Frequently Asked EZ Scan® Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked EZ Scan® Questions and Answers
Frequently Asked EZ Scan® Questions and Answers
What is EZ Scan®?
A: EZ Scan® is our innovative way to record laps during run club. Using barcode technology,
students simply scan a card with a tablet device. No punching cards or counting Popsicle sticks.
EZ Scan® captures student laps via the barcode and then syncs them with the EZ Tally®
database. The EZ Scan® app will be available June 2016 through the Ipad app store or Google
play store.
What is EZ Tally®?
A: EZ Tally® is the online database that makes it easy to record run club information. Already
used by hundreds of schools, EZ Tally® is the easy way to record laps, track awards, print
unlimited certificates and create amazing printable stats. EZ Tally® can be used alone (manual
entry) or with EZ Scan®. Check out EZ Tally® at
How Does EZ Scan® Work with EZ Tally®?
A: Using an iPad or Android tablet, EZ Scan® simply reads the student barcodes using the builtin camera and records the lap information. (EZ Scan® also provides feedback and
encouragement to the students as they run. Pirate theme anyone!?!) The lap information is
then sent to EZ Tally® where it is assigned to the designated student. So EZ Scan® is the reader
and EZ Tally® is the collector of data. See a short video about EZ Scan® at
How Do I Get EZ Scan® Started?
A: First you set-up your EZ Tally® account. You enter the number of laps per mile (EZ Tally®
does the rest), enter teacher names and then enter the students. Once that’s all set, download
the EZ Scan® app to your tablet(s). Press the sync button on EZ Scan ® and all the data entered
into EZ Tally® syncs with the tablet(s). You’re set to go.
Q: How do I enter students?
A: Students are entered with a simple copy and paste option. It’s that easy! Questions
such as this and other EZ Tally® information are available at our EZ Tally® site (click on Test Drive and then Q&A) or by calling 1-800-789-9255.
Q: May laps be entered manually as well with EZ Scan®?
A: Yes, with EZ Scan® you can use both options – scan the barcodes or enter laps
Purchasing Information
Q: How are EZ Tally® and EZ Scan® sold?
A: EZ Scan® is essentially an add-on to EZ Tally®. You can’t use EZ Scan® without EZ
Tally®. When you purchase EZ Scan®, you also get EZ Tally®. Nevertheless, EZ Tally®,
with all its wonderful features and easy way to keep track of data is still available to use
alone as a database.
Q: What is the cost for EZ Scan®?
A: EZ Scan® is based on a subscription model (just like EZ Tally®). The yearly fee for EZ
Scan® is $149.95.
Q: Do I have to pay for both EZ Tally® and EZ Scan®?
A: No, an EZ Scan® subscription includes both EZ Tally® and EZ Scan®.
Q: Are there discounts for multiple year subscriptions?
A: The multiple facilities discount is 10% off. Multiple year discounts are 20% off for a 3
year subscription, 25% off for 4 years. Corporate sponsors receive 30% off (call us).
Q: If I trial EZ Tally® first, will I only be able to use my account for EZ Tally®?
A: Any EZ Tally® account will be able to upgrade to EZ Scan®.
How Does the Subscription Work?
Q: When will EZ Scan® be released?
A: June 30, 2016
Q: Will there be a free trial period? Can I practice using it before I buy it?
A: After June 30, the 14-day free trial will allow you to try EZ Tally® and EZ Scan® before
you buy. EZ Tally® trials are available right now at
Q: When does the EZ Scan® subscription activate?
A: For new customers, the EZ Scan® subscription activates the first time data is synced.
(Current EZ Tally customers see the next question.)
Q: What happens to my current EZ Tally® account when I upgrade to EZ Scan®?
A: Current EZ Tally® customers start a new subscription (not a new account) when they
upgrade to EZ Scan®. The new subscription begins the day of the EZ Scan® purchase.
The remaining balance of the original EZ Tally® account will be converted to its dollar
value and credited to the purchase price of EZ Scan®. Nothing is lost in the transition.
Q: Do I have to subscribe to EZ Tally® before I can purchase EZ Scan®?
A: No, simply purchase EZ Scan® as a first time customer at
Barcode and Card Questions
Q: How do I get the barcodes?
A: You print the barcodes onsite using the EZ Tally® database. This allows you to reprint
when cards are lost or you need to add a child. The barcodes can be printed in 3
different sizes (8, 4, and 2 per page). Cheaper/older tablet devices may require a larger
barcode, so print a few cards and try it before you print cards for every child.
Q: Can the cards be laminated?
A: Yes, laminate the cards. The scanning function works fine with laminated cards.
Q: Can the children carry the same barcode for their entire elementary career?
A: No, a new barcode must be created each year.
Q: Can we print the barcodes with a printing company?
A: Barcodes are printed from a pdf format and can be formatted to a printer.
Q: Can the barcodes be read with a scanner at local stores?
A: No, the EZ Scan® program is an app that resides on your tablet. Only devices with
the EZ Scan® app may read the barcodes.
Technology Questions (Device and Network)
Q: Can I use an iPod or phone? Is there a difference between devices?
A: EZ Scan® is an app that will reside in the iPad and Android stores. It is only designed
for tablets and cannot be guaranteed to work in any other format.
Q: What version of tablet do I need? Will it be compatible with all generations of
A: EZ Scan® supports iOS 8.0 and later (iPad 2 and later) and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream
Sandwich) and later. Just like any computer program, older operating systems can
cause problems. Older devices running current operating systems should not be a
Q: Can we use multiple tablets?
A: Any tablet with the EZ Scan® app may be used in any given session. Use multiple
tablets to provide multiple scanning stations. A student that uses the same tablet each
time they scan during a given session will receive accurate feedback by that tablet. If
the student uses multiple tablets during a session, the feedback given by the different
tablets will be inaccurate but the lap information sent to EZ Tally® will be accurate once
all tablets have been synced.
Q: Do we have to purchase a subscription for each tablet?
A: No, only one subscription is needed. Simply use the same login information for each
Q: Do I have to be on a network connection?
A: EZ Scan® scans without the internet. Take it anywhere. Scan cards wherever you
want. You only need to be on the internet to sync the data to EZ Tally®.
Q: Can I access EZ Tally® from the iPad also?
A: You can access EZ Tally® through any computer or iPad if the internet is available.
Q: How will software updates work? Will it be automated or with a cost?
A: Updates will be like any other app and will require you to update through the app
store (this can be set to happen automatically on your device). There will be no
additional cost for updates.
Q: How do I get EZ Scan®? Do I have to download something?
A: After June 30, go to the Apple app store or Google Play store to find the EZ Scan®
app. The EZ Scan® app is free but it will not work unless you have purchased EZ Scan®.
EZ Tally® is already on the web at
Can EZ Scan® Do That?
Q: Is there a timing (stopwatch) function?
A: No, not in this version of EZ Scan®. It may be considered for future versions.
Q: Does EZ Scan® use the camera function?
A: Yes, EZ Scan® is constructed to use the front-facing camera already in your device.
We hope you’ve found this information on EZ Tally® and EZ Scan® to be helpful. If you
have further questions please check out the EZ Tally® website at, contact
[email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-789-9255.
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