
On-board firmware
Our basic firmware takes in charge Freescale’s new MPC8641D and its internal chipset initialization. This on-board firmware, UBOOT, is an efficient set of
software stored in a secured flash.
It is called by the reset vector when the board is powered up. It initializes the PowerPC and its system controller, performs a comprehensive Power-on selftests (PBIT), before jumping into different applications according to the values stored in memory.
The firmware allows loading files from Ethernet via Bootp, running files in RAM or flashing them. In addition, it allows some monitor functions such as : display
or modify the RAM data. To end with, it enables the user to perform maintenance tests.
This module allows the user to access the specific IC-De6-VMEa hardware resources via an easy-to-use API. This module is used as a library with Vxworks and as a dynamically loaded library module for Linux.
These BSPs products are based on the standard distribution of the OS editor. They take in charge hardware initialization, interrupt handling and generation,
hardware clock and timer services, memory management, PCI management, mapping of memory spaces, serial ports, GE MAC driver ports, USB2 driver,
SATA drivers with Raid functions (Linux only), Nand and Nor Flash files systems, etc
Interface Concept provides BSP for VxWorks® 6.6 (or latest) and LSP for Linux® (Interface Concept or WindRiver SDK) operating systems. Other RTOS
(LynxOS, Integrity...) can be ported on request. Vxworks-SMP and Linux-SMP are supported for dual core configurations.
Graphic Software
For Linux, IC provides an OpenGL2.x 3D DRI driver with DMA management. The OpenGL-ES1.1 functions are accelerated by the GPU. A basic frame buffer
(2D) driver is also available.
Interface features
Block Diagram
VMEbus 64x interface (P1/P2)
►DTB Master : A16/32/64 ; D08-D64, SCT,
►DTB Slave : A16/24/32/64 ; D8-64, SCT, BLT,
►Arbiter : RR/PRI
►Interrupt : handler/generator with IRQ[1..7]
►System controller with auto detect.
PMC/XMC slot
►Signaling : 3.3 tolerant
►PCI 32/64-bit at 33, 66, PCI(X up to 133 MHz
►PCIe x4
►PMC IO routed on a/c rows of P2 (VITA 35 a/c row)
P0 connector
►2 Giga Ethernet Compliant with Vita31.1
►1*USB2 , 1*SATA ports
►Video input / output
P2 connector
►Pn IO
►Quad UART
Environnement Specifications:
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