White`s Bullseye TRX

White`s Bullseye TRX
White’s Electronics, Inc.
Sweet Home, Oregon USA
Building the world’s finest metal detectors for over 60 years.
Congratulations on selecting the
White’s Bullseye TRX pinpointer.
The Bullseye TRX is unlike any other
pinpointer on the market. Using the
latest miniaturized components,
we’ve put a complete groundbalancing Very Low Frequency (VLF)
circuit inside the TRX housing. The
Bullseye TRX has excellent
sensitivity, and “grabs” the ground
to detect deeper targets.
The Bullseye TRX packs in more
features than any other pinpointer.
Ratcheting ground grab,
proportional response, selectable
beeper and/or vibrator, LED light,
lanyard loops, dual battery
operation, and a weatherproof
housing with depth markings make
the Bullseye TRX the most complete
pinpointer on the market.
The Bullseye TRX can accept
either two AA batteries
(included) or a single 9V
battery. The use of quality
alkaline batteries is critical to
proper operation. Using lowquality standard or “heavyduty” batteries will cause
performance problems and
quick battery exhaustion.
Rechargeable NiMH batteries
also work well.
The best performance and
longest run-time is achieved
with AA Lithium batteries,
such as Energizer Ultimate
Lithium. Although these
batteries are more expensive
than alkaline, their
exceptionally long life makes
them less expensive to use.
Battery installation is easy and
is illustrated at right.
Two AA Batteries
One 9V Battery
Audio alert —The Bullseye TRX
produces a repeating beep on
target detection. The repetition
rate of the beeps increases as the
probe gets closer to the target.
Most targets within 1/4” of the
probe result in a continuous tone.
The audio alert can be turned off.
Ruler — The Bullseye TRX has a
ruler imprinted into the housing for
determining target depth.
Vibrate alert — A vibrator motor
produces short, repeating
vibrations in sync with the audio
alert. The vibrator motor can be
turned off or used alone, without
the audio alert.
Dual battery operation — The
Bullseye TRX operates with either
two AA batteries or a single 9V
battery using the included adapter.
Note: Use only high-quality alkaline,
NiMH, or lithium batteries.
LED light — An LED provides
illumination while probing and acts
as a power-on indicator.
Lost pinpointer alarm — If you
leave your Bullseye TRX powered
on, after five minutes of inactivity it
sounds a long beep every 15
seconds to help you relocate it. A
quick-press of the button resets the
five-minute timer. The bright
orange battery cap also helps in
finding a lost Bullseye TRX.
Ground balance – A quick-press of
the button “grabs” the ground
reading for accurate ground
Target ratcheting – A quick-press of
the button ratchets in on strong
target signals.
Overload indicator – An excessively
large target will create a series of
long responses.
Low battery alert — During poweron, three cycles of a two-tone alarm
indicate a low battery. During operation, each button press will create
the same alarm if the battery is low.
The LED also blinks continuously to
indicate a low battery.
Holster — Bullseye TRX includes a
carry holster, which fits up to a 3inch wide belt. It also includes a
lanyard attachment loop.
Automatic power-off — After five
minutes, the lost pinpointer alarm
ceases and the Bullseye TRX powers
down with a two-tone beep.
Replaceable shell — Scraping
around in the dirt will eventually
wear through the plastic of any
pinpointer. The Bullseye TRX is built
to last with an easily replaceable
shell that saves you money.
Power On
Hold the unit away from the
ground and any metal.
Quickly press and release the
button. The Bullseye TRX will
beep once followed by two
short beeps indicating that it’s
ready to use.
or the other to minimize battery
Turn the unit on.
Press and hold the button for
half a second, and listen for the
two-tone power-down jingle.
Continue holding down the
button. After two more
seconds, the Bullseye TRX will
enter Setup Mode, signified by
a two-tone “boo-beep.”
Continue holding down the
button. After another two
seconds, the Bullseye TRX will
begin to cycle through the
beeper/vibration selections:
Power Off
Press and hold the button for
half a second.
When you hear a two-tone
beep, release the button. The
unit will power down.
Ground/Target Reset
During operation, a quick press of
the button performs a “grab”
function. In the absence of a target,
this grabs the ground phase and
resets the ground balance. In the
presence of a target, it can be used
to ratchet in on strong target
Beep or Vibration Selection
The Bullseye TRX can indicate target
proximity with either an audible
beep or a vibration response. Both
are “on” by default, but it is
recommended that you choose one
• Beeper and vibrator
• Beeper only
• Vibrator only
Note: the selection always starts
with the currently selected mode.
When you reach the desired
selection, simply release the
button and the Bullseye TRX
will exit setup, indicated by two
short beeps.
Changes to this setting are
automatically saved when the TRX
is powered off.
Locating and Digging
When you locate a target with your
primary detector, before digging a
hole, use the Bullseye TRX to scan
the surface of the ground. Do this
by pointing the unit straight down
and moving it around the suspected
area. Often the target will be less
than 3” deep and can be detected
with the Bullseye TRX, making
recovery easier.
