Sofware-Update für iPod-Interfaces

Sofware-Update für iPod-Interfaces
Software Update for iPod Interfaces
(for software version 5616 or higher)
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
Question 1: My radio displays track no. 100 | 200 | … incorrectly.
This has to do with the radio itself; the number shown on the iPod display
is correct. See example:
Track no.
iPod display
Radio display
01 !
Question 2: The numbering of the playlists on the iPod menu is not the same as
one for the iPod interface.
The way in which the iPod interface numbers the playlists depends on the
sequence in which the iPod transmits the playlists to the interface. This can
deviate from the sequence of the playlists on the iPod itself (without the
connection to the interface). The interface is not able to recognise the
sequence of the playlists on the iPod.
Question 3: How is playlist no. 1 created?
The iPod interface puts all of the MP3 files found on the iPod you have
connected onto one playlist and names it CD No. 1. This allows you to
access all the songs on the iPod via the radio, even when they are in
playlists > 9 (Basic mode, CDC mode).
Question 4: What data do the Blaupunkt config files contain for the iPod
The Blaupunkt config files contain data in the ID3 tag that control the
functioning of the interface. The config files are marked with the following
letters: "BLAUPUNKT." at the beginning of the title text box in the ID3 tag.
Please note that you CANNOT use "BLAUPUNKT." at the beginning of
your own title names in this text box!
Question 5: Why does my iPod configure the interface again and again?
You probably forgot to delete the config file from your iPod after you
configured your interface. Otherwise, your interface will be reconfigured
every time you play that song.
Question 6: Why does the display appear on the iPod approx. 1 sec. after it does
on the radio display?
The interface first updates the data for the radio before it creates the data
for the iPod display and transmits it to the iPod. Communication with the
iPod takes about 1 second.
Question 7: Why don’t the texts in the iPod display scroll?
Only complete display screens can be sent to the iPod. Since this takes
approx. 1 sec/screen, scrolling would be awkward.
Question 8: Which ID3 data is displayed?
In the iPod display:
- ID3 title, if blank; file name (15 characters fixed)
- Artist (15 characters fixed)
- Track no., playlist no.
In the radio display (if supported) with TXT and MD config.:
- Track no, playlist no. time
- ID3 title, if blank, file name (7 characters scrolling)
Question 9: What are the iPod interface configs? Why is the iPod interface
In the basic configuration (as at delivery), the interface responds just like a
CDC-A08 (CD changer) – with all the corresponding limitations. This
makes it possible to use the interface reliably with most Blaupunkt
aftermarket radios and navigation systems.
A number of radio models allow for text display via the CDC interface. As a
result, the interface can be configured for these radios to show text on the
radio display.
Config "TXT" responds like "Basic" (max. 9 playlists, max. 99 tracks
playlist) with additional text display. Config "MD" also displays text and
allows up to a max. 999 playlists and max. 999 tracks/playlist.
Question 10: How can I prevent "click" noises when I unplug the iPod from the
Don’t unplug your iPod until you have switched off the radio. Or switch to
another audio source first (e.g. tuner).
Question 11: I hear noise when the iPod switches tracks.
This noise comes from your iPod’s hard disk and cannot be prevented by
the interface.
Question 12: Why do “strange” characters appear on my radio display?
The iPod and the radio use different character sets. There is no way to
change this for existing car radios. Tip: Use only ASCII characters, i.e. no
special characters like Ä, Ö, Ü, ß, etc.
Question 13: Why wasn’t the interface reconfigured even though "OK to
disconnect " appeared on the iPod display?
The "OK to disconnect" message is created by the iPod itself and has
nothing to do with the reconfiguration. Once the interface has been
successfully reconfigured, you will see the following message on the iPod
display: “Config updated, please restart radio!”
Question 14: Why does the radio sometimes display the wrong track number in
mix mode, while the correct track number appears on the iPod
This has to do with the radio itself. There is no continual display update,
particularly of the track number, on the radio; this is usually done only after
another function has been performed (e.g. Vol + or Track up). The current
data with respect to track, time, playlist are sent by the interface several
times a second.
Question 15: Why doesn’t the fast forward of a track work?
This has to do with old firmware on the iPod. Please update!
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