Ice Pro™ automatic ice bagging and dispensing system DB1000

Ice Pro™ automatic ice bagging and dispensing system DB1000
Ice Pro™ automatic ice bagging
and dispensing system
Ice storage bin with automatic agitation to dispense cube ice into
ice bags, carts, pails, coolers or Totes™ ice carrier. Exceptional
labor-savings, sanitation and safety for foodservice operators
and central dispatch locations. Up to 1000 lbs (454 kg) storage
Labor-saving ice removal
• Eliminates the need to shovel or scoop ice from bin
• Automatic agitation cycle prevents ice from forming
bridges – two rotating agitator bars keep ice loose and free
• Foot pedal and push-button actuation standard with dispense
rate of up to 120 lbs (55 kg) per minute
Dispenses ice up to 1" (26 mm) square into most carts
and containers
• Adjustable bag stand for bag sizes up to 20 lbs (9 kg)
• Standard dispense chute compatible with carts up to
29.5" (750 mm) high
• Dispenses ice into smaller containers such as Totes ice
carrier or ice coolers
Easy to clean, easy to use
• Dispensing and agitating components easily removed for
• Removable, lockable clear window prevents unauthorized
access to ice; provides for ice removal in power failures and
for maintenance
• Maintenance access from the front and side
• Front assembly removes for transport through narrow doors
Semi-automatic bagging with DB1000SA model
User friendly Ice Pro control panel!
• User-friendly controls with mode selection and variable
dispense time
• Blower opens bags automatically for hands-free dispensing
• Bag holder pins for use with wire-wicket ice bags; pins adjust
for ice bags 5" to 10" (127 to 254 mm) on center
• Bag six to eight 8 lb bags per minute
• Includes 125 8 lb (3.6 kg) ice bags
1. Open bag
2. Adjust time
3. Dispense ice
Ice Pro
dispensing bin
Available March 12, 2012
• Leg extension elevates unit 6.5" (165 mm) for use with taller
carts; includes adjustable bag stand to accommodate bag
sizes up to 40 lbs (18 kg) (item# ABLEGEXT)
• Reinforced top and drain pan assembly for Vogt icemakers
• 8 lb (3.6 kg) capacity ice bags (item# 00116434)
• 20 lb (9 kg) capacity ice bags (item# 00138370)
• Bostitch P-7 C-ring plier for closing bags (item# 00137711)
• Staples, aluminum blunt-end C-rings (item# 00137729)
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Ice Pro™ automatic ice bagging
and dispensing system
Front View
Side View
U.S. Patent 6,685,053,
6,860,408 & 7,137,271
(1156 mm)
(1321 mm)
(1823 mm)
12" (305 mm)
(788 mm)
max. cart
NEMA 6-15
(695 mm)
max. bag
22.5" (572 mm)
1" FPT drain
(242 mm)
1" FPT
(864 mm)
(1156 mm)
General notes
Follett® recommends installation of a floor drain with grate with all ice storage bins.
DB1000SA only: Dispenser shall be equipped with blower function for automatically opening ice bags, timed dispense, and holding pins
for bags.
Cubic Volume
cu ft (m)
33.3 (0.94)
33.3 (0.94)
Bin Capacity
lb (kg)1
1000 (454)
1000 (454)
in (mm)
52.0 (1321)
52.0 (1321)
in (mm)2
45.5 (1156)
45.5 (1156)
in (mm)3
71.75 (1823)
71.75 (1823)
Door Access
in (mm)
34.25 (870)
34.25 (870)
Ship Weight
lb (kg)
704 (320)
704 (320)
1 Computed on cubic volume of bin. Does not reflect voids that can occur due to pyramiding.
2 Dispense assembly removes if necessary for installation access through 36" (915 mm) door opening.
3 Special top required for icemakers weighing more than 800 lbs (363 kg). Add 2.125" (54 mm) to height. Contact factory.
220 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph, 5 full load amps
Required circuit – 220 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph, 15 amps
Wire in accordance with all local codes.
Automatic ice storage and dispensing system to be Follett (DB1000 or DB1000SA) __________ with elevated bin and base. Bin to hold up to 1000 lbs (454 kg) of ice. Dispense
rate to be approximately 120 lbs (55 kg) per minute. Two-position ice discharge chute with selector lever allows filling of bags or other containers. Lockable clear inspection
window shall have interlock switch to prevent operation if window is removed. Hopper to be constructed of double wall rotationally molded polyethylene insulated with non-CFC
polyurethane foam. Storage hopper shall be supported by stainless frame. Heavy-duty agitation system includes two stainless steel agitators and 1/2 HP motor. Dispense auger
to be rotationally molded plastic auger driven by 1/4 HP motor. Front assembly removes for installation through narrow doors. Activation of the dispensing function shall be
controlled by push-button and foot pedal. Dispenser to be NSF, UL and cUL listed.
Local food regulations vary. Please check with your local authorities for requirements for packaged ice.
Ice Pro and Totes are trademarks of Follett Corporation.
Follett is a registered trademark of Follett Corporation, registered in the US.
Follett reserves the right to change specifications at any time without obligation. Certifications may vary depending on country of origin.
801 Church Lane • Easton, PA 18040, USA
Toll free (800) 523-9361 • +1 (610) 252-7301
Fax +1 (610) 250-0696 •
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