If a surface scan doesn’t detect the
target, dig an appropriate plug or
flap cut in the turf. Use the Bullseye
TRX to scan both the plug (or flap)
and down into the hole. In some
The Bullseye TRX’s area of
detection is concentrated
around the tip, making it easy
to zero in on the target.
When scanning a dirt pile,
hold the Bullseye TRX at an
angle between 90°
(perpendicular) and 45°.
cases, a coin on edge will be
difficult to pinpoint and may be in
the sidewall of the hole. Be sure to
scan the walls of the hole.
Be mindful of proper digging
techniques when extracting the
target. Use the smallest appropriate
digging tool, especially in public
areas. Learn to cut plugs that avoid
turf damage or, better yet, how to
“pop” coins using only a
screwdriver. There are numerous
videos on YouTube that
demonstrate good target extraction
Coins that are
on edge are
often in the
wall of the
hole. As the tip
is lowered into
the hole, the
peak response
is produced as
the tip passes
the coin.
Unit won’t turn on, turns on but
turns off quickly, performs
Unit sounds a false alert as it
approaches the ground.
Unit turns on and produces a
three-tone beep before the twotone “ready” signal.
Target appears to be large and
difficult to pinpoint.
Target is detected but then
disappears as the probe is moved
deeper into the hole
Replace the battery. Check that battery is
inserted correctly, with proper polarity
(positive to positive, negative to
Place the tip to the ground but away from
metal and quick-press the button to
“grab” the ground reading.
Unit is probably overloaded. Make sure it
is held away from ground and metal
during turn-on.
Quick-press the button to ratchet down
the sensitivity. This reduces the apparent
size of strong targets.
Target is probably in the sidewall of the
Operating mode VLF-IB
Frequency 12 kHz
Temperature range 5° to 158°F (-15° to +70°C)
Search modes All Metal non-motion
Ground balance LockTrac with Grab
Target indication Beeper, vibrate (selectable)
Target response Proportional
Search coil 0.3” / 7.6mm coaxial
Housing Weatherproof
Weight 6.5 oz / 185g (with 2 AA batteries)
Length 10 inches / 25cm
Batteries (2) AA or (1) 9V, alkaline or better
Battery life 20 hours typical
Warranty 2 years, transferable
If within two years (24 months) from
the original date of purchase, your
White’s detector fails due to defects
in either material or workmanship,
White’s will repair or replace, at its
option, all necessary parts without
charge for parts or labor.
Simply return the complete detector
to the dealer where you purchased it
or to your nearest Authorized Service
Center. The unit must be
accompanied by a detailed
explanation of the symptoms of the
failure and proof of date-ofpurchase.
This is a transferable manufacturer
warranty, which covers the
instrument two years from the
original purchase date, regardless of
the owner.
Items excluded from the warranty
are non-rechargeable batteries,
accessories that are not standard
equipment, shipping/handling costs
outside the continental United
States, Special Delivery costs (Air
Freight, Next Day, 2nd Day,
Packaging Services, etc.) and all
shipping/handling costs inside the
continental United States 90 days
after purchase.
White’s registers your purchase only
if the Sales Registration Card is filled
out and returned to the factory
address by your dealer, soon after
original purchase.
The warranty does not cover damage
caused by accident, misuse, neglect,
alterations, modifications,
unauthorized service, or prolonged
exposure to corrosive compounds,
including salt. Duration of any
implied warranty (e.g.,
merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose) shall not be
longer than the stated warranty.
Neither the manufacturer nor the
retailer shall be liable for any
incidental or consequential damages.
Some states, however, do not allow
the limitation on the length of
implied warranties, or the exclusion
of incidental or consequential
damages. Therefore, the above
limitations may not apply to you. In
addition, the stated warranty gives
you specific legal rights, and you may
have other rights which vary from
state to state.
The foregoing is the only warranty
provided by White’s as the
manufacturer of your metal detector.
Any extended warranty period
beyond two years, which may be
provided by a dealer or other third
party on your detector, may be
without White’s authority,
involvement and consent, and might
not be honored by White’s
Electronics, Inc.
Quick Start
Quick-press the button to turn on.
Quick-press the button to “grab” a ground reading or to ratchet in on a strong
Press and hold the button for half a second to turn off.
Customer Support
Questions concerning your Bullseye TRX? You can contact us via internet,
phone, or mail:
(0044) 1463 223456
White's Electronics
1011 Pleasant Valley Road
Sweet Home, Oregon 97386
White's Electronics
35 Harbour Road
Inverness, Scotland IV1 1UA
This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the
following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and
(2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that
may cause undesired operation. Changes or modifications not expressly approved
by White's Electronics could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
White’s metal detectors are proudly designed, built, and tested in
Sweet Home, Oregon USA by the employees of White’s Electronics.
Part Number 621-0547 – V1.0
